LAYERxlayer Has Got Your Back

Leah Fabish takes their Of a Kind bag on a New Haven adventure.

It’s easy to associate backpacks with metal lockers and field trips, but for their first Of a Kind editon, LAYERxlayer created a very grownup take, with natural fabrics, hidden pockets, and straps to hold pretty much anything you might need to carry. To prove just how functional it is, Leah Fabish—who designs the line with her BF Patrick—took the pack on a tour of New Haven, Connecticut, (the couple’s soon-to-be home) and documented their day for us. —liza darwin

“Though the morning started out warm, I packed a light jacket in the front rope, knowing that I might need an extra layer as the day wore on. Patrick and I walked up and down the tree-lined streets, stopping to gaze at the intricately carved facades of Yale’s campus and snapping a few photos along the way.”

“As we ventured into the Ninth Square area of town, we spotted Alexander Liberman’s crimson sculpture ‘On High’—the towering work cast amazing shadows, and I decided to take out my sketchbook and pencil to capture it.”

“Next stop: English Building Market, the most amazing vintage store in the city. Cabinets overflowing with kitchen tools and racks full of chiffon and lace greeted us, but a bin of scarves and bandanas caught my eye. I chose a small cotton pocket square—and resisted the urge to buy brass flatware.”  

“As the sun started to set, we made our way toward East Rock. The path twisted around and around, and we finally made it to the top where we were greeted with a panoramic view of the buildings below.”

Leah and Patrick have done it again. See their newest edition now!

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