Emerging Thing of the Week: Closet Rich

Have you ever tried to sell clothes to a schmancy consignment store? It goes a little something like this: The shopgirls purse their lips and sigh as they sift through your two-seasons-old Marc by Marc dresses as if they’re dirty diapers and eventually tell you they can give you $7 for each—but only if they sell! Well, on her site Closet Rich, Elizabeth Kott takes an entirely different (and, um, warm) approach. She digs through the closets of stylish Angelenos, determining which pieces should go to charity and which should be posted for resale on the internets, propped up by punchy pictures with Kristin Reiter of Bleach Black playing model. The other side of the coin: Since this thing lives online, we can all score the goodness Elizabeth unearths. —erica

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    We know how good ANGELENO CLOSETS are right?? Will be interested to see even more items added!
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    …and the love affair continues with erica + claire the 2 genius/badasses behind ofakind
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