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Jen Rubio spends her days as Warby Parker's social media guru, but when she’s out of the office, she’s probably out of town. The supremely stylish frequent flier globetrots so often that her Delta status is one we’ve never even heard of. Don’t worry, though: You can always find her @jennifer in the Twitterverse—yah, check-out that first-name-handle radness. —carlye wisel

Q: When you’re on a trip, do you always find yourself buying a certain thing as a souvenir?
A: I am actually old-school, and I write postcards every single place I go. One of my friends has postcards from, like, 30 different countries from me on her fridge. My thing: Whatever the picture is on the postcard, I write it there.

Q: What’s the most embarrassing thing on your bookshelf?
A: The most embarrassing is probably that I don’t even have a bookshelf right now because I move so much. The actual only bookshelf I have in my apartment is a print of “The Ideal Bookshelf” hanging up. It’s the fashion one. I do read! Books are hard to pack!

Q: If you could have access to anyone’s wardrobe, whose would you pillage?
A: Miroslava Duma. She’s amazing. We’re also both 5-feet-tall, so everything would already be hemmed! I mean, I could say Taylor Tomasi-Hill, but then I’d have to fuck around with a tailor. So, nope! I could just put on Miroslava’s pants and be fine. She’s one of those people who gets a bob, and then I’m like “OH, I’m gonna get a bob!”

Q: Does the bob work out?
A: No! Never! No one ever sees a bob on a celebrity and gets one and has it work out. It just doesn’t work. This is probably my most embarrassing beauty-related story: I have a very round face, and I saw some celebrity with a bob. I got it, and it looked so bad—so atrocious that the next day I sat in a chair for 11 hours and got a weave.

Q: What?!
A: My deepest, darkest secret is that I had a weave! It’s really expensive because it’s real hair. I know a lot about weaves. I literally walked into this place and was like, “I need long hair.” It takes a long time—they put hundreds of strands in your hair. I guess you could do those Jessica Simpson clip-ins, but…no. If I’m getting a weave, I’m going all-out!

Q: You own a slew of Of a Kind editions.
A: Yeah! In the beginning, I had maybe seven out of their first ten editions. I have all of the Claire Vivier ones, and I have all the Erica Weiner stuff—I’m very loyal to my Of a Kind designers. I actually have a crazy Of a Kind story. I bought the very first hat Annie Larson did, and I was so excited. I worked at this agency and told everyone, “Guys! Only 25 people have this hat, it’s amazing!” And a week later, my co-worker Kyle’s like, “Oh, I saw someone with your hat on the train.” And I was like, “No you didn’t! I’m telling you, only 25 people have it.” And he goes, “No, I swear! I took a picture for you, since I know you’re obsessed with that hat!” And he shows me this picture of this girl, and I lost it. I was like “Oh my god, you’re my hat twin!”—of course not even thinking that Of a Kind’s early customers all lived in New York. I had a blog at that point, and I posted this girl’s picture on my blog and blocked out her face. And a girl comments on my blog, “Oh my god, that’s my sister!” and e-mail introduces me to her sister. We never actually met up, but this girl lived in Brooklyn, she had the same hat, and we’re like, hat soulmates.

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