Dog Fancy: Four Pups That Have Way Better Style Than We Do

One of the Of a Kind perks we didn’t necessarily anticipate: We encounter a lot of cool-ass dogs when we visit designers’ studios. So we’re going to introduce you to four right now, and we trust that you won’t get upset with us if we do a round two someday soon. Because, PUPPIES!!! —jiayi

1) Mandy Coon's Petunia, whose street name is Stinky—here decked out in pajamas and a Mandy Coon houndstooth jacket and cashmere sweater. Stinky has credits in a music video—in which she wore, oh, a silver lamé cape—and in Mandy’s S/S ‘11 lookbook shoot. MAJOR.

2) Erica Weiner's dog Bunny, a five-pound Yorkie who’s a pro at steering attention his way (see: nudging iPhones out of hands, closing books). His first gift would have been any girl/tranny’s dream: a red sequin ballerina dress.

3) Lest you think we were only going to feature TOMTOM designer Elena Coleman Howell's cat, meet her dog, Duck, clad in her two favorite pieces: A Snoop-channeling navy hoodie and a post-groomers handkerchief. To both we say: bad-ass.

4) It’s been nine months since we last wrote about Ellen Van Dusen's pup Snips—named after a pair of thread-cutting scissors—and, as the designer puts it, Snips has become a “full grown dog-woman.” Here, she models a bow tie Ellen made for her from fabric that will make its appearance on a Dusen Dusen backpack any day now.

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