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The writer, editor, and editorial strategist (whoa) Lauren Sherman first kept us in-the-know when she was the HBIC at Fashionista, and her knack for covering fashion from a business angle—Lauren got her start as a reporter at Forbes, and you can spy her byline over at Ad Age,, and DuJour—makes her our go-to whenever we’re in need of some serious intel. Plus, you know, we just think she’s the coolest and also, P.S., has the cutest dog. —carlye wisel

Q: If you had access to anyone else’s wardrobe, whose would you choose?
A: Oh, I mean, obviously Sofia Coppola. There’s a girl who works at Fashionista named Dhani Mau, and she described her personal style as always thinking before she buys something, “Would Sofia Coppola wear this?” I totally do that, too. It’s hard, because her style is so confident but also so specific. Sofia Coppola’s not going to do nail art; she’s not gonna wear anything that doesn’t feel  true to her. She’s kind of the ultimate be-all, end-all for me when it comes to fashion.

Q: Do you have anything hanging in your closet that you’ve never had the guts to wear?
A: I have this navy blue knit romper with short sleeves and red and yellow accents I got at this really cool vintage shop in Portland, Oregon. I was like, “Oh, I’ll wear it with a belt and Keds,” but it’s one of those things where I turned 30 last year, and I feel like I have to decide now: Am I going to be one of those adults who wears rompers or not?

Q: Have you ever lost an item of clothing that was really important to you?
A: When I first moved to New York, I really wanted to buy a nice outfit. I had a job at a business magazine, and I got it in my head that I wanted a suit. Phillip Lim had done this gray skirt suit with exposed stitching and grosgrain ribbon around the waist, and it was heavily discounted at Barneys Co-Op. But I still had no money, so I took a cash advance to buy it. I ate black beans with hot sauce on them for lunch every day because I just wanted that suit so badly. It was amazing. I got so much wear out of it—I still wear the blazer to this day—but I dropped the skirt off at a dry cleaners without a computer system and was kinda lazy about picking it up. When I finally did, they were like, “We don’t have it. You never dropped it off here.” It just went off into the ether! That’s the one thing I wish I could get back.

Q: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve witnessed during your time in the fashion industry?
A: Fashion is just full of weirdos, and pretty much every moment is weird. My favorite weirdo is James Goldstein, this rich, tan, cowboy-esque guy who attends a lot of European fashion shows, as well as NBA games. I went up to him at a Fendi party in Paris once—Duran Duran were playing. He totally thought I was hitting on him.

Q: You’re trapped in an elevator with Kate Moss for five full minutes. What do you do?
A: Pull out my phone, hit the recorder button, and start asking questions.

Q: What one fashion collection sticks out for you?
A: So many! Growing up, it was Marc Jacobs’s Fall 1998 collection. I know grunge at Perry Ellis in 1992 made him famous, but Fall 1998 taught me that runway clothes could be super wearable, too.

Q: Who is your dream client?
A: Eh, the New Yorker. Because it’s the New Yorker.

Want to meet more amazing people? Oh, good.

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