Emerging Thing of the Week: Mother Juice Food Truck

If there was such a thing as nose-to-tail eating in the plant realm, Mother Juice Food Truck would be it. Our pal Ellen Fitzgerald (above right!) and her friend Claire Schlemme are in the process of launching a Boston-based biz that uses as much locally sourced organic produce as possible to crank out juices like a pineapple, cucumber, pepper, basil concoction with their Norwalk (as they say, “the Rolls Royce of juicers”). But wait, there’s more! They use the pulp and fiber that doesn’t make its way into the drinks to whip up fruit leathers, baked goods, and popsicles. Smart, huh? Well, if you think so, give them some Kickstarter affection (a.k.a. money). —erica 

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  1. texturism said: fun! a coworker sent me the link to their kickstarter b/c he’s friends with one. totally backed them and will reach out to see if they need help.
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