Weather Vain: Bozeman, Montana - 90 and Clear


Not to get all Dixie Chicks on you or anything, but this time of year makes us yearn for wide-open spaces. Like, say, Montana, with all that National Park-ness…and lack of population density. Here’s how to embrace a day in Bozeman. —erica

+ A bangle from K/LLER that feels completely appropriate for a night at Plonk Wine Bar.

+ The ideal Ancient Greek sandals to slip on after hiking the M.

+ An Acne dress that’s plenty loose—in case you go hard at Granny’s Gourmet Donuts.

+ Cowboy poetry?! If you score some at Country Bookshelf, this AANDD bag has room.

+ Ahlem shades to take in all those Big Sky views.

More of this! Lots more! Here.

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Of a Kind

K, nail-art junkies, get ready to start foaming at the mouth: K/LLER is making these engraved brass wonders that you can wear on your fingers. —erica

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Weather Vain: Williamsburg, Brooklyn - 77 With a Chance of T-Storms


Today is totally one of those what-do-I-wear?! days for the L train contingent. It’s warm but not hot. And how much is it going to rain? Here, our prescription. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A lightweight, breathable Raquel Allegra tee that won’t get too sweaty on the Lorimer platform.

+ A kick-ass Mociun ring—the jewelry phenom’s store is one of the best in the ‘hood!

+ A borderline-genius short-sleeve rain jacket from Boy by Band of Outsiders.

+ K/LLER earrings—ready for a night on the Wythe Hotel roof should the clouds part.

+ A super-hard-working clutch made by equally industrious local designer Collina Strada.

+ Some of the sleekest rain boots around, by Loeffler Randall.

+ A Christopher Kon wallet, to match the BBQ at BrisketTown.

+ Mother jeans that will hold up JUST FINE if they get splashed by a black car on Bedford.

Looking for more “Weather Vain” action? Have at it.

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Weather Vain: Los Angeles, California - 72 and Partly Cloudy


Tomorrow, I head to L.A. (to meet Claire, who’s already there!). Here’s what I’d be jonesing to wear if I was coast-swapping a day earlier. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A Blk Denim leather jacket that’s just wishing, hoping, praying for warm weather.

+ Hoops! Brought to you by K/LLER and ready for a day of shopping on Melrose, West Third, or Sunset.

+ An Eayrslee wallet that proves you aren’t scared of those sunny, Cali hues.

+ A just-nautical Whit dress—take it out for some peel-and-eat shrimp at Son of a Gun.

+ The kind of House of Harlow shades that dot the pages of Us Weekly.

+ Cool girl, I-live-in-Laurel-Canyon shoes (boots? sandals? both?) from LD Tuttle.

We do this every week! This way to the archives…

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Weather Vain: Bogotá, Colombia - 77 and Clear

People are making us all kinds of jealous with their warm-weather travels right now. And while we’re personally very upset with anyone lucky enough to head to the Colombian capital, we’re willing to offer you our professional support—and a packing list. —erica


Clockwise from top left:

+ A Lemlem dress that doubles as a cover-up when you head to the beaches at Tayrona National Park.

+ This bracelet by K/LLER: jazzy enough for dinner at Mi Viejo, overlooking La Candelaria’s so-stunning square. 

+ To keep your CCs and pesos in order, a mini Clare Vivier wallet. 

+ The sort of Erica Weiner necklace that could go with basically every outfit in your suitcase.

+ Loeffler Randall shoes that are most definitely made for walking (and exploring Macarena—the ‘hood, not the dance). 

+ Super sunglasses to deal with such annoyingly bright and clear weather. 

+ The perfect pared-down travel bag from Eayrslee. Bonus: It can be worn around your waist (as long as you don’t call it a fanny pack).

Head this way for more “Weather Vain!” Hot (and cold) stuff.

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