Next Level: Turquoise

If you missed out on our Geometric Lariat necklace by Erica Weiner, we feel bad for you—bad enough, in fact, that we dug up some (admittedly very cool) consolation prizes so that you don’t miss the boat on this turquoise moment altogether. Go ahead—get your rocks off. —erica

LEVEL I: There’s nothing flashy about this Isabel Marant cuff—good thing because you’re bound to want to wear it every day.

LEVEL II: These studded studs by Eddie Borgo will make your ears feel like ballers.

LEVEL III: For the first time, thanks to this gold, turquoise, and antique diamond ring by Mociun, I’m wanting for a right-hand ring.

LEVEL IV: You know the fashion mag editorials shot in the desert with sheer linen dresses? This Dannijo necklace belongs in one of those.

There’s more “Next Level!” Have at it!

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