Weather Vain: Ann Arbor, Michigan - 56 With a Chance of Rain


It’s a rainy day in Wolverine country, but don’t let that get you down. Here’s how to make the most of it. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A Tibi anorak with a hood—to explore the Nichols Arboretum should the rain let up.

+ Cheeriest umbrella ever? Thank Mara Hoffman.

+ This Dream Collective ring + a massive Zingerman’s reuben = happiest hands in the state.

+ Add this Giantlion ring—happiest hands on the planet.

+ Super-springy pastel pink suddenly feels very cool, c/o Current/Elliott.

+ Slick, ready-for-trouble Common Projects slip-ons that feel just right with a Mani Osteria cocktail named Bicycle Thief.

+ A Raquel Allegra henley, itching to check out the pottery and paintings at the University of Michigan Museum of Art.

Welcome to “Weather Vain” heaven.

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Weather Vain: Baton Rouge, Louisiana - 76 With Thunderstorms


Like Garth Brooks, I’ve gotta send my love down to Baton Rouge. Here’s an outfit made for a day like today. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ Ready for dancing at Teddy’s Juke Joint? Cause this cotton Ulla Johnson dress is.

+ To protect that head of yours in case of a downpour: a white leather Etudes cap.

+ A K/LLER necklace fit for deviled eggs and crayfish at IPO.

+  A slick Louise Goods clutch, the color of a pint of Abita Purple Haze.

+ Dream Collective earrings—to hold you over until the April showers bring May flowers?

+ The most grown-up take on a jelly sandal ever, c/o Madison Harding.

Whoa, when it rains, it pours: Check out all of our “Weather Vain” posts.

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Take 5: Get to Know Shoreditch, the London ‘Hood Everyone’s Talking About

Oh, hey! We’ve scored ourselves a spring semester correspondent: Our girl Mattie Kahn landed in London for a study-abroad program (or, in British, programme), and she’s going to grace this site with her neighborhood adventures and her exceptional taste. In a word: YAY!

Shoreditch is home to some of the best nightlife in London. But guess what? The super-cool neighborhood is worth exploring before sundown as well. These five spots are at the top of my daytime hit list. —mattie kahn  

The Queen of Hoxton
Since declaring it spring in London, I’ve officially voted The Queen of Hoxton my watering hole. Snag a seat at its rooftop bar (pictured!), sip Slush Puppy cider, and embrace the warmness. Ahh.
(1-5 Curtain Rd.)

Ally Capellino
The brand best known for its so-pared-down bags opened its doors in Shoreditch in 2005, and Londoners have lusted after the high-functioning backpacks and bright totes ever since.
(9 Calvert Ave.)

If you’re in the market for some top-notch vintage, this is your spot. Dive into Blondie’s collection of flapper dresses, seriously enviable handbags, and old-school YSL suiting. And dig for fifties-era separates—they’re worth it.
(114-118 Commercial St.)

Picture your high-school cafeteria. Now substitute mystery meat and lunchroom jocks for delicious roast chicken sandwiches and the neighborhood’s cool kids. If you want to avoid 9th grade dining flashbacks entirely, you can grab some bakery goodness to-go.
(2-4 Boundary St.)

It’s window-shopping heaven over here. With its selection of Lily Kamper, Acne, and local favorite Sophie Hulme, Start is better equipped than any boutique in this town to fuel brand-new-wardrobe fantasies.
(42-44 Rivington St.)

 Spend more time hanging in London with Mattie.

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Weather Vain: Miami, Florida - 79 and Partly Cloudy


We are, unfortunately, too old for spring break (or is it spraaaang break?). But if we got to escape to FL right now, we’d want to be chilling in Miami on this lovely day. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ As crisply chic as, well, everything about The Raleigh Hotel—that’s what this Apiece Apart top is.

+ Thierry Lasry sunglasses, in colors that mesh with all the neon lights.

+ In case an outing to Hyde Beach is in the cards: this Sophie Hulme sucker.

+ The print of this neoprene skirt by Emma Cook? Totally goes with the wallpaper at The Broken Shaker—and that’s a compliment.

Etten Eller earrings with appropriately Deco vibez.

+ Robert Clergerie shoes that match the sand.

+ A happy-making Alison Lou ring, straight from The Webster.

How to dress for this weather?! Lots more ideas coming at you.

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City Haul: Where We Eat and Shop in Austin *and* L.A.

This week, Claire and I are headed west. Our itinerary: Austin, L.A., and Vegas. And though we can’t really comment on the latter—you know, what happens in Vegas…—we did want to share the places we’ll be visiting in destinations #1 and #2. In fact! We told Conde Nast Traveler alllll about our go-tos, and so for the full run-down, you best click on through. —erica


AUSTIN! From tacos at La Condesa (pictured!) to warm-weather-appropriate sweaters from Kick Pleat to oysters as often as we can get them—more here.


LOS ANGELES! We’re westside girls, and the are the Venice/West Hollywood/Santa Monica/Brentwood—like Tenoversix, shown up there!—that we’re hitting, for surez. This way for the scoop.

For more city-guide madness, click!

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Take 5: Spots You Really Have to Hit in London’s Way-Rad Islington

Oh, hey! We’ve scored ourselves a spring semester correspondent: Our girl Mattie Kahn landed in London for a study-abroad program (or, in British, programme), and she’s going to grace this site with her neighborhood adventures and her exceptional taste. In a word: YAY!

I’m told that Islington was not always so achingly chic. But by the time I landed in London for the semester, a slew of hyper-cool cafes and sleek boutiques had long ago taken up residence on its tangled streets. Below, my faves—so far. —mattie kahn

Do your inner Zooey Deschanel a favor and pay Smug a visit. Check out the store’s mess of home goods, ceramics, and block-printed stationary, and then head upstairs for a  frankly adorkable craft workshop.
(13 Camden Passage)

Screen on the Green
London is teeming with offbeat, single-screen cinemas. And yet this one still manages to set itself apart from the pack. Does the fact that its back-of-house bar serves bottles of merlot and macadamia-studded brownies play an, ahem,role in its appeal? You bet it does.
(83 Upper St.)

Pistachio & Pickle
A shop named after two of my favorite foods was destined to win me over. One custard-y tart and a wedge of English cheddar later, I was ready to make it official.  
(Deli: 237 Liverpool Rd.; Dairy: 6 Camden Passage)

69 Colebrooke Row
It bills itself as “the bar with no name,” but its reputation is hardly anonymous. A speakeasy-ish cocktail den, 60 Colebrooke Row whips up some of the most killer drinks I’ve ever tasted.
(69 Colebrooke Row)

After Noah
If Wes Anderson and J.K. Rowling put their heads together and designed a toy store, I imagine it would look an awful lot like After Noah. This shop is pure magic. And in its basement? Some truly stunning furniture.
(121 Upper St.)

Lookin’ for more London adventures? Go for it!

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Weather Vain: Berkeley, California - 72 and Clear


THIS WEATHER! Berkeley, you sure know how to make an East Coaster jealous. Here’s how to take advantage of all that Alameda County’s serving up. —erica

+ Shades, by Thierry Lasry, ready to take in the Tilden Park views.

+ A linen shirt from Organic by John Patrick that’s as understated-yet-perfect as a cup of coffee from Philz.  

+ The West Is Dead chinos the color of some Donkey & Goat syrah. 

+ Anniel flats—because there’s something confusing about sandals in January.

+ A Baggu tote fit for some serious produce hauls. 

+ Kathleen Whitaker earrings that feel like new classics, Chez Panisse style.

+ This Anndra Neen necklace + a tequila flight at Comal = a pretty fantastic night out.

Come on and check out the “Weather Vain” archives.

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Weather Vain: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 25 and Partly Cloudy


WELCOME TO WINTER, Y’ALL. Here’s how to survive embrace it in the City of Champions today. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A steel-colored MHL by Margaret Howell sweater. Cause, you know, Steel City.

+ Mittens from Saturday focused on keeping your paws as toasty as possible.

+ A Sophie Hulme purse that makes up for the lack of foliage at The Point.

+ The sort of Band of Outsiders coat you won’t take off ‘til the Penguins wrap up their season.

+ This Eugenia Kim headband = as cozy as the short rib flatbread at Meat & Potatoes

+ Mociun earrings—chill enough for a few beers c/o The Brew Gentlemen.

+ Maison Scotch cords that make it easy to try on clothes at the shops on Indigo Square.

+ Warby Parker glasses, to pore over the massive selection of second-hand scores at Book Tree.

More “Weather Vain!” Go!

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Hang With Yegang Yoo in Her Greenpoint, Brooklyn, ‘Hood

A half dozen reasons to get exploring.

“I love the water and the quiet streets around it. You see the city right in front of you—you feel so close, yet it’s just so relaxed here,” says Yegang Yoo of her neck of the woods—somewhere between the East River and Newton Creek in Greenpoint. “One of the best parts is the cluster of new food and drink spots popping up on and around Franklin Street. Their design-savvy but down-to-earth atmosphere fits right into the neighborhood.” Hey, sounds kind of like Yegang’s not-trying-too-hard bag line IMAGO-A! See where the Brooklynite chillaxes when she’s not hard at work. —alisha prakash


Dandelion Wine
“The best wine shop in the area, by a long shot, is Dandelion. I lived around the corner from the store for many years and have loved this store since they opened. Everyone is extremely cool and unpretentious. You can go in and ask questions and always leave with something great. You can shop just by the ‘staff picks’ tags alone—always great recommendations!”
(153 Franklin St.)


Paulie Gee’s
“Paulie Gee’s is hands down the best pizza in the area—and I know this is a touchy subject. Most good pizza places have pretty lousy interiors, but this is a total exception. The interior is beautiful—always very dark, but with lots of great details. I especially love the bathroom and that beautiful blazing oven from Napoli. Two of my favorite pies right now: the Greenpointer and the Sweet Lou…from the secret menu. Shhhhh!”
(60 Greenpoint Ave.)


Transmitter Park
“Transmitter Park was in the works for what seemed like forever. It has a kind of zigzag-y pier, which is nice because it has no other purpose—it’s not a ferry station or anything—so it’s always quiet. You walk out on this pier and it feels like you are in the middle of the East River. There used to be almost nothing down there at the end of Greenpoint Avenue.”


“Glasserie popped up less than a year ago at what used to be an old glass factory right by the Newtown Creek. It’s just unbelievable—it’s stunningly beautiful inside, and everything I’ve eaten there is next-level. The foods have a hint of Middle Eastern spices with lots of flavor from grilling. My favorite on the brunch menu is the poached eggs and spicy tomato stew.”
(95 Commercial St.)


“Alameda is beautifully designed by the Haslegrave brothers of Home, who designed some other great places in the area including Tørst and Paulie Gee’s. It has amazing cocktails and food. The majestic bar is the center of the place—I love the geometric tile works and great carpentry around it.”
(195 Franklin St.)


Achilles Heel
“Achilles Heel is also really new and well-designed with an extremely cozy interior. It’s located on the super-quiet West Street by the river. There’s a common thread to all these newer places—something about the way they combine a DIY feeling with a great, tasteful craftsmanship. Achilles Heel is another place that seems to really get it.”
(180 West St.)

Whoa baby is Yegang’s latest edition so good!


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Weather Vain: Phoenicia, New York - 46 With a Chance of Rain

Autumn and all that FALL FOLIAGE just makes us wanna hop in the car (ok, a Zipcar) and go for a drive. Here’s what we’d wear (and do) 120 miles north of Manhattan. —erica

Clockwise from top left: 

+ High tops, c/o Common Projects, that might not be ready for a Mt. Tremper hike but could totally handle a nature-y stroll.

+ Earrings by K/LLER that feel just-jazzy enough for martinis at Ricciardella’s.

+ Nothing says escape from the city like some Ace & Jig.

+ Mother jeans the color of the marshmallows you can roast at Peekamoose post-dinner.

+ A Girl by Band of Outsiders anorak—with a hood, in case it starts to drizzle.

+ The sort of Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer bracelet that would fit in with the minimalist goodness at Scandinavian Grace.

+ As cozy as a farmer’s skillet breakfast at Phoenicia Diner, this Eayrslee bag.

+ A.J. Morgan sunglasses the color of some crazy-stunning maple leaves.

All “Weather Vain,” all the time. Right here!

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