6 Spots Hillary Taymour Says You’ve Gotta Hit in Joshua Tree

Girlfriend goes there at least twice annually. So she knows what she’s talking about.


Hillary, hiding behind a friendly cactus.

“Joshua Tree is such an amazing place. The energy there is something I have never felt anywhere else,” says Hillary Taymour, the mastermind behind the rad bag-and-apparel line Collina Strada who makes her way from Brooklyn to J-Tree for the holidays and post-Coachella every year. So where are the best places to get your hike on, catch some stellar views, soak up live music, and score vintage? Hillary gives us the lowdown. —alisha prakash


The best room around, in Hillary’s opinion—that floor!

“I stay at this room that you can rent through the Joshua Tree Inn called the Fox. It’s on this amazing artist compound. I’ve been staying there for years. The Fox is off a dirt road, so a lot of people have dune buggies. You’ll wake up and there’ll be coyotes in your backyard—it’s really magical.”

Hospice Thrift Shop has some truly amazing finds. I got these really amazing, old photo books from the seventies there.”
(61675 29 Palms Hwy, Ste. B, Joshua Tree)


How amazing-looking is The Integratron? Like, whoa.

The Integratron is this amazing place—with a wild story—that’s built entirely of wood. It’s a big dome where they do incredible sound baths, which are this amazing experience where they play crystal quartz bowls to heal each individual chakra. It’s a cleanse for your whole body and mind.”
(2477 Belfield Blvd., Landers)

Natural Sisters Café has great juices and smoothies. It’s one of the better places to get all-organic juice. Joshua Tree is a hippie town, but you can still find Applebee’s and Taco Bell—this is a better place to go.”
(61695 Twentynine Palms Hwy, Joshua Tree)


If this isn’t inspiration to plan a trip…

Split Rock is one of my favorite hikes. It’s a big loop and really beautiful. You can see for miles.”

Pappy & Harriet’s usually has a good live gig going on. It’s a real fun local place to go for dinner and drinks. Monday is open mic night. There are these locals who are total rockers and singer/songwriters. They just jam for hours, playing great cover songs and original music—it’s pretty epic. Pappy & Harriet’s is also in Pioneertown, which is a little fake ghost town. It’s a tourist attraction—there’s always something going on there.”
(53688 Pioneertown Rd., Pioneertown)

Now’s your chance to scoop up Hillary’s Joshua Tree-ready tote! SO GOOD.

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Weather Vain: Joshua Tree, California - 54 and Partly Cloudy


Take a hike—we wish someone would tell us that today and that we’d get to jet west to chill with some Joshua trees and desert wildlife. Here’s what we’d wear after a morning making our way up Warren Peak. —erica

Clockwise from top left: 

+ A Topo Designs bag that can hold things that qualify as gear—and plenty of water.

+ An easy-to-slip-on cuff by Giles & Brother fit for fire-pitting with friends at the Mojave Sands Motel.

+ Theyskens’ Theory boots that are hardly hike-appropriate but can totally handle some bumpy terrain.

+ The sort of leather-accented denim shirt by Iro that will look approp at Crossroads Cafe.

+ A Leigh & Luca scarf—cause you know it’s gonna get cold when the sun goes down.

+ Rag & Bone camo pants that will blend right in with the cacti.

+ A poncho! Feels right, no? This cozy Vince one will make you want to troll the farmers’ market for dates (as in, the kind you eat) all day.

More weather-plus-destination dressing! Here!

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