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We just spent the weekend in Vegas for a wedding—a scheduled wedding, so don’t be getting any ideas—and here’s what we’d want to be working if we’d stayed an extra day. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A nice antidote to all of the bandage dresses floating around, c/o Tibi.

+ For those chilly desert nights: an Esther Bonte scarf.

+ A Lila Rice ring ready for a hang sesh at The Cosmopolitan.

+ Night out OR poolside lunch—this Eayrslee clutch can handle both.

+ A Fallon necklace that’s very Julia Roberts in Ocean’s 11.

+ Sandals from K.Jacques that you can wear far away from the poker tables—like when sipping an attempting-to-detox juice at Rachel’s Kitchen.

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Next Level: Horses

2014 is the year of the horse. You ready for all that? Cause we are. —erica

LEVEL I: A sweatshirt from MSGM x Toilet Paper that would make your four-year-old niece unreasonably jealous.

LEVEL II: Two ponies, from Fallon—to make up for the one you didn’t have as a kid.

LEVEL III: Paige jeans that call to mind Rolling Stones lyrics.

LEVEL IV: Because four legs are clearly not enough—at least when it comes to Smith/Grey horsey hoop earrings.

Get your “Next Level” fix right over here.

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Couple Up: Britney and Justin

Because sometimes a relationship dies but its style lives on.


The image of Britney and Justin in their denim-on-denim-on-denim-on-denim ensembles is burned into my brain—and it can’t be just me. Let’s pay tribute to the couples costumes outfits they wore to the 2001 American Music Awards, shall we? (Also: How was this only in 2001?!) —erica

Brit: A glitzy Fallon choker, an Acne denim dress with some frayed action, and a Lady Grey chain belt.

JT: An Alain denim blazer, patchwork Kenzo jeans, and A.J. Morgan sunglasses…at night. 

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Of a Kind

Be honest with yourself: You’re never too old for a pair of (Fallon) best friends necklaces. —erica

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In Character: Dr. Molly Griswold

Of all of Kevin Costner’s sports-movie love interests—and there have been a lot—Rene Russo in Tin Cup was our favorite. She was so polished, so classy—and yet completely and utterly nuts at the same time. Her, here U.S. Open groupie getup. —erica

Super-preppy seersucker shorts from Boy. by Band of Outsiders that show just enough thigh to spark brawls at the 19th hold.

A big straw hat from Rag & Bone to preserve that milky complexion.

A big, fat pearl necklace by Fallon that really sells the golf pro’s girlfriend thing—and looks appealing out-of-place on the floor of a Winnebago.

Want more “In Character?” Well, get ready.

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