Movie Time with Wanderluster

Jewelry isn’t the only thing this designer makes.


Jennifer Kim in Rammy’s movie, The Homecoming Queen.

Unlike most kids, Rammy Lee Park didn’t catch the movie bug through vacations spent devouring Hollywood classics. It was while helping out on a friend’s music-video shoot that the Denver-native, then an out-of-college journalist, realized that the moving image lent itself to the kind of narratives she wanted to put out. “I’m interested in stories that I feel haven’t been told in a specific way,” she explains. “I want to address questions that aren’t really out there, but that I think people need to think about in this world.” Falling hard for her newly found passion, she enrolled herself in Columbia’s grad school film program, earning an MFA in May 2011. That’s also when her uncle approached her about the possibilities of a jewelry line—Wanderluster!—which provides a second creative outlet. Here, Rammy shows off her motion-picture chops. —jiayi ying

Rammy’s directorial reel, with clips from her film, The Homecoming Queen, the upcoming Meet Lenny, Meet Caroline—“a dark comedy about Asian fetishisms and self-perception”—and her stop-motion work for Gilt Taste.

Her most recent film, The Homecoming Queen.

Score Rammy’s latest Of a Kind creation! This ring is a real show-stopper.

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