The Insider: Kelsey Brown


We’ll bet you a homemade taco you can’t scroll through Happyolks and not salivate—you can thank Kelsey Brown for that. Together with husband-to-be Shaun Boyte, Kelsey is cooking up some of the most addictive food-blogging on the web right now (see: kale, apple, and ancho chili tamales or caramelized fig ice cream). In other words: We’ll have what she’s having. And more on that below. —mattie kahn

Q: What is one dish that is unexpectedly worth making at home? 
A: I think molé is awesome…and tamales are probably way more accessible than people think they are, too. They’re time-consuming insofar as you have to prep the masa and they take about an hour to steam, but making them is a really great activity to do with friends.

Q: When you cave and order in, you call _______ for _______? 
A: We have a place here in Denver called Yak and Yeti, which is kind of a weird name. It’s a Nepalese-Indian food place, and they have the best curry I’ve had since being in India. So that’s definitely, like, a hands-down. Have to go to Yak and Yeti.

Q: Guests are coming over and dinner is still in the oven. What do you whip up to keep them happy while they wait? 
A: Hmm… Probably a cocktail.

Q: Never a bad idea! Any in particular? 
A: It depends on the guests. We love making pisco sours—after our trip to Chile, we just kind of fell in love with pisco. And then a lot of margaritas.

Q: What are your top three kitchen essentials? 
A: Super easy: parchment paper, wooden spoons, and a microplane grater.

Q: Okay. On to more food, of course. Which food blogs—besides your own—are you loving?
A: I have a few standbys. Sprouted Kitchen is consistently amazing. I haven’t made anything from there that hasn’t been just fantastic. I really love Delightful Crumb—she’s a San Francisco-based blogger. And another San Franciscan: The Year in Food. She does just really well-done, veggie-forward dishes.

Q: Summer is finally on its merry way! Do you have anything exciting planned?
A: Well, Shaun and I are getting married in June, so that will be a highlight! And then we’re doing a honeymoon sort of after the fact later in August to Southeast Asia and Bali. That will definitely be a highlight.

Q: Oh my god.
A: Yeah. It’s going to be a good time.

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The Insider: Kim France


The most important thing you need to know about Kim France is this: She is a total badass. As the founding editor of Lucky and the mastermind behind the super-smart blog Girls of a Certain Age, she’s spent years creating content that is incredibly compelling, unabashedly honest, and straight-up charming. Basically she’s exactly the sort of person you want to be getting words of wisdom from, and she’s doling them out here. —monica derevjanik

Q: You’ve been in the writing world since your very first job. What’s that been like?
A: Writing is great fun, and for me probably more personally satisfying than being an editor. But at the same time, it’s really hard because it is so damn solitary. The camaraderie and creative energy of an office are both wonderful things to have in your everyday life, and you pay a price giving that up.

Q: Who are some of the most amazing people you’ve interviewed for a story?
A: I idolized Joni Mitchell as a teenager, so that was massive. The Beastie Boys were fun and super-smart. I interviewed Tori Amos a few times, and while I was never the biggest fan of her music especially, we always had the most interesting conversations. 

Q: What’s one fashion trend you regret trying out?
A: This isn’t so much a trend, but I regret that when I was first an editor in chief, I felt compelled to spend a lot of money on Prada and Gucci and other brands that I felt someone in my position should own. I’ve still got a lot of it, and it’s barely been touched. Whereas the Maria Cornejo, Margiela, and A Detacher pieces I bought later on—when I realized I didn’t have to embrace “the look”—have all been worn into the ground!

Q: What’s one style tip you live by?
A: I try very hard and not walk out of the house wearing all black. But if I do, I try very hard to forgive myself for letting it happen.

Q: Which beauty products have gotten you through this summer?
A: Kate Somerville self-tanning pads, Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint, Josie Maran Argan Oil, and regular B-12 shots.

Q: If you could have one meal from any restaurant right now, what would it be and why?
A: Barbecue brisket from The Salt Lick in Driftwood, Texas. Because no matter how much the barbecue options in New York improve—and they have—Texas barbecue will always be better.

Q: Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
A: I like what the girls at Go Fug Yourself have done: satire but with a huge heart. 

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Post Production: Mimi Jung of Brook&Lyn Shares the Three Blogs She Can’t Get Outta Her Browser

Before Mimi Jung launched her streamlined jewelry line Brook&Lyn, she was a full-time fashion blogger. So she is pretty picky about what finds its way into her RSS feed. These are the three sites she can’t stay away from these days. 

"Su Wu of I’m Revolting has the best sensibility that I’ve ever seen in anyone, both online and in real life. Jayne of Stop It Right Now is just effortlessly cool. Her blog is one of three fashion blogs I now read exclusively. And The Milanese is pure eye candy—my favorite late-night art blog.” —mimi

Head this direction for more internet finds from plugged-in designers.

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Post Production: Ann Yee Has a New Music Blog Love

We’re taking the week to ask some of our internets-savvy designers where they’re pointing and clicking these days in hopes of copping some of their fave bookmarks. Today, Ann Yee—of this rockin’ number—shares a music blog that’s making her feel really tuned-in.

"A blog that I’ve been frequenting a lot lately is Newdust. I’m a music junkie, and I absolutely love discovering new bands. The guys there do a stellar job providing the best in new/under-the-radar artists and updates on what some of my current favorites are up to. A new band I’m slowly obsessing over, courtesy of Newdust, is Tiny Victories.” —ann

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Post Production: Alyson Fox Gets Down With The Apiece Apart Blog

We kinda have a thing for the internet, and we’re always dying to know what sites other people are obsessing over these days. So we’re using this week as an excuse to quiz some of our plugged-in designers about their browser habits. First up: the so talented (in so many realms) Alyson Fox

The ladies behind Apiece Apart make some of my favorite clothes and their blog is really lovely. They always seem to find the best quotes that really ressonate with me in some way, and they categorize by color.” —alyson

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Emerging Thing of the Week: Children With Swag

There are a handful of photo-driven Tumblrs out there that always deliver—Real Men Swear, for example, or Daily Bunny. (Opposite ends of the spectrum, we know.) Latest (Mother’s Day-approp!) fixation: Children With Swag, which doesn’t just document kids all done up in Baby Dior—that would be called Children With Real Fancy Parents—but rather tots who have both the style and the flair that swag connotes. Bottom line: We knew there were kids way cooler than us. We just didn’t know there were so many. —erica

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Lizzie Fortunato Gets her Blog On

The internet is the jewelry designer’s latest medium.

Lizzie’s blogging pose.

Since Lizzie Fortunato launched her blog A Fortune Found this summer, it’s become a killer outlet for her—a passion project, even. Storytelling is a big part of her namesake line of complex, reference-melding accessories, and, as her sister and business partner Kathryn puts it, “Expanding her narrative has been good for her.” It also helps that Lizzie has tremendous taste and follows sites that we are outraged to only be learning about now. She talks through her five favorites below.

Another stellar new Lizzie creation? The thread-wrapped gold bracelet she made for Of a Kind. There are just 30, so look now!

Decade: “Bernadette Pascua, who illustrated our past two lookbooks, is so talented, and she couldn’t be more modest and adorable. Her blog’s so inspiring because she does a lot more than post her own creations. But, her fonts are amazing, and so are her watercolors. Kathryn bought me one for Christmas, and it’s hanging in my room.”

Solid Frog: “I’m not addicted to any fashion blogs, per se. I’m more interested in interiors and travel for inspiration, and this one posts all interiors.

The Brickhouse: “For our fall and spring collections, I was looking at a lot of mid-century California structures that are really simple but high-design. This blog comes from California near Palm Springs. “

The Epicures: “This is a couple based in Brooklyn, and their photography is extraordinary. They go to amazing places and tell all these stories.”

Broken English Blog: “We found this store in Santa Monica, and it has a nice blog. I can’t look at a ton of other costume jewelry because it’s just too overwhelming and nerve-racking, so I appreciate the fine jewelry here.”

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Nina and Kaya’s Inspiration Swap

Both Tommy Ton and Woody Allen get the duo excited.

Not only is Toujours Toi Family Affairs a mother-daughter operation, but it’s also a bi-continental one: Nina Egli splits her time between Brooklyn and Zurich, where her mom Kaya lives, and they do much of the designing of their free-spirited clothing line with an ocean between them. “At times, it’s almost helpful, because I have to condense my inspirations,” Nina explains. “I collect them all in my head or on a computer and then send them to her. Blogs have become really important to our relationship.” Here are six sources that, according to Nina, have made the transatlantic voyage.

MOVIE - Another Woman
“We were both really excited about Woody Allen’s movie Another Woman with Gena Rowlands—the winter fabrics, the mood, everything was just, like, ooh.”

BLOG - Jak & Jil
“My mom sends me links all the time. She’ll say, ‘Did you see this on Tommy Ton’s site?’ She really likes sharp images.”

ALBUM - Bringing It All Back Home
“There’s a lot of Bob Dylan stuff I’ll never part with, even though I’m not a Bob Dylan freak or anything. The cover art of Bringing It All Back Home is my favorite. I have it here and also in Switzerland.”

BLOG - Park & Cube
My mom discovers these blogs, and I’m like, ‘How did you find that!?’ Park and Cube, for example—I heard about it through a very cool friend from Switzerland.”

MOVIE - Working Girl
“I always blog about movies I’ve seen, and then she tries to rent them from the library. I like eighties movies like Working Girl—there’s something about the storytelling.”

BLOG - Turned Out
“I really like Maya’s blog, Turned Out. We have the same taste in girls. I don’t have much interest in the Sartorialist-type women—they’re all really pretty and luxe. Maya’s are more distinct—more about the little things.”

Nina and Kaya created a very wearable tunic just for Of a Kind. Grab up one of only 13 now!

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Things of the Week: We’re Not Messin’ Around Edition

Mutual: We both discovered this graphic statement of truth completely independently of each other and each found it compelling enough to make it our desktop backgrounds. The fact that it’s uncredited only adds to its mysterious specialness. So, mark your calendars: Full-on amazingness arrives on Nov. 17.

Erica: I have a new favorite blog, you guys, and that seems like a big deal. It’s called Miss Moss, and it’s written by a South African graphic designer named Diana Moss who has stellar taste in everything that has to do with aesthetics. According to her Twitter, she also appreciates cheese and cured meats. How about you go check out some of my favorite posts and then immediately add her to your RSS?

Claire: There isn’t so much to say about Zicam RapidMelts except that they work. They really work. The moment you begin to feel mucus aggregating anywhere in your body, take one. Completely disregard the thing it says on the bottle about every three hours: Follow your first by as many as you can stand, as quickly as possible. It’s homeopathic; there is no overdosing in homeopathy. 

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