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Elizabeth Kott has a lot going on. Girl wears a whole bunch of hats (fedoras?): She’s the founder Closet Rich, a site that brings her L.A. cohorts’ fantastic closet castoffs to the rest of us, she’s the chief creative advisor for the cool-kid T-shirt co. Cotton Citizen, and, in her spare time, she hosts an online video series. Whoa, right? Somehow, she found time for a little Of a Kind Q&A-ing. carlye wisel

Q: What’s your closet-digging holy grail?
A: I’d really love to come across some Tom Ford for Gucci. That velvet two-piece suit with the flared bell-bottoms is so iconic to me—and so represents when I first became really aware of fashion as an art and an industry.

Q: If you could give anyone a complete wardrobe makeover, who would it be?
A: My mom dresses so well and is so put-together that I kind of want to edge her up a bit. I think it would be fun if she’d ever let me, but she never would. She’s so perfectly coifed all the time! I’d put her in…maybe really cute leather pants? And a chunky knit…and a nude pointy heel. Done!

Q: Ok, one outfit forever. What would you choose?
A: Pretty much my daily uniform, which is white Cotton Citizen T-shirt, a skinny jean, a comfy, comfy sweater, and six-inch platforms. I actually think I’m going to dress like that ‘til I can’t anymore.

Q: Have you always been a proponent of uniform dressing?
A: My whole thing is I like to keep it really effortless and easy—but pulled together with accessories that I love. When I lived in Italy for a semester in college, I literally brought two packs of men’s undershirts, and halfway through, I was like, “Woah, I maybe should have brought…another option!” I just keep it simple and utilize an investment piece or jacket that I can feel really confident in wearing all the time.

Q: How can we get our own closets in-order?
A: I recommend this to clients all the time: I bought an Ikea wardrobe and put antique handles on it, and I like to merchandise that wardrobe outside of my closet with the things I’m loving of the moment. It makes getting dressed really easy, and it’s also not as cramped.

Q: Do you own any Of a Kind editions?
A: I have the Bones and Feathers Collective necklace. I love the color for spring. It looks so great with the basic white T-shirt and jeans vibe that I generally have going on.

Q: What would your itinerary be for the perfect L.A. day?
A: Go to The Hart and the Hunter for coffee in the morning, hike, and then go to House of Intuition in Los Feliz to get my cards read. I’d go to lunch at a random hotel, sit by a pool and have a vacay day, and then make my way to the grocery store to cook. I’d have an amazing meal with all of my friends around—drinking wine and hanging out in someone’s backyard.

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