In Character: Clarissa Darling




You know what Clarissa probably couldn’t explain? Her personal style. I mean, she was pretty much willing to try anything, and she wasn’t even remotely interested in coordinating—that matching business for Fergface (ew). —erica


A Venessa Arizaga bracelet with some ‘tude—possibly a gift from Sam?


An Alice + Olivia vest—because this one would never pass up a layering opportunity.


Knit biker shorts by ALL Knitwear, to be worn under something plaid or floral or just plain crazy.

If you’re itching for more “In Character,” have at it.

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Of a Kind

Aaaaand, Annie Larson made a baby present that absolutely deserves to be displayed in a shadowbox when those feetsies get too big. —erica

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In Character: Meg Swan

In case, in the midst of Olympic/NYFW zaniness, you missed out on the Westminster Kennel Club’s day and Sky’s big win, here’s your chance to get your doggie fix c/o the wonder that is Best in Show. Oh, Meg Swan, we love ya, you stress-fest, you. —erica

A hooded Drome coat the color of that GD Rhapsody.

An apron, from Unison, that recalls Meg’s first Starbucks run-in with Hamilton.

An ALL Knitwear sweater as bright and cheery as that problematic Busy Bee.

Way more “In Character” to be had if you’re lookin’.

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Of a Kind

Black and White Hats by ALL Knitwear for Of a Kind

BUY / 100 of a kind / $60

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The Insider: Jessi Arrington


In 2005, Jessi Arrington and some pals launched the design studio Workshop. The aim: to create products and experiences that get a smile out of you. But, then, pretty much everything Jessi does is destined to elicit a grin (and to force you take yourself at least a little less seriously). This girl? She’s what you’d call a real charmer. —monica derevjanik

Q: Did you know that when you Google image search “Jessi Arrington” you get a really colorful page?
A: Oh, no…

Q: No, it’s a good thing! Were you always this into color?
A: No, no, it’s definitely gotten more colorful over the years. I started joking that rainbow is my favorite color, and that’s what I have on my bio now. I once came across this epitaph that said, “She was not afraid of color.” I always thought that that would be a beautiful thing to say about yourself.

Q: Where do you find all of your clothes?
A: Everything is secondhand, and it’s been that way for a couple of years now. The one exception that I make is if I can learn about maker of the garment—for example, things that I find on Etsy or Of a Kind. Then I feel good about buying it.

Q: Has anything from Of a Kind really spoken to you?
A: If it weren’t for Of a Kind, I don’t think I would have ever found out about Annie Larson of ALL Knitwear. I love that she mixes patterns in such a bold way. Her aesthetic has inspired me to mix patterns more myself.

Q: What is the best item in your closet right now?
A: Oh, man…I don’t know! I’m really into polka dots. My grandmother just passed away, and she was the one who taught me to love polka dots. I’m also really loving leggings with crazy patterns. I like forcing patterns together and getting people to look twice.

Q: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
A: I told a professor that I was going to quit design because I had two internships that I really didn’t like, and they made me feel like the goal of design was just to increase the bottom line of corporations. I didn’t want to be a part of that, so I thought about going back to school to study museum studies. He said I needed to go where people are more sensitive, and he recommended moving to New York. The first time I came here was for an interview, and the second time was to move. I think I’ll stay.

Meet more utterly lovable people right here.

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Of a Kind

Wearing these ALL Knitwear guys under your breeziest summer dresses would make subway platforms A LOT less scary. —erica

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Alumni Sunday: Jigwaw & Wavyy Hats

The moment the cold weather hits, we just want some ALL Knitwear. Annie Larson’s latest designs for Of a Kind—created in the designer’s Brooklyn studio—make the grayest days a *whole lot* brighter, and they snuggle your head pretty fantastically, too. —erica

BUY / 100 of a kind / $48

Read more about the designer:

+ On falling in love with a knitting machine.

+ On making the move from Minnesota to NYC.

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News Flash: Project Pop-Up NYC & a Killer Video

Ok, so, first things first: We are one of the winners of Project Pop-Up NYC, a competition hosted by the NYC mayor’s office and the EDC to support fashion-tech businesses in New York—more here. If you’re local, come see our super-rad pop-up space at STORY (144 Tenth Ave. at 19th St.)—we’ll be there all month!—and, no matter where you are, check out the 10 other winners: Perch, Style For Hire, Outlier, Fashion GPS, Shoptiques, Have to Have, AHAlife, Acustom, Snapette, and ReFashioner.

Along with this piece of amazingness came the video up top by Craig Holzer. Is it weird to say that we’re in love with it? Well, too late. It includes SNEAK PEEKS of a few upcoming editions—including tomorrow’s release by Creatures of Comfort and some goodness by Shipley & Halmos and ALL Knitwear headed your way soon. If that’s not a reason to watch… —erica

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To Recap: Our 5 Favorite Home Tours (and How to Put Them to Use)

We’re taking the week off from new releases to say “HAPPY BIRFDAY, AMERICA!”—and give you 25% off until 11:59p on 7/8 with the code JULY4THEWIN. We also figured this was a great opportunity to round up some of our favorites stories that you may have missed—you’re busy! We know! Today, five house/apt. tours (that happen to be loaded with home improvement ideas should you be hangin’ around for the holiday). —erica

1) Collina Strada’s Williamsburg Apt.

Tip: Those vintage crates make for some killer shelving. Wine ones are a great size—dig them up on eBay or Etsy or score them in bulk here.

2) Kathryn Bentley’s Craftman-Style Apt. in Silverlake

Tip: Stools at nightstands? Love. Ing. It. These barnwood ones nail the vibe.

3) Fay Andrada’s Brooklyn Undertaking

Tip: That grid on the wall? Old-school Architectural Forum covers hung to pack a punch. As a frame alternative, use clipboards like this—that way you can also switch out the art on the reg. 

4) Annie Larson’s New NYC Pad

Tip: Annie is very (very!) serious about her hangers. Word is that the Container Store stocks the sorts of crazy hues that she loves.

5) Yuka Izutsu’s So Sunny Pasadena Casa

Tip: Embrace air plants. If you wanna go all crazy with ‘em, pick up a few Mudpuppy hanging planters, that display them *upside-down*.

Don’t forget to take advantage of our week-long, 25%-off special! The code: JULY4THEWIN

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The 25 Of a Kind Designers You Should be Following on Instagram

Here’s your chance to get in on a road trip with the Upstate ladiez, peep a Society for Rational Dress photo shoot, and scope out Brook&Lyn’s newest materials. It’s this thing called Instagram. Heard of it? DUH. Of the 15 million users, these are the vets who get our seal of approval. —kate barrett

Ace & Jig - @jennnnnnnnna

Alex & Eli - @anna_zeman

ALL Knitwear - @annieleelarson

Ann Yee - @theannyee

Blanca Monrós Gómez - @blancamonrosgomez

Brook&Lyn - @brookandlyn

Clare Viver - @seevivier

Collina Strada - @collinastrada

Cursive Design - @cursivedesign

Dirty Librarian Chains - @dlcbrooklyn

Dusen Dusen - @dusendusen

Erin Considine - @erinconsidine

Forage - @foragebowties

Gabriela Artigas - @ladyartigas

Laura Lombardi - @lauralombardi

Louisa Parris - @louisaparris

Mctega - @semclellan

Partners & Spade - @partnersandspade

Rachel Nasvik - @rachelnasvik

Rachel Rose - @rachelrose8248

Society for Rational Dress - @societyforrationaldress

Sophie Monet - @sophiemonet

TOMTOM - @tomtomjewelry

Toujours Toi Family Affairs - @toujourstoi_familyaffairs

Upstate - @kalenk

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