Around the World with Wanderluster

Tag along to Iceland and San Francisco, on staycations and weekend trips.

When Rammy Lee Park started her jewelry line in June 2011, the name Wanderluster came almost instantly. A hardcore traveler, Rammy wanted her architectural, attitudinal pieces to embody the same sense of adventure that the word wanderlust (and she!) does. And these days, like most everybody, she logs her journeys via Instagram (handle: @xwanderluster). These are some of her most recent worth-a-pic moments. —jiayi ying

Rammy made us a necklace (that transforms into a bracelet!) inspired by these travels—check it out, pronto. 

"I never go anywhere without this antique porcelain elephant and blue heart—both were given to me by my boyfriend."

"I try to pack in a way that helps me get through security as quickly as possible. These are my go-to bags for trips under five days long. The larger one is Stella McCartney for LeSportsac from years ago, and I’ve taken it to Ireland, Istanbul, Iceland, and so on."

"Iceland! I went to celebrate my birthday, and it was one of my most memorable trips. I spent most of my time there with my eyes agog at the natural yet surreal beauty of the land and the elegance and simplicity of the architecture. As a result, my fall/winter 2013 collection is going to be all about Iceland."

"This was taken on Father’s Day, when my parents and I went boating on a lake in the Rocky Mountains. I’m from Denver, but I never appreciated the mountains until after I moved to New York twelve years ago. Now, I try to explore them every time I’m home."

"I’ve been spending a lot of time in SF lately, and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite American cities. I never actually visited as an adult until last year, and since then, I’ve gone four or five times. I’ve been ceaselessly charmed by the riotous colors, the Victorian homes, and the way the streets slope."

"I love moments in the city when I feel transported to another place. Here’s this magical little oasis in midtown. #wanderlocally"

"This is going to make it into a bangle soon. I’m not sure when my NYC-inspired collection will come out, but it can’t be avoided—it’s my home."

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Kristina and Sarah Get Hopped-Up on Hues

These jewelry designers can find inspiration in a refrigerator.

When you first encounter the jewelry that Sarah McLellan and Kristina Ortega make under the name Mctega, the off-kilter shapes and the enticing colors will fight for your attention. Their palette ranges from pale neons to desert-inspired nudes to sea-water-esque blues, and the duo was kind enough to give us a tour of their current favorites living in their dye box.

From left:

Kristina: It kind of reminds me of a seventies refrigerator—you know how every house had Aztec gold or avocado appliances? If we’re missing something somewhere in our color scheme, we’re like, “Wait…avocado!” It saves the day a lot.

Neon Green
Sarah: When we got this, we were like, “Forget it—it’s the best thing in the world.” It’s so absurd and bright. We’ll usually tone it down a little bit with more clear, and it’s insane: The edges glow.

Kristina: That’s Sarah’s favorite.
Sarah: I’ve been into orange for a while now, but we don’t get to use it that much. Right now, we’re doing more in a purple-blue-green colorway, which I love, but that orange is so pretty.

Kristina: I think it’s one of our most-used dyes. I want to say it’s in about three-fourths of all the bracelets.
Sarah: We mix it with other blues and greens, too, to get totally different colors.

Kristina: I like the purple mixed with clear because it looks like natural-cut amethyst. It’s drop-dead gorgeous, with really rich purple streaks.

Right this way to score the bracelet Kristina and Sarah made for Of a Kind! It’s purple, blue, and green.

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