In Character: Angelica Pickles

Angelica Pickles stood out in a room full of dumb babies. She wore in-your-face colors that went well with her loud attitude, but she never ever looked playful. I mean, to get a  a bunch of Rugrats to respect her, she had to take herself damn seriously, too. —erica

A loose-fitting purple Wood Wood dress that allows her to throw temper tantrums with plenty of arm-flailing.

Cartoonish polka dot tights from Bebaroque that one must be potty-trained to pull off.

Bensimon sneakers that have a certain who’s-in-charge-here? chicness.

Dress available at Totokaelo, $207; Tights available at Pixie Market, $48; Shoes available at Piperlime, $28 (on sale)

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