The Insider: Chrysanthe Tenentes

If you’re into the internet at all, you should probably get to know Chrysanthe Tenentes. Not only is she the community manager at Foursquare, she’s also a partner and contributing editor at Brooklyn Based, a rad newsletter that clues you in on a certain borough’s happenings three times a week. To top it off, she also co-organizes the North Brooklyn Breakfast Club and has figured out how to master good style on a bike, which she rides, well, most everywhere. jiayi

Q: Since you’re pretty hip to Brooklyn’s offerings, where’s your favorite place to shop in those parts? 

A: I live in Williamsburg, and Bird is just around the corner. Everything there is drool-worthy. I love going to thrift stores when I’m traveling in random places, though—thrifting and buying vintage in New York can be kind of overpriced. Austin has a really amazing vintage scene. I feel like every time I go there, I score a bunch of stuff.

Q: We know you’re pretty in love with the wallet Clare Vivier made for Of a Kind.

A: The wallet I owned before—a Chloé one in the most beautiful taupey-rose color—was stolen two days before Christmas in 2009, and I was more upset about the actual wallet being gone than anything in it. So I had been using all these random things as substitutes, waiting for the perfect wallet to come along.

Q: How do you navigate the fashion-plus-bicycle thing?

A: I actually wanted to suggest this for a future Of a Kind edition: I would love for somebody to design a cute bike helmet. I bike everywhere—from Brooklyn to Manhattan for work every day and to most other places. Helmets are a necessity, but they aren’t very cute.

Q: Where else do you score your best pieces?

A: Every time I go to visit my grandmother, she ends up giving me a bunch of stuff from her closet. She has a ton of Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. It’s so funny the way that fashion has cycled—all the stuff she bought 20 to 25 years ago is in again. I saw this photo on The Sartorialist a while ago and realized my grandmother had given me the exact same skirt the girl was wearing. 

Picture by Winnie Au

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