In the Bag: Catbird

The Company: Catbird

The Founders: Rony Vardi

The Story: In 2004, Rony Vardi took over a little storefront in Williamsburg and turned it into a big, fat jewelry hit. She carries the sorts of lines that make a real statement but maintain a certain daintiness—Grace Lee, Bittersweets NY, Polly Wales. One of the stand-outs? Her crazy-popular house line, which includes teeny anchor pendant necklaces, slender first knuckle rings, and a stellar run of candles.

To score one of Rony’s creations, come back tomorrow for our Housewarming Grab Bag.

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Gifted Program: Fire Starter

What do we think you should gift this season? Something Of a Kind—I mean, OBVIOUSLY. If you’re looking to double-down on the special, we’ve conjured up some stellar present pairings—our “Gifted Program,” if you will—that we’ll be serving up over the next couple weeks. (And ok, fine, if this doesn’t satiate you, we have a slew of ideas up in our Pinterest, too.) —erica 

The pairing: Matt Singer’s so-cool leather lighter covers ($40) + Catbird’s smells-like-campfire candle ($12). You know that guy you’re kind of seeing but not in serious way? Done and done—card that reads “light my fire” or some shiz is optional.

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Hot Shot: Laura Lombardi Plays Wizardess

Laura Lombardi hunts down vintage metal and turns it into necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for her muted-but-fierce eponymous jewelry line. Considering her impressive unearthing skills, it should come as no surprise that’s she’s scored some cool (and slightly zany) supplies to prop her studio, too. —jaime

“I have a bunch of candles from this crazy store in Chicago called Athenian Candle Company. It’s pretty ridiculous. They make their own candles—originally for a lot of the Greek churches in Greektown—but it has since become a cult kind of store, filled with votives, books, talismans, potions, and charms. Each candle comes with its own set of over-the-top claims. I love the imagery, and they are fun to have around the studio (for decorative purposes only!).” —laura

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