The 25 Of a Kind Designers You Should be Following on Instagram

Here’s your chance to get in on a road trip with the Upstate ladiez, peep a Society for Rational Dress photo shoot, and scope out Brook&Lyn’s newest materials. It’s this thing called Instagram. Heard of it? DUH. Of the 15 million users, these are the vets who get our seal of approval. —kate barrett

Ace & Jig - @jennnnnnnnna

Alex & Eli - @anna_zeman

ALL Knitwear - @annieleelarson

Ann Yee - @theannyee

Blanca Monrós Gómez - @blancamonrosgomez

Brook&Lyn - @brookandlyn

Clare Viver - @seevivier

Collina Strada - @collinastrada

Cursive Design - @cursivedesign

Dirty Librarian Chains - @dlcbrooklyn

Dusen Dusen - @dusendusen

Erin Considine - @erinconsidine

Forage - @foragebowties

Gabriela Artigas - @ladyartigas

Laura Lombardi - @lauralombardi

Louisa Parris - @louisaparris

Mctega - @semclellan

Partners & Spade - @partnersandspade

Rachel Nasvik - @rachelnasvik

Rachel Rose - @rachelrose8248

Society for Rational Dress - @societyforrationaldress

Sophie Monet - @sophiemonet

TOMTOM - @tomtomjewelry

Toujours Toi Family Affairs - @toujourstoi_familyaffairs

Upstate - @kalenk

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Four Design Couples We’re in Love With

We think our posts accurately convey our affection for designers and storiesnot to mention our tendency to occasionally fangirl (yes, it’s a verb)fairly well. That said, this should come to no surprise: When we found out some of the creative forces behind several of our favorite lines were dating or married to each other, we decided that a very, very early Valentine was in order. jiayi

1) Robert Geller, who designs the eponymous, CFDA-favorite menswear line, and Ana Lerario-Geller of Lerario Beatriz, who also heads Tribeca showroom Fiftytwo. The pair met while working at Marc Jacobs almost a decade ago and have a one-year-old together.

2) Ryan Sovereign (who is, like Geller, a RISD graduate) of stellar Brooklyn neckwear co. Sovereign Beck, and Lia Cinquegrano of Thomas IV, a handbag line we’re completely obsessed with.

3) Jeff Halmos, one half of Shipley & Halmos, and Lisa Mayock, one half of Vena Cava—we’re itching to get our hands on pieces by both of them.

4) Kalen Kaminski of dye-happy line Upstate—right this way for the edition she and her design partner Astrid made just for us!—and Jeff Thrope, who is behind the wilderness blog Cold Splinters and a collection of killer camp shorts of the same name.

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Of a Kind

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Of a Kind

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Of a Kind

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