Katie King, the co-designer behind the cultish men and women’s label JF & Son, has whipped up something new, and all on her own this time: Using the tried-and-true sweatshirt as the line’s canvas, the Brooklyn-based whiz found an outlet for all her out- of-the-ordinary textile ideas. “Since we design so many styles for JF & Son, I loved the idea of having a fixed shape with an easy fit and applying various prints and fabric manipulations to it. Plus, it can be a little sister and steal fabrics and textile swatches from JF & Son,” the Parsons grad, who started out in the costume-design realm, says.

Katie groups her just-crazy, completely wearable creations into themes, or families, as she calls them—a concept that also points to the line’s name. “I liked the idea that there would be little groups centered around a visual idea or textile technique,” she says. But that’s not all: Each of cluster of styles is shot on a real brood, an idea that came from Family’s very talented photographer, Dan McMahon. “I liked that they could be worn by people of all ages, sexes, and sizes, and I think families are a great way to convey that,” Katie explains. “It also makes the shoots themselves really enjoyable because everyone is comfortable and has fun together.” That’s right: good, old-fashioned Family fun. —alisha prakash

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