City Haul: Where We Eat and Shop in Austin *and* L.A.

This week, Claire and I are headed west. Our itinerary: Austin, L.A., and Vegas. And though we can’t really comment on the latter—you know, what happens in Vegas…—we did want to share the places we’ll be visiting in destinations #1 and #2. In fact! We told Conde Nast Traveler alllll about our go-tos, and so for the full run-down, you best click on through. —erica


AUSTIN! From tacos at La Condesa (pictured!) to warm-weather-appropriate sweaters from Kick Pleat to oysters as often as we can get them—more here.


LOS ANGELES! We’re westside girls, and the are the Venice/West Hollywood/Santa Monica/Brentwood—like Tenoversix, shown up there!—that we’re hitting, for surez. This way for the scoop.

For more city-guide madness, click!

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7 Echo Park Spots Kathleen Whitaker Says You Gotta Check Out

Ahh—a ‘hood that has it all.

Why does the jewelry designer Kathleen Whitaker love Echo Park so freaking much? “I don’t need to leave the zip code. I can walk my dog and hit it all, which is a rare thing in L.A.,” she explains. “It’s loaded with so many working, accomplished artists, designers, chefs, filmmakers, musicians, and architects.” And it’s packed with the sort of vintage shops and snack emporiums that make you want to move in next door. Check out Kathleen’s must-hits. —alisha prakash


“Fix a low-maintenance, neighborhood-y, easy, convenient place to go—and it happens to have a lot of great coffee. In the mornings, my husband and I will walk from our house with the dog and stay for a cup of coffee and walk back.”
(2100 Echo Park Ave.)


Echo X Park Artist Studio
“Peter Shire is an Echo Park institution—a ceramicist and sculptor. There’s a large green gate that covers his parking lot, but if the little doorway in the green gate is open, it means that he’s in there—and you can go in and wander into his studio and take a look around.”
(1850 Echo Park Ave.)


Beatrice Valenzuela
“Beatrice Valenzuela is a very old friend of mine. She’s been cutting my hair for about nine years. In this period of time that I’ve known her, she’s started making shoes, styling people, and creating the Echo Park Craft Fair. And this year, she opened her flagship store. She carries work by some local people like myself and my friends Samantha Grisdale and Agnes Baddoo and also carries imported goods from Chiapas and Oaxaca.”
(1547 Echo Park Ave.)


“Cookbook is a tiny grocery store run by Robert Stelzner and Marta Teegan. It has prepared foods and pantry items and a whole bunch of dry goods. Everything is so well-sourced that you could go in there blindfolded, and no matter you took back with you, it would be discovery and the best thing in your kitchen. They have Straus Family Creamery, tons of amazing cheeses, and Fever-Tree ginger beer, which is so delicious.”
(1549 Echo Park Ave.)


Tavin Boutique
“Erin Tavin used to be a stylist, and she opened her own store of vintage clothes. She goes all over the country to source the vintage that she carries—she has a really interesting, flamboyant point of view. You’ll find really old stuff—Victorian lace dresses—all the way to awesome pre-owned Isabel Marant or Pierre Cardin.”
(1534 Echo Park Ave.)


Lucas Echo Park
“Lucas is a salon that also offers facials by this woman, Tracy Marcellino, who is actually a musician. She’s a lead in a major band. She used to be in Twilight Sleep and is now in Oh Boy Les Mecs. and her husband is also a musician in a popular band called Silversun Pickups. She got her esthetician’s license on the side. I’m a facial whore, and she’s really, really good.”
(1541 Echo Park Ave.)


The Time Travel Mart
“If you go into The Time Travel Mart, it almost looks like a 7-Eleven—it’s built like a convenience store—but all of the products in there are sci-fi and from-the-future (curiosities like hand soaps you can only use on Mars). It’s a really bizarre place, but kooky and awesome in the best possible way. It’s a nonprofit, so all of that is a front for raising money for children and literacy.”
(1714 W. Sunset Blvd.)

Beatrice Valenzuela photo courtesy of Nancy Neil Photography; Cookbook photo courtesy of Bradford Whitaker.

Take a look at the rad matte gold studs Kathleen made for her newest edition!

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Head to Palm Springs With the Workhorse Jewelry Trio

Three gals, one desert love affair.

Designers Nicole and Amber Sutton and Zoë Chicco­—the threesome behind the rad jewelry line Workhorse—have a thing for Palm Springs. Like, a MAJOR thing: They all escape L.A. to spend time in the desert about as much as possible. Here, some of the reasons why. —alisha prakash


Zoe: “My husband and I rented a house in Palm Springs for the month of September, and it was glorious. Most of our time was spent swimming, taking morning and evening walks with our dog Rocco, enjoying meals and cocktails with friends, and going to our favorite local haunts.”


Amber: “We absolutely love Birba—the food is delish, the drinks are fantastic, and the al fresco ambiance is bar none. I order a pizza every time—typically the white pizza with potato, gorgonzola, ricotta, rosemary, and basil. Drinks on the patio are a must, and I highly recommend the Heated Snake, which has 100% agave tequila, fresh lime, lemon, triple sec, and habanero.”
(622 N. Palm Canyon Dr.)


The Estate Sale Co.
Amber: “The Estate Sale Co. is a multiplex of mid-century furniture, chandeliers, quirky art, and estate jewelry. The inventory rotates often, and they feature weekly tag sales where you can find treasures for less. I found a pair of Jason Miller antler sconces for Zoe that she had been coveting for months.”
(4185 E. Palm Canyon Dr.)


Murray Hill
Zoe: “We all have dog-children who love Palm Springs just as much as we do. Weekends typically include a local hike at Murray Hill. The views are seriously amazing—you can see the whole valley, and the pups are actually allowed to roam free.”


Zoe: “Amber and I are iced coffee-addicts, and Koffi is our destination in the AM. A bonus is that it’s a stone’s throw from the rad Ace Hotel, so you are sure to see a hip crowd and lots of eye candy.”
(1700 S. Camino Real)


The Sagauro
Nicole: “The Sagauro is a newer hip hotel in the area. It has a rainbow façade and two cool spots for food and drinks. Both were opened by chef Jose Garces of Iron Chef (love that show). Tinto is the fancier of the two and serves unique dishes inspired by Basque region in Spain.”
Nicole: “El Jefe has a full tequila bar and is a great gourmet taco spot. I recently went with my boyfriend and my family—we tried a few fancy tequilas, sampled all the taco options, chowed on some guac and chips, and, of course, had too many Micheladas”.
(1800 E Palm Canyon Dr.)


Consign Design
Amber: “At Consign Design, hidden down a dirt path close to the Estate Sale, Zoe recently picked up a few display items for our studio and showroom, including a few life-size black glass heads for $35 each, When she got to the register they were marked down 40% more–score!”
(4101 Matthew Dr.)


Workshop Kitchen + Bar
Nicole: “At Workshop Kitchen + Bar, the architecture is amazing—27-foot cathedral ceilings, concrete and steel galore, sleek lighting. It’s the epitome of industrial chic. Workshop supports local farms, and the ingredients are fresh and seasonal. We love to sit at the giant communal table that spans the entirety of the main dining area, rubbing elbows with Palm Springs glitterati, local folk in-the-know, and weekend warriors from L.A.”
(800 N. Palm Canyon Dr.)

Get a look at the pretty rad knuckle ring the ladies of Workhorse Jewelry whipped up!

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Take 5: The Spots You Really Have to Check Out in the Upper Marais

After Emily Altieri finished up her Of a Kind internship this summer, she headed to Paris for some study-abroad action. Yah, we weren’t jealous at all. So we’ve asked her to give us the scoop on her best finds around the city—and, listen, though she might be both darling and young, don’t dare accuse her of having college-girl taste. —erica


Looking for the perfect Sunday in Paris? Head to Le Marais—partly because everywhere else is closed, but mostly because of the insanely good restaurants and ample shopping. It is also a lot more casual than the rest of Paris—we’re talking West Village versus Central Park West—but, ya know, still wildly chic. The area has grown so much that one little guide is not nearly enough, so for now: my five favorites in the 3rd Arrondissement (a.k.a., Upper Marais). emily altieri

Betjeman & Barton
At this tea bar, you’re encouraged to try out their 180 varieties—and take your favorite to-go (hard to find in France). With the communal tables, homemade scones, and hot pink teapots, this is your girly Parisian moment.
(24 Boulevard des filles du Calvaire)

Chez Janou
I was convinced that charming waiters didn’t exist in Paris until I visited this local brasserie, and the place looks like a still from a mushy French romcom. The food is also fantastic—especially the self-serve chocolate mousse, which is, as the Of a Kind team would say, NEXT LEVEL.
(2 Rue Roger Verlomme)

You just can’t go to Paris without at least a quick browse here—I forbid it, actually. The concept shop has men’s, women’s, and home sections—goodness for everyone—and there are also three cafés on-site.
(111 Boulevard Beaumarchais)

French Trotters
I died a little bit over their accessories but the clothing is also awesome—with designers like Opening Ceremony and American Vintage. The selection for guys might be even better, and that’s saying a lot.
(30 Rue de Charonne)

This co-ed German label just opened its first Paris store this fall, and I love shopping here because I know I’m finding things I cant get anywhere else. Knits, leather, denim, and shearling!
(18 Rue de Poitou)

Where else has Emily been hangin’ in Paris? More here.

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Take 5: The Places You Absolutely Can’t Miss in Paris’s 7th Arrondissement

After Emily Altieri finished up her Of a Kind internship this summer, she headed to Paris for some study-abroad action. Yah, we weren’t jealous at all. So we’ve asked her to give us the scoop on her best finds around the city—and, listen, though she might be both darling and young, don’t dare accuse her of having college-girl taste. —erica

I knew I was living in the right place when I found a clothing boutique nestled between a wine cave and a chocolate shop. Here are a handful of my favorites in the 7th arrondissement, right near the famous open-air market on Rue Cler. emily altieri

French fashion can sometimes feel too stiff, but this place doesn’t at all. The Parisian label specializes in the coolest colored denim and awesome outerwear (including some pretty major varsity jackets).
(103 rue Saint-Dominique)

Aoshida Black
The size of this shop? Underwhelming. The clothes in it? The opposite. It focuses on more unknown designers from Korea, Belgium, and Denmark—stuff you definitely won’t be finding elsewhere.
(117 rue Saint-Dominique)

Michel Chaudun
As a card-carrying chocolate snob, it is my duty to test out all of the Paris spots, and, so far, this one’s my favorite. The chocolate pavé cubes are like Hershey’s kisses as chic as Emmanuelle Alt.
(149 rue de L’Université)

Brasserie Thoumieux
The décor of this French brasserie in the ultra-stylish Hotel Thomieux [Ed: Pictured up top!] is reason enough to visit—we’re talking art-nouveau light fixtures and red velvet upholstery (very Midnight in Paris). And then there’s the awesome people-watching and food…
(79 rue Saint-Dominique)

Eric Chauvin
When you walk into this tiny flower shop, the hydrangeas are so massive and the dangling vines so ridiculously lush that they create a maze-like situation. You’ll want to take some home with you, and the price tags totally allow for that.
(22 rue Jean Nicot)

What else should you do in Paris? Some more ideas here and here.

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Lena Wald Gives Us a Way-Chic Tour of Paris’s Left Bank

This will make you want to take a two-year trip to the city, too.

Jewelry designer Lena Wald and her boyfriend made the call to move to Paris with their sons two whole weeks before leaving. The verdict after two years in the city? Best decision ever. “I loved that you didn’t have to go looking for things to do,” says Lena. “You could just walk outside and be somewhere beautiful, or you would stumble upon something going on that you didn’t know about.” And though she and her fam have been back in L.A. since 2011, Paris’s 6th arrondissement is still her home-away-from-home. Here are some of the former haunts that she misses most. —meghana gandhi



Pizza Chic
“This place is great for kids. It’s owned by the people who own Merci, who are the founders of Bonpoint—so it really is chic. And the pizza is fantastic.”
(13 rue Mézières)

Le Comptoir du Relais
“This restaurant is in the Hôtel Relais Saint-Germain. It’s a bistro by day, a gastro by night—and it’s really delicious. It’s very difficult to get in, because they give preference to people staying in the hotel, but you can sometimes get a reservation.”
(9 Carrefour de l’Odéon)

Tan Dinh
“This place serves amazing Vietnamese food. I went here with Kelly Wearstler, who says she dreams about the soup.”
(60 rue de Verneuil)

L’épicerie des Saints-Pères d’Olivier Pitou
“We used to love this little market. The owners have an amazing flower shop (called Flower) across the street.”
(23 rue des Saints-Pères)

Huilerie Artisanale J.Leblanc et fils
“This place was on my street. The company has been around since 1878. They have the most amazing pistachio oil, and they also have pine nut oil and walnut oil. It’s all delicious. It tastes very pure.”
(12 rue Jacob)



“This taxidermy shop is so old-school. It’s like nowhere else in the world. You can only find it in Paris.”
(46 rue du Bac)

Serge Gainsbourg’s Apartment
“The building is covered in graffiti and has become a memorial because people write notes about Serge on it. The artist Space Invader even did a little Serge Gainsbourg on the building.”
(5 bis rue de Verneuil)


imageGalerie Downtown
“This shop has all of the furniture that I love: Jean Prouvé, Charlotte Perriand, Serge Mouille. They have some of the best examples of work by these designers (besides, of course, the pieces that I curate at Maxfield Gallery!).”
(18 & 33 rue de Seine)

Isabel Marant
“This store was also on my street, so I would pass by it all the time. She always uses good fabrics, including a lot of natural fabrics. I just like her sensibility—it’s easy to wear.”
(1 rue Jacob)

Galerie Yves Gastou
“This store has a great mix of furniture. They have a lot of amazing pieces from the forties, fifties, sixties, and seventies.”
(12 rue Bonaparte)

“She has great vintage jewelry—including some important pieces—as well as some new things. It’s a fun jewelry shop.”
(62 rue des Saints-Pères)

Lena’s new edition has us feeling all kinds of patriotic—check it out now!

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Spend a Day Hangin’ With Jenny Myers in L.A.

A (kind of lazy) Sunday.

“My weekdays and my weekends blur together—in a good way. I am totally immersed in work I love doing and am excited that I get to start and end each day with my partner David and our puppy,” says Jenny Myers, an architect and the jewelry mastermind behind Myers Collective. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, you’re invited to join her for an El Lay day—you know, via the internet and Jenny’s rundown below! —alisha prakash


7 A.M. - “My morning coffee. My boyfriend David and I are big fans of homemade lattes in Heath mugs first thing in the morning. So cozy.”


8 A.M. - “This is Koda. There’s nothing better than hanging with our six-month old puppy over a long morning walk or jog. He hams it up the whole way with all the neighbor pups.”


9 A.M. - “My weekends are great for sampling new design ideas and materials for Myers Collective. I work in a studio with the best proximity to my boyfriend’s piano. He practices three hours while I design and make. Muses!”


1 P.M. - “Time for lunch and errands. We just moved a bit west to an area called Longwood Highlands after many years in the Silverlake area near downtown. Even with more than a decade in Los Angeles under my belt, it still feels like this is exciting, unexplored territory. I love this city! This market/café, Food, is an unassuming gem not so far from where we live. The salads and sweets remind me of Ottolenghi, with the freshest ingredients and fun twists.”


6 P.M. - “Sunset hike. Nature-plus-exercise is the best. Some of my clearest thinking and best ideas have come from hiking in places like Griffith Park, Runyon Canyon, and Temescal Canyon.”


9 P.M. - “L.A.’s downtown has really blossomed in the last ten years with a lot of loft conversions and tons of new pedestrian-friendly places—grocery stores, cafes, bars, galleries—popping up all the time. We went to a restaurant/bar called Bar Amá in the bank district by chef Josef Centeno. It’s a fun little place with great atmosphere, food to share family-style (because you want to try everything!), and cocktails.”

Have you checked out Jenny’s Point-Line Necklace yet? See it now!

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Join Sarah Fox on a Tour of Chicago’s West Town

Score the best booze, sandwiches, and tomatoes around.

Sarah Fox, the cool creative behind the jewelry line Cursive Design, has lived in Chicago for twelve years—eight of which she’s spent living in the same West Town apartment in Noble Square with her high-school sweetheart-turned-husband (yes, adorable). Below, six reasons they aren’t moving anytime soon. —alisha prakash

“An emporium of rare beer—my favorite is Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale—wine, and liquor. It’s unlike your classic liquor store, since there is a bar with comfortable seating attached. It’s great to go with a group of friends, order some snacks, and try a couple bottles of a collaboration beer or a sparkling rosé. A bonus is that they can chill any bottle for you in about five minutes with a fancy machine.”
(1412 W. Chicago Ave.)

imageSwim Cafe
“Swim opened up a couple months after we moved into our place. It has been really neat to watch it grow and evolve into a thriving coffee shop/cafe. The owner, Karen, is so sweet. I really love their tomato, leek, and goat cheese strata.”
(1357 W. Chicago Ave.)

imageGreen Grocer
“Cassie, the owner, buys from all the local farms in the area. The past couple of weeks I’ve been blowing all of my money on tomatoes. I’m drinking milk again (and enjoying it) thanks to Castle Rock Creamery. Since they opened, I’m positive that my calcium and bone density have improved.”
(1402 W. Grand Ave.)


“There is something to be said for consistency and quality. It’s so comforting to know I can get the same perfect Margherita pizza again and again. The owners always greet you like family. The best deal is Tuesday night for half off all bottles of wine.”
(1321 W. Grand Ave.)

imageBari Foods
“A classic Italian deli and a great lunch spot to pick up sandwiches. I go in, place my order, and wander the aisles for dinner ingredients.”
(1120 W. Grand Ave.)

imageKinzie Street Bridge
“One of my favorite neighborhood walks is to head east, down Hubbard. You quickly go from a quiet neighborhood to industrial warehouses to downtown in about twenty minutes. The highlights are getting close to Blommer Chocolate Factory—where chocolate smells fill the air!—and walking over the Chicago River on the Kinzie Street Bridge—one of my favorite views of the city.”

Just wait until you see how good Sarah’s newest edition looks around your neck!

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A Tour of Brooklyn’s Under-the-Radar Kensington ‘Hood with Doug Johnston

Bonus points if done on horseback.

Oh, sure, you know Williamsburg and Fort Greene, but how about Kensington, a narrow north-south strip of Brooklyn at the bottom of Prospect Park? What the neighborhood lacks in restaurants and coffee shops, it makes up for in greenery and open spaces—a compromise that the designer Doug Johnston, a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and his wife are more than willing to make. Plus, according to the census, Kensington has one of the most diverse populations in the borough. “It reminds us that we’re living in a city that’s connected to the whole world,” Doug explains. See just why he likes this place so much. —meghana gandhi


Ocean Parkway
“Ocean Parkway starts at the northern tip of Kensington and goes to Coney Island. It was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, who also did Central Park and Prospect Park. One side is a bike path, and one side is a pedestrian walkway. On a bike, it takes 20 minutes to get to Coney Island, and it’s a really pretty ride.”


Ditmas Park Victorian Mansions
“Ditmas Park is the neighborhood just east of Kensington, and it’s full of turn-of-the-century Victorian mansions. The closer you get to Prospect Park, the larger they get. Sometimes they film Boardwalk Empire in that neighborhood—because apparently a lot of the houses are Atlantic City-style. It is unlike anything else in Brooklyn and doesn’t even feel like you’re in NYC anymore.”


“Because people here have yards, you start to get these gardens, manicured lawns, and sculpted shrubs. The forms are halfway between organic and manmade: They grow naturally but are shaped by someone. When I’m making rope pieces, that’s kind of what I try to go for—I base things on what the process wants to do naturally, but I get to have a say in what they look like as well.”


Kensington Stables
“On the northeast corner of Kensington, you can walk down the street and pass houses, a church, more houses…and then these stables. They’re open to the street, so you see the horses. If you go through Prospect Park, you’ll see people riding the horses. It’s a nice part of the neighborhood. Everyone loves seeing them, and the people who work there seem to love the horses.”


Ice Cream House
“This place is on the same block as our studio, and they’re going to move across the street from the studio—which is even more dangerous. It’s open until midnight every day of the week. The awning is all lit up at night, like this beacon of ice cream. It’s a Hasidic business—so all of the ice cream is kosher—and almost every flavor has a non-dairy version. They have this great orange-vanilla/creamsicle flavor. I think they use artificial coloring, so some of the ice cream has super-crazy colors.”

Check out Doug’s latest cotton cord edition for some seriously rad storage decor. 

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Get Outta Town: 52 Designer-Fueled Travel Guides That’ll Help You Plan a Great Escape


Harper Poe of Proud Mary will show you the way…

Are you looking for someone to lead you to the best junk barns in Maine or the coolest bars in Buenos Aires? Well, YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. Below, insider-y tips for trips around the world—one for each week of the year, even—alphabetized for your scrolling pleasure. —erica

+ Arcosanti, Arizona, with Yuka Izutsu of Atelier Delphine

+ Astoria, Queens, with Lindsey Lambillotte of Lambillotte

+ Austin with Katie Kime

+ Austin with Susan Domelsmith of Dirty Librarian Chains

+ Big Sur with Sophie Monet

+ Buenos Aires with Jennie Engelhardt and Emily Harrison of Hare+Hart

+ Charleston with Harper Poe of Proud Mary

+ Chicago with Laura Lombardi

+ Copenhagen with Erica

+ Florence with Meredith and Wendell German of Meredith Wendell

+ Flushing, Queens, with Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer of Cold Picnic

+ Halifax, Nova Scotia, with Kaelen Haworth of Kaelen

+ Hong Kong with Jade Lai of Creatures of Comfort

+ Joshua Tree with Hillary Taymour of Collina Strada

+ L.A. with Albert Chu of Otaat

+ L.A. with Elena Coleman Howell of TOMTOM

+ L.A. with Kathryn Bentley of Dream Collective

+ L.A.’s Koreatown with Grace Lee

+ L.A.’s Silverlake with Clare Vivier

+ Maine with Erica Weiner

+ Mexico City with Monica Ruzansky of AILI

+ Montreal with Caroline Ventura of Brvtvs

+ Northern California with Kindah Khalidy

+ NYC with Graciela Fuentes of Tirana Jewelry

+ NYC’s Chinatown with Maxandra Short, formerly of Kora

+ NYC’s East Village with Mandy Coon

+ NYC’s Far West Soho with Matt Singer

+ NYC’s Garment District with Samantha Pleet

+ NYC’s Lower East Side with Szeki Chan of 7115

+ NYC’s Upper West Side with Jacob Melinger and Alan Paukman of Nikolai Rose

+ Oakland with Ali Golden

+ Oakland with Lauren Wolf

+ Paris with Gigi Burris

+ Paris with Hortense Bonneau of Hortense Jewelry

+ Pisa with Laura Lombardi

+ Portland, Oregon, with Caesy Oney of Draught Dry Goods

+ Portland, Oregon, with Sara Dudzinsky of Better Late Than Never

+ Prague with Lizz Wasserman of Popomomo

+ Puerto Vallarta with Breanna Musgrove of Scout & Catalogue

+ Richmond, Virginia, with Rachel Albright of Academy Jewelry

+ Rockaway Beach with Sara Gates of Cook & Gates

+ San Francisco with Elizabeth Yarborough of Yarbie

+ San Francisco with Noah Guy of Joshu+Vela

+ San Francisco’s Mission District with Ryan DeBonville

+ Savannah with Elizabeth Thompson of Elizabeth Knight

+ Seattle with Jamie Iacoli and Brian McAllister of Iacoli & McAllister

+ Steamboat Springs, Colorado, with Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos of Shipley & Halmos

+ Southern California with Tim Morse of Richer Poorer

+ Toronto with Tara-Lynn Morrison of Good Night, Day

+ Tulum with Claire

+ Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with Caitlin Mociun of Mociun

+ Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with Lynne Hiriak of Cardigan

 Bookmark this link to stay up on the latest city guides!

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