Of a Kind

If your belly button is looking to make friends, this Jasmin Shokrian sitch is the shirt for him. —erica

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Of a Kind

Jasmin Shokrian thinks it’s juuuuust fine to dabble in pleats. —erica

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Of a Kind

A pleated skirt for commitment-phobes, brought to you by Jasmin Shokrian. —erica

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Weather Vain: Athens, Georgia - 68 and Partly Cloudy

This is one of those college towns that makes you want to stay in academia forever. And on a perfect day like this one? OOF. What to wear in Bulldog country. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ This IIIBeCa bag = classic with a twist. Just like the menu at The Branded Butcher.

+ A Laura Lombardi necklace laid-back enough for a game day, even.

+ A just-librarian-y Boy. by Band of Outsiders dress that will look right at home amidst the rare stuff at Jackson Street Books.

+ A Jasmin Shokrian jacket—so you can take in some live music on the Georgia Theater rooftop after the sun goes down.

+ A way-chill, leather-wrapped ACB bracelet ready for some chicken-and-waffle action at The World Famous.

+ Dieppa Restrepo lace-ups that the vintage-loving girls at Community would go nuts for. 

So much more “Weather Vain!” Really!

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Next Level: Circle Bags


Can there be such a thing as a purse up-and-comer? A Hailee Steinfeld of the bag world? Well, if so, this is it. Here, four majorly cool versions as round as the coins you keep in them. —erica

LEVEL I: Wendy Nichol knows how to keep things just-interesting, with army leather, braided details, and that fun-loving tassel.

LEVEL II: The fur on this little guy would be a lot much if Carven wasn’t so damn good at keepin’ things simple.

LEVEL III: The way the canvas on this Collina Strada bag peeks through makes it completely special, but it’s hardly loud.

LEVEL IV: What could you possibly carry in this Jasmin Shokrian creation while maintaining its pancake-flatness? WHO KNOWS. But dare you to try.

There is so much “Next Level” to be had! Do it!

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Next Level: Highlighter Yellow

It’s not that we’re over neons, exactly, it’s just that if you’re going to go florescent at this point, you have to go LOUD. And to me, that means the kind of yellow that flags eigenvector definitions in Linear Algebra textbooks. —erica

LEVEL I: Classic T-straps get a little something-something, courtesy of K. Jacques pour Opening Ceremony.

LEVEL II: The color of this Black Crane dress doesn’t whisper but the so-simple cut and thin cotton fabric does.

LEVEL III: Somehow, the pared-down shape of this Draft No. 17 by Jasmin Shokrian bag just makes the hue look brighter. Duh, in a good way.

LEVEL IV: So much sunny goodness happening here, Hound! Ok, now picture thang with patterned Keds. Mmm.

More “Next Level!” Yes, it’s true!

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The Insider: Eviana Hartman of Bodkin Talks About “This Weird, Special Place” Called Los Angeles

The newly minted Cali resident and founder of the whimsically modern (and sustainable) clothing line Bodkin spent a long time in New York, covering fashion at Vogue, Teen Vogue, and Nylon before launching her own line. Here, she opens up about why she went West and what she’s loving about her new environs. nathalie

Q: How long have you lived in L.A.?

A: Just over two months, after 11 years in NYC.

Q: Why did you move there?

A: For love (I’m marrying an L.A. native this year), for a change of scenery, for a better quality of life, for the outdoors—and to escape the abrasive attitude and constant physical discomfort of New York. It was a great place to discover oneself and make connections, but when you find yourself shimmying through an 18-inch gap between a seven-foot-tall dirty snowbank and a diesel-spewing ConEd truck, heels on ice and toes dipped in a slush puddle, to catch a bus, while holding a huge bag of samples, something in you snaps.

Q: Who are your favorite L.A.-based designers?

A: Jasmin Shokrian, who brings an artist’s vocabulary and perspective to her choices in color and form. Band of Outsiders, because my fiance looks adorable in their shirts. Rodarte, of course—their work is about material experimentation, emotion, memory, and meaning, in a way that characterizes art, not fashion. Jesse Kamm, because she is my friend and is so smart and cool and funny—and has an effortless, airy aesthetic with an environmentally mindful approach.

Q: What aspect of the city’s culture would you say is most inspirational for you?

A: For me, it’s the city’s post-modernity—its complexity. It feels like a place that is new and changing—where there is possibility around every corner. I have been reading strictly L.A. books lately—Mike Davis’s City of Quartz and Ecology of Fear, The Day of the Locust, and some Joan Didion—and just really getting into the hidden subtleties of this weird, special place.

It’s L.A. month at Of a Kind! More on that here.

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Clare’s L.A. Designer Posse

This handbag genius is a member of a gang of pretty ladies who make killer clothing and accessories—and give the West Coast major street cred.

From left, designers Annie Costello Brown, Melissa Coker, Jesse Kamm, and Clare Vivier (wearing a Jesse Kamm dress!) with Heather Taylor of Taylor De Cordoba gallery.

Like the food, the fashion scene in Los Angeles is organically grown. “L.A. has a real undertone of cheesiness, so when the city tries to put on fashion week or something like that, it usually just turns bad. But a lot of creative and cool people live here! We all help each other out and collaborate,” explains Clare Vivier, she of the cultish and minimalist bag line. “When you’re willing to help others and they’re willing to help you, suddenly you’re not on this little desert island.” These are the designing women she hangs with—and whose work she wears.

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