Couple Up: Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner


In 2009—before T.Swift’s relationships became an awards-show punchline—the world gave us TAYLOR SQUARED. It’s probably safe to assume that 37,235 Tumblrs were started to pay tribute to the two, who co-starred in Valentine’s Day (timely-ish, no?). Here’s what their romance looked like. —erica

Taylor Swift: A sparkly Jenny Packham belt, a white Issa halter dress, and dangly Blanca Monrós Gómez earrings.

Taylor Lautner: A moto jacket from BLK DNM, an Everlane tee, and black Kelly Cole jeans.

Ready for more memory-lane action? Click this way.

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Of a Kind

Dainty Champagne Diamond Ring by Blanca Monrós Gómez for Of a Kind

BUY / 35 of a kind / $395

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Weather Vain: Breckenridge, Colorado - 10 With a Chance of Snow

You guys! I’m on a ski trip! And while I couldn’t be more thrilled to be slaloming my way around Breck, I wouldn’t be too bummed (ok, I’d be THRILLED) if it would warm up, oh, 20 degrees. Here, an attempt to stay warm. —erica


Clockwise from top left:

+ The sort of Fleabags tote you can pack with extra hats and gloves that you’ll no doubt need.

+ Teensy Blanca Monrós Gómez earrings—because the thought of any more metal than this touching your skin…

+ A scarf from A Peace Treaty that’s cozy yet stylin’ enough for dinner at Modis.

+ A Rag & Bone sweater that would look pretty freaking cute with a turtleneck underneath, if you wanted another layer.

+ This Kai-aakmann parka is the anti-fleece.

+ Mou boots: If Uggs had a cousin who always had a pristine manicure…

+ Mother cords—just warm enough for a (short) walk down Main Street.

+ These Imoni gloves are ready for hot chocolate at Peak 7—or a bourbon at the Breckenridge Distillery

There’s a lot more “Weather Vain” to be had. Right this way…

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Mother Lode: Blanca Monrós Gómez Knows the Best Mom-Made Kid Companies

Blanca Monrós Gómez runs her fine jewelry line out of her Brooklyn home, her work- and personal-life all intertwined. She also has the scoop on the other moms who can handle the juggling act and are making the sweetest stuff fit for her other project: raising twins. These are two of her little-known scores from fellow matriarchs. 

I want to stock up on a couple of beautiful, simple Little Lief pieces for the summer. I love the kurta-style shirts for my son and the cute, short jumpsuit for my daughter. Green Bean Toys are handmade by another mum! My kids love their elephant on wheels, captured here with Instagram.” —blanca

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Play Your (V-Day) Cards Right, Take 3

Here you go: a present-and-card pairing to make your Valentine’s Day easy peasy and not at all sleazy. —erica

The gift: Diamond studs—how classic is that? But with their size and caramel-y hue, Blanca Monrós Gómez’s are a big (ok, teeny!) surprise.

The card: You know what matches these stones? Whiskey. And while the reference is grown-up, the message of this Westmama Designs card is so playing-it-cool, second-grade-style. Who can resist that?

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Weather Vain: Boston, Massachusetts - 41 and Mostly Cloudy

If you’re spending your day in Beantown, wandering Fort Point or hanging in Cambridge, here’s what you should wear. You know, in my humble opinion. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A Hope wool coat that will keep you just warm enough for walking Charles Street.

+ Suede pants can do East Coast prep—especially these Current/Elliott ones with their jean-esque cut and rusty maroon hue, just two notches left of neutral.

+ In these comfy, gum-soled Belle by Sigerson Morrison puppies, you could take on the Freedom Trail if you so desired.

+ A hit of neon—here, in the form of a T by Alexander Wang sweater—goes a long way.

+ You might have to loosen this Lizzie Fortunato belt after a few scoops from J.P. Licks.

+ These diamond earrings—from Blanca Monrós Gómez just for Of a Kind!—are the same color as your fave cocktail at Drink.

For more forecast-driven fashion, click here.

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The 25 Of a Kind Designers You Should be Following on Instagram

Here’s your chance to get in on a road trip with the Upstate ladiez, peep a Society for Rational Dress photo shoot, and scope out Brook&Lyn’s newest materials. It’s this thing called Instagram. Heard of it? DUH. Of the 15 million users, these are the vets who get our seal of approval. —kate barrett

Ace & Jig - @jennnnnnnnna

Alex & Eli - @anna_zeman

ALL Knitwear - @annieleelarson

Ann Yee - @theannyee

Blanca Monrós Gómez - @blancamonrosgomez

Brook&Lyn - @brookandlyn

Clare Viver - @seevivier

Collina Strada - @collinastrada

Cursive Design - @cursivedesign

Dirty Librarian Chains - @dlcbrooklyn

Dusen Dusen - @dusendusen

Erin Considine - @erinconsidine

Forage - @foragebowties

Gabriela Artigas - @ladyartigas

Laura Lombardi - @lauralombardi

Louisa Parris - @louisaparris

Mctega - @semclellan

Partners & Spade - @partnersandspade

Rachel Nasvik - @rachelnasvik

Rachel Rose - @rachelrose8248

Society for Rational Dress - @societyforrationaldress

Sophie Monet - @sophiemonet

TOMTOM - @tomtomjewelry

Toujours Toi Family Affairs - @toujourstoi_familyaffairs

Upstate - @kalenk

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A Year in…Studio and Home Tours

A slew of our designers were kind enough to play host.

Not to hate on Cribs and its entertainment value or anything, but sometimes it’s more appealing to explore the pad of someone with taste—who keeps more in the fridge than Dom and Perrier. In the last 12 months, these are the designers’ living quarters and work spaces we were lucky enough to invade:

+ Hillary Taymour’s (Really, Really) Amazing Home (see pic above)

+ Kalen Kaminski and Astrid Chastka Think Big in a Really Small Space

+ The Symmetry Goods (Home) Office

+ Kathryn Bentley Busts a Move

+ Peek Inside Blanca Monros Gomez’s Brooklyn Home

+ Sara Gates Shows Off Her Space

+ Erica Weiner’s (Three-Story!) House

+ A Tour of Annie Larson’s New Brooklyn Pad

Until 2012, you can get a whole 25% off the editions these designers made for Of a Kind—just use the code NEWYEARNEWGEAR on any purchase over $40. You’re welcome!

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Erica’s 10 Favorite Consumption Decisions of 2011

Everyone sweats a year-end list. Or at least we do. And, because we’re also more that a little in love with Mindy Kaling’s “The Things I Bought That I Love,” Claire and I are sharing the things we were most glad we opened our wallets for this year, and we’re not going to feel bad our consumption because this business below was worth every penny. —erica

1) I haven’t thrown it down for a pair of sunglasses in a very long time, but I was so obsessed with Garrett Leight’s Rialtos that, after staring them down for months, I finally pulled the trigger. They’re oversize and a little retro but not at all clunky.

2) Do you have any idea how useful a measuring tape keychain is? It would blow your mind. #EDC

3) Nothing makes your hair smell better (and, ok, look shinier) than this Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask. After scoring a sample in a Birchbox, I scooped up the full-size.

4) I have been eyeballing Blanca Monros Gomez’s jewelry for a long time, and since I’m not exactly in the position to be buying myself a right-hand ring, I was psyched beyond belief that she made these amazing, now-sold-out black diamond earrings for Of a Kind.

5) Beer & Pretzel Caramels: They taste exactly like beer, pretzels, and caramel. Oh, Liddabit Sweets, what I would do if I had the money and the metabolism…

6) So what if they’re crunchy as all hell? I wore through the soles of these emerald-green Birkenstock Gizeh's this summer, and I'm majorly hot on the wooly Amsterdams for winter. They’d go great with some flax seeds and kale chips.

7) If you read food magazines, Lodge cast-iron skillets are the sort of things that pop up again and again and again. Yet! It still took me this long to spend the $23 on this sucker, which basically changed my cooking life.

8) Though there are many striped tops to love in this world, the shirt Thomas Sires made Of a Kind has no competition, IMHO. I’ve worn the thing at least once a week since I’ve gotten it, and I have a really hard time putting it in the laundry basket knowing that it’ll be out of commission for at least a few days.

9) Using the cheapest-ass Kindle on the market—combined with New York Public Library 21-day digital loans—feels so fiscally responsible that you feel compelled to take cabs home when you know you shouldn’t.

10) Though I’m aware that this is lame as shit, I’ve been on the hunt for a signature scent, and I think I might just have found it in Fresh’s Cannabis Santal.

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Of a Kind

Here’s an unexpected take on diamond earrings: These guys are teensy (as is most of Blanca Monrós Gómez's delicate jewelry), and they feature black diamonds set upside-down, giving them an ever-so-slightly subversive effect. The yellow-gold settings? Now those are straight-up classic. —erica

BUY / 15 of a kind / $195

Read more about the designer:

+ On why she set her sights on jewelry instead of furniture.

+ On her Park Slope, Brooklyn, home-slash-studio.

+ On on four materials that make her work stand out.

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