What We Neeeed from the Thomas Sires Sample Sale

Yes, you read that right: neeeed.

Whenever we pop into the Thomas Sires store in NYC’s Nolita, we end up gushing over about a million things. Look at this plaid coat! Did you see this little silk top?! I feel like I would wear this skirt ALL. THE. TIME. You know—that sort of behavior. Here are the pieces from the duo’s sample sale that are making us crazy.

Check out all the goodness—up to 80% until 9:30a on Feb. 15! (Assuming the stuff doesn’t sell out before then.)

Erica (left)

Hilliard cream dot contrast collar shirt ($108—originally $270)
“If polka-dots have any potential to look grown-up, this shirt takes them there. The black and white is graphic and easy—as good tucked into a bold skirt as under a jean jacket. Also: This guy’s thin enough to layer without, like, sweating through it on the subway.”

Haight full skirt with leather trim ($150—originally $415)
“Dear god, I’m obsessed with green. I have a green bag…and kind of want a green coat? ANYWAY: This wool number is the kind of thing you can throw on with all black and look like you tried even if you picked up your tights off your bedroom floor. The leather waistband really seals the deal.”

Claire (right)

Mohawk shrunken sweater ($102—originally $255)
"This sweater makes me want to throw on some black cropped cigarette pants and penny loafers and maybe pick up smoking (sorry, Mom). But you can see me doing that and seeming really cool, right?"

Anza fairisle sweater skirt ($125—originally $325)
"I’ve always wanted to rock Coogi—I even bought a Coogi sweater dress on eBay last year that has never seen the light of day. I just don’t have the guts, I guess. This skirt feels like the safe (and flattering) way to fulfill that lifelong dream. It’s also absurdly comfortable because, hi, you are wearing a soft sweater tube around your waist."

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