Weather Vain: Athens, Georgia - 68 and Partly Cloudy

This is one of those college towns that makes you want to stay in academia forever. And on a perfect day like this one? OOF. What to wear in Bulldog country. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ This IIIBeCa bag = classic with a twist. Just like the menu at The Branded Butcher.

+ A Laura Lombardi necklace laid-back enough for a game day, even.

+ A just-librarian-y Boy. by Band of Outsiders dress that will look right at home amidst the rare stuff at Jackson Street Books.

+ A Jasmin Shokrian jacket—so you can take in some live music on the Georgia Theater rooftop after the sun goes down.

+ A way-chill, leather-wrapped ACB bracelet ready for some chicken-and-waffle action at The World Famous.

+ Dieppa Restrepo lace-ups that the vintage-loving girls at Community would go nuts for. 

So much more “Weather Vain!” Really!

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Weather Vain: Park City, Utah - 37 and Partly Cloudy

If you’re in Park City today…well, LUCKY YOU. Embrace the fact that it’s not nearly as cold as it could be—and tell JGL I say, “Heeeeeeeeeeeey.” —erica


Clockwise from top left:

+ A silky Equipment shirt that adds polish to pretty much anything.

+ The sort of Hope boots itching for apres-ski (or -screening) action.

+ Ready for swag? This Love Mert tote is.

+ Lila Rice studs you can absolutely pass out in after a late night.

+ Ah, Isabel Marant does vaguely-Western so well.

+ Boy. by Band of Outsiders pants you can shove into boots easy-peasy—key.

+ Slip on this Kelly Weastler ring, and you’re read for dinner at Talisker.

+ …And add this Acne leather vest to make your way to Sky Lodge for drinks.

+ Collina Strada's solution to keeping your room key—and chapstick—close-at-hand.

+ A crazy-cozy, chill-preventing layer from Maiami.

+ A gem-print scarf from We Are Owls—in case the theater’s chilly during Kill Your Darlings, A.C.O.D., or Very Good Girls.

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In Character: Susan Walker

Remember when Mara Wilson was the precocious child star of the moment? Of the Haley Joel Osment/Dakota Fanning ilk? Well, during her reign, she made some real holiday-movie magic alongside Elizabeth Perkins and Dylan McDermott. Here’s how she sold her incredulous kid, Miracle on 34th Street role. —erica

A Eugenia Kim beret, the preferred headwear of all big-for-their-britches six year olds.

Just because she doesn’t believe in Santa doesn’t mean she can’t down with Christmas cheer, in the form of some Boy. by Band of Outsiders plaid.

A Carven coat with a big Peter Pan collar—dressy enough for a day in court for Kris Kringle’s trial.

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Next Level: Blue on Blue

We’re totally into black and blue. And red and blue. But really, right now, we’re seriously hot for intermingling shades of blue. Here, four ways to work ‘em. —erica

LEVEL I: Navy canvas and denim-y leather? Mmm, Waste(Twice), this bag nails it.

LEVEL II: Yes, even your underpants can get in on the fun, per VPL.

LEVEL III: This skirt serves up some work-approp color-blocking if we ever saw it. From The Row!

LEVEL IV: THESE HUES. So good! Boy. by Band of Outsiders adds a little quirk to this shirtdress with a cartoonish dog motif (that’s somehow totally grown-up).

More four-parters! Right here!

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In Character: Dr. Molly Griswold

Of all of Kevin Costner’s sports-movie love interests—and there have been a lot—Rene Russo in Tin Cup was our favorite. She was so polished, so classy—and yet completely and utterly nuts at the same time. Her, here U.S. Open groupie getup. —erica

Super-preppy seersucker shorts from Boy. by Band of Outsiders that show just enough thigh to spark brawls at the 19th hold.

A big straw hat from Rag & Bone to preserve that milky complexion.

A big, fat pearl necklace by Fallon that really sells the golf pro’s girlfriend thing—and looks appealing out-of-place on the floor of a Winnebago.

Want more “In Character?” Well, get ready.

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