Inspirationale: Jesse Kamm Meets Her Muse

The first day of spring is just under a month away—time to refresh, reinvent…or, you know, maybe just re-paint the living room and buy some new sandals. Whatever your modus operandi, a little motivation never hurt, so we’re asking some of our awesome designers to share what’s inspiring them right now. First up: artist-cum-designer Jesse Kamm, who is a big fan of not trying too hard, as her line, choc-full of easy, effortless pieces, proves. —keely thomas-menter


“I met Debbie Harry backstage at a show. She is still insanely beautiful. She pumps me up. She is one of those women, who has “IT.” It isn’t contrived. A stylist did not make her that way—she just is. That is the thing that inspires me most about a person—an originality, an effortlessness. There are few true icons that I think I would go gaga over. But give "Rapture" a listen—you will be driven to love!” —jesse kamm

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