Track Star: Charlie Hilton of Blouse

The Vibe: On their sophomore album Imperium, Portland’s Blouse has moved away from the synth-pop of their debut (which was straight-up wonderful) toward something rawer, incorporating some fuzzy guitar and a cello here and there. Charlie Hilton, the band’s vocalist, dresses in a way that really sells this change of pace: Her look’s sweet, serene, and totally laid-back.

The One-Song Intro: “A Feeling Like This”

The Look, Recreated: This flowy Samantha Pleet dress, this chain necklace by Bones and Feathers Collective, and this dolman-sleeve sweatshirt from T by Alexander Wang. —maitri mehta

Head this way to get some more fresh material for your Spotify listening.

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Best Coast: 6 Super-Inspiring, Chill Getaways From L.A.

There are plenty of things that make us jealous of Angelenos—airy studio spaces, ridiculous weather, and that crazy California produce, to name a few. And it turns out there is something else to be envious of: the oh-so-enticing daytrip options. Here, six cool, plugged-in L.A. designers detail the best places to go when Venice just won’t cut it. —erica

imageNothing but bluffs in Point Dume.

Point Dume
“I love driving out to Point Dume for an afternoon of picnicking and beaching. It’s a secluded cove at the northern edge of Malibu—never very crowded and always private. All you can really see around you is the bluffs, the sand, and the sea.” Laurel Broughton of Welcome Companions

“Encinitas, my hometown, is just a couple hours south of L.A. The beaches are beautiful, yoga studios are abundant, and there are organic-local-vegan-gluten-free restaurants on every corner. This is a beach destination, so pack those suits, surfboards, and sunblock.” Asia Ragland of Feliks + Adrik

imageCarpinteria: all about the burgers and bikinis.

“Why is it so awesome? Because you don’t have to drive! You can take a train from Union Station downtown and get there in two hours. I like to pretend I’m on the Eurail and headed to some far off beach in Spain. The train drops you off right in the middle of this cute little town, blocks from the beach. I’d take the train there just to go to this burger joint, The Spot. It’s a minute walk from the train and another minute to the beach.  Who doesn’t want to stuff their face with a burger and fries, before they put on their bikini?” Corinne Grassini of Society for Rational Dress

Grotto Trail in Malibu
“I recently went on the Grotto hike out in Malibu. It’s up in the hills, and you feel like you’re in Utah or somewhere amazing out West. It reminded me why I love living in California.” Natalie Mauro of Bones and Feathers Collective

imageChannel Islands—all one-with-nature.

Channel Islands
“It’s only a 1 ½-hour drive to Oxnard and then a 30-minute boat ride from there—the ferry ride was so fun that many dolphins swam with us. The walk around the island took us about six hours—the air is so clean, and you can see ocean from everywhere on the island. When we stopped, only the wind sounded, and we felt like we were the only ones on the island.” Yuka Izutsu of Atelier Delphine

Catalina Island
“You feel like you are worlds away from L.A. Rent a golf cart, shop, hike, snorkel, and kayak in super-clear waters—and have some freshly pulled saltwater taffy from Lloyd’s of Avalon Confectionery.” Jin Chon of A-thread

Want way more L.A.? Click here.

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The Fixers: The L.A. Spots Designers Rely on To Keep Their Goods Lookin’ Great

Got some nice things? Live in Ellay? Great, then you’re gonna use this guide like crazy: These are the places that super-talented local designers go when they need clasps fixed, skirts hemmed, and heels un-busted. —erica


Avo’s Watch Repair / 625 S. Hill St. #231, Los Angeles
“They repair fine jewelry while you wait—the best part is that it is tucked inside the St. Vincent Jewelry Center in downtown where you can shop wholesale fine jewelry. It’s amazing to go around and window-shop all the bling.” —Jin Chon of A-thread

Bubar’s Jewelers / 1457 4th St., Santa Monica
“They have been family-owned forever, like 80 years or something! They are well-priced, quick, and sweet.” —Cole Morrall of Bones and Feathers Collective


Pasquale Shoe Repair / 5616 San Vicente Blvd., Los Angeles
“He’s repairing Amber’s prized handmade leather gladiator sandals she got in Florence, Italy. Why not take her Italian sandals to an Italian master cobbler, right?  They’re not inexpensive but with shoes that you plan to wear forever, this is the go-to spot!” —Nicole Sutton of Workhorse Jewelry

European Shoe Repair / 15200 W. Sunset Blvd., Pacific Palisades
“It’s run by a older European couple. They are so sweet and prompt and do a great job.” —Cole Morrall of Bones and Feathers Collective


Ritz Cleaners / 306 N. Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles
“It’s expensive, but everything is always perfect.” —Laurel Broughton of Welcome Companions

Griffith Park Cleaners / 2617 Hyperion Ave., Los Angeles
“I don’t dry-clean often, but when I do, I always go here. It is near my house and is run by an older couple, and they’ve cleaned a massive floor rug for me for $30.” —Natalie Mauro of Bones and Feathers Collective

Crown Cleaners / 840 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles
“They do great alterations—and seem to handle spots really well.” —Brady Cunningham of Tenoversix

Illustration by Cecilia Doan. Check out more of her amazing work at Shit Bloggers Wear!

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Of a Kind

Gatsy Necklace by Bones and Feathers Collective for Of a Kind

BUY / 50 of a kind / $105

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Of a Kind

This shark tooth necklace from A Peace Treaty would layer ridiculously well—especially with our Bones and Feathers Collective shark vertebrae edition, no? —erica

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Of a Kind

Not here to pressure you are anything, but because the necklaces that Bones and Feathers Collective made for us can be worn short or long (thanks to some chain-doubling magic), it really does make sense to get both the turquoise and coral ones. That also means 2x the gold-plated cast shark vertebrae. —erica

BUY / 30 of a kind / $130

Read more about the duo behind the line:

+ On finding each other in L.A.

+ On the literary leading ladies that get them going.

+ On how they put together their stellar edition.

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