Clare Vivier’s Three French Style Icons

The designer identifies the critical components of Parisian style so that you too can put effort into looking effortlessly chic.

“The first time that I went to Paris was when I moved there,” says Clare Vivier, whose bags—and special-issue Of a Kind wallet—have a certain no-fuss polish that would make those Frenchies proud. “It was really scary, but when you’re 24, you kind of just know you can do it.” These are the three women who constantly dot Clare’s inspiration board (pictured above) now that she’s back in the U.S. of A. All of the images are pulled from Clare’s files—she’s also a self-described magazine junkie.

Clare made just 30 nude-leather wallets for us, and they are pretty damn striking. Click here to buy one.

Clockwise from top left: Charlotte in Vogue Paris, Emmanuelle in Madame Figaro Japon, Sigrid in T Magazine.

Charlotte Gainsbourg
“Charlotte has a way of making faded jeans, flats, a trench coat, and a T-shirt just work really well.”

Emmanuelle Alt
“She looks so incredibly cool and relaxed. Her jackets are always short in the arms—you can see her wrists—and big shoulders really look good on her.”

Sigrid de l’Epine
“She works for Balenciaga—I love her. She’s this classic French woman, in skinny pants, heels, wrist wraps, leather adornments.”

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