Next Level: Bees


Beetles have had their moment. Spiders, too. Now there’s a new insect on the block. Four takes that mean bees-ness. —erica

LEVEL I: Simple and to-the-point—nailed it, Delfina Delettrez.

LEVEL II: Going a little crazy for the color scheme of this Lizzie Fortunato clutch.

LEVEL III: This peplum top from Mother of Pearl is sweet as honey, no?

LEVEL IV: With this Tom Binns creation on, your neck practically becomes a hive.

More mashups! Right here, right now.

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Weather Vain: Nashville, Tennessee - 77 and Partly Cloudy


God, what a ridiculously gorgeous day in Music City. Here’s what to wear if you’re lucky enough to be bopping (boot-scooting?) around town. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ Madison Harding wedges that would go equally well with jeans from the local hotspot Imogene + Willie.

+ A Rebecca Taylor dress that could hang onstage at the Ryman.

+ Sunglasses from Kate Spade Saturday—beautiful-weather, hang-outside essentials. 

+ A IIIBeCa bag the color or a buttery biscuit (with or without the gravy)

+ A Delfina Delettrez ring as hot as a reservation at The Catbird Seat.

+ Earrings—from Vanessa Mooney—ready for a late night at Tootsies.

Want more “Weather Vain?” You got it.

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Next Level: Lips

In honor of V-day, y’all, —erica

LEVEL I: Delfina Delettrez shows your wrist a little love.

LEVEL II: Who says you gotta stick to red and pink? Roseanna gets all moody with her black ‘n blue print.

LEVEL III: Lizzie Fortunato demonstrates that SWAK works even better if you employ embroidery.

LEVEL IV: Markus Lupfer—never the type to hold back.

More four-part harmonies this way…

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Next Level: Stand-Alone Collars

Who knew a collar—all on its own—would be such an of-the-moment accessory? And who knew we’d be so into it? The thing is, you don’t have to go balls-out, full-blown Man Repeller if you don’t want to. Here’s a whole range to keep your neck stylin’. —erica

LEVEL I: This knit Good Night, Day scarf-slash-collar creation gives even your sleekest bombers and trenches an element of *fuzzy*.

LEVEL II: How sweet would this mixed-chain design by Dannijo be with a crewneck and rolled-up chinos?

LEVEL III: If you wore this Delfina Delettrez collar—yes, that’s a tiny skull holding everything together—Wednesday Addams would be all up in your shit.

LEVEL IV: The color: citron. The material: leather. In short, Eleven Objects doesn’t hold back.

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This Delfina Delettrez bowtie necklace is, like most her of her designs, quirky and a touch weird—in the best possible way. —claire

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Of a Kind

But who needs a whole skeleton when this hand makes such an awesomely creepy collar all by itself? 10/31 is fast approaching!

By Delfina Delettrez, a fourth generation Fendi who splits her time between Rio and Rome. —claire

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