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A dinosaur sweater from Sophie Hulme? No, you are never too old for that. —erica

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Hillary’s (Really, Really) Amazing Home

She’s a total DIYer. And it shows. 

Hillary and her boyfriend Jonathan have only lived in their Williamsburg apartment since May—she relocated from L.A. just a year ago—but they’ve already made it very much their own. “I used to think renovation was impressive, but then I realized it only takes one day to do one thing,” she says. If her dinosaur wall doesn’t inspire a crafternoon, nothing will.

The material that Hillary used to make her headboard is the exact same canvas she used in the pouch she designed for us. See and buy the limited-edition Of a Kind exclusive here.


“I made the headboard a month or two ago. I wanted to use this fabric for it because I needed something that was neutral but not.”


“This chalkboard along the wall happened because I thought I could retile something. I took out a whole wall in the kitchen and had a huge hole, and Jonathan said I couldn’t go to bed until I was done and it was cleaned up. So I made him get a piece of wood, but we couldn’t get a piece that covered the whole thing—so we got a chalkboard to cover it up.”



“That’s horsehair. I bought it because I might make horsehair things, but I don’t know yet. Everyone tells me to change the water in the vases, but my best friend and I are like, ‘No! Look what’s happening to it! The colors are amazing!’” 


“I name everything in my house because I had a lot of pets growing up but I don’t in New York. All the cowhides have names. That’s Jeffrey.”


“I painted that print, so I made a laundry basket.”


“It’s kind of a joke that I say that I like to play with dinosaurs every morning. Now all my friends buy me dinosaurs. I decided to paint them white and do an installation. I started naming the dinosaurs, but that was too much. So now they have numbers.”


“This is the office bookshelf. I got this birdcage in Pennsylvania—my grandma lives there. I got those nails in the vase at Home Depot, and the rest was part of a bouquet someone gave me. I just made that—I don’t know why. But I like it. And that fox trap—it’s my grandpa’s. I basically stole all his junk.”

Images courtesy of Jonathan Hokklo, who is a fantastic photographer and also Hillary’s boyfriend. He has a very beautiful Tumblr, too.

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