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This Christmas pudding clutch makes it clear that Charlotte Olympia doesn’t take herself too, too seriously. —erica

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In Character: Susan Walker

Remember when Mara Wilson was the precocious child star of the moment? Of the Haley Joel Osment/Dakota Fanning ilk? Well, during her reign, she made some real holiday-movie magic alongside Elizabeth Perkins and Dylan McDermott. Here’s how she sold her incredulous kid, Miracle on 34th Street role. —erica

A Eugenia Kim beret, the preferred headwear of all big-for-their-britches six year olds.

Just because she doesn’t believe in Santa doesn’t mean she can’t down with Christmas cheer, in the form of some Boy. by Band of Outsiders plaid.

A Carven coat with a big Peter Pan collar—dressy enough for a day in court for Kris Kringle’s trial.

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Emerging Thing of the Week: Stockings with Care

You know what every Christmas-celebrating kid deserves? To believe in Santa for a few short years. And you know what every Christmas-celebrating parent deserves? To give his kids presents (including, you know, warm coats and books to read) on December 25. And while there are all sorts of ways to help this come to fruition for those who couldn’t otherwise afford to celebrate, if you live in NYC, take a good long look at Stockings with Care. You register to buy gifts for specific kids—ones with wish lists—and deliver the wrapped packages to a pickup location filled with some of the cheeriest people in the tri-state area, who get those presents (labeled, so the parents know what is coming out of each box and can really own the experience) to their Christmas-morning locations. The organization played Santa to 2,000 last year—sign up!!!—and, as someone who does approximately 96% of her holiday shopping online, I can tell you that, beyond the good cause, there is something strangely fulfilling about having a reason to carry a bicycle out of the Toys ‘R’ Us in Times Square. —erica

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Meredith Wendell

The beginning of the Meredith Wendell story has the markings of a movie starring Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal, or both. “We met at an Upper East Side Christmas party—we were the schlub friends who were smoking in the kitchen. Then I kept seeing him on the street and would think, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s that cute guy that I liked,” Meredith German says. “She lived on 55th Street and worked at Saks Fifth Avenue in the windows; I worked at Playboy on 57th Street and Fifth Avenue. I got out of the subway at 53rd and Fifth,” her now-husband and business partner Wendell German explains. “One day, I finally stopped him on the street, and we got engaged a year later, on that same day—at this Marriott Marquis, because my grandparents were staying there. It was very romantic,” Meredith adds.

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My X-mas Wishlist

Of a Kind heartily endorses this list. And not just because it includes one of our very own editions, the Crystal Ship necklace by Lizzie Fortunato Jewels. We too yearn for Maria Cornejo creations, the United Bamboo cat calendar, and Eddie Borgo baubles. (We also maintain a healthy guilt complex about our love for Celine handbags, but that’s another post for another blog. That may also just be me, not “we.”) —claire


Last year, I made Christmas Wishlist on my Wordpress blog and then was immediately profiled in my high school’s alumni newsletter. I forgot to update my blog, and for a long time, whenever anyone from my high school read the newsletter, they would click on the link to my blog and see all the silly things I wanted for Christmas. Super embarrassing. But here we go again!

1. A Celine bag. I feel conflicted about expensive handbags, but I think Celine is different. 

2. Jewelry: 1, 2, 3, or 4

3. A Macbook Pro.

4. Maybe this dress from Maria Cornejo or maybe this sweater?    

5. The United Bamboo cat calendar. 

6. A snazzy point and shoot camera. (I’ve decided I don’t have enough “memories” on my Flickr and Facebook account.)  

7. A new wallet. Continental style. Either Prada/Miu Miu or Commes des Garcons. I can’t decide.

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