In the Bag: Steph Mantis

Our grab bags are back! For spring! And these suckers—25 girl bags and 25 boy bags—are going fast. Because we care about these sort of things, we want to tell you all about the amazing brands whose products are included in each little bundle. Companies like this one… —erica

The Company: Steph Mantis

The Founder: Steph Mantis

The Story: The Steph Mantis origin story includes a pizza parlor: She grew up in one (and a house too!) in Maine. Not surprisingly, she infuses that same affection for novelty and quirk into everything she makes and does it in a charming way—we’re talking vases that look like lamps and mirrors that pay tribute to Columbus’s ships. She also has a thing for animal butts. She transforms plastic ones—the rear ends of toys in their former lives—into crazy-cute magnets and key racks that are, you know, kind of a thing.   

Score a grab bag now! These things will go, and fast.

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