Weather Vain: Amagansett, New York - 68 and Clear


Love ya, Montauk, but for a really chilled-out, do-nothing day, Amagansett is where it’s at. This is what to wear for a day that’s a bit too cool for an ocean dip. —erica

Clockwise from top left: 

+ A couldn’t-be-breezier Ace & Jig top that’s ready to catch some music at The Stephen Talkhouse

+ This Lila Rice ring on your finger and a coconut-coconut cupcake from Mary’s Marvelous in your hand—dreamy.

+ Because Otaat / Myers Collective knows you don’t need a big bag to stroll Main Street. 

+ A beach cardigan—yah, that’s what L’Agence calls it, and we’re down.

+ Sandals that look good AND could handle some gardening—leave it to the Steven Alan x Dr. Scholl’s collab.

+ Some laid-back Current/Elliott pants—because the toughest decision you should have to make today is whether you want the Clam Bar staple fried, steamed, or raw.

Head to “Weather Vain” heaven.

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Weather Vain: Las Vegas, Nevada - 83 and Partly Cloudy


We just spent the weekend in Vegas for a wedding—a scheduled wedding, so don’t be getting any ideas—and here’s what we’d want to be working if we’d stayed an extra day. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A nice antidote to all of the bandage dresses floating around, c/o Tibi.

+ For those chilly desert nights: an Esther Bonte scarf.

+ A Lila Rice ring ready for a hang sesh at The Cosmopolitan.

+ Night out OR poolside lunch—this Eayrslee clutch can handle both.

+ A Fallon necklace that’s very Julia Roberts in Ocean’s 11.

+ Sandals from K.Jacques that you can wear far away from the poker tables—like when sipping an attempting-to-detox juice at Rachel’s Kitchen.

Where else you want to go? Hit the archives.

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Of a Kind

Reptile Signet Ring by Lila Rice for Of a Kind

BUY / 35 of a kind / $207

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Weather Vain: Tucson, Arizona - 52 and Clear


There’s something pretty rad about being surrounded by cacti in the winter (or, heck, anytime at all). Here’s how to roll if you’re in The Old Pueblo today. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A desert oasis in the form of an Acne sweater.

+ The most stylin’ puffer vest ever, quite possibly—made by Helmut Lang.

+ An Eayrslee clutch chill enough to hang with an El Guero Canelo hot dog.

+ Aerin slip-ons that would earn lots of love from the Canyon Ranch crowd.

+ The sort of Lila Rice ring that’s ready for anything, anywhere.

+ The Dunbar Spring street art + these Iro pants = a match made in heaven.

+ Ready for a very healthful meal at The Tasteful Kitchen, this K/LLER Collection necklace.

+ Illesteva shades, for wandering Saguaro National Park.

There’s a whole lot more “Weather Vain” if you’re in the mood for some exploring.

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Weather Vain: Park City, Utah - 37 and Partly Cloudy

If you’re in Park City today…well, LUCKY YOU. Embrace the fact that it’s not nearly as cold as it could be—and tell JGL I say, “Heeeeeeeeeeeey.” —erica


Clockwise from top left:

+ A silky Equipment shirt that adds polish to pretty much anything.

+ The sort of Hope boots itching for apres-ski (or -screening) action.

+ Ready for swag? This Love Mert tote is.

+ Lila Rice studs you can absolutely pass out in after a late night.

+ Ah, Isabel Marant does vaguely-Western so well.

+ Boy. by Band of Outsiders pants you can shove into boots easy-peasy—key.

+ Slip on this Kelly Weastler ring, and you’re read for dinner at Talisker.

+ …And add this Acne leather vest to make your way to Sky Lodge for drinks.

+ Collina Strada's solution to keeping your room key—and chapstick—close-at-hand.

+ A crazy-cozy, chill-preventing layer from Maiami.

+ A gem-print scarf from We Are Owls—in case the theater’s chilly during Kill Your Darlings, A.C.O.D., or Very Good Girls.

Snuggle up with more “Weather Vain” here…

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Of a Kind

These gold studs by Lila Rice might be little, but they have a certain toughness—the sort that would suit Kristen Stewart or Gemma Arterton in their badass adaptations of Snow White and Hansel and Gretel. Of course, you don’t need to be witch-hunting to pull them off: Their mesh-stamped goodness goes with your silk tops as well as your flannels. —erica

BUY / 30 of a kind / $78

Read more about the designer behind the line:

+ On forgetting—and then remembering—her jewelry-making past.

+ On her coolest grade-school creations.

+ On the low-fi way she created these earrings.

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What’s Inside (and Behind) Mary Meyer’s Brooklyn Store

Get the scoop from the designer/shop owner herself.

On top of her impressive design skills, Mary Meyer has a nose for cool. She has a wicked ability to sniff out the next buzzy band and source jewelry that no one else is wearing (yet). And, since August, she has brought her discovery talents to her namesake shop at 56 Bogart Street, in what might be considered downtown Bushwick, Brooklyn. In addition to her own graphic, pared-down pieces, she carries—well, we’ll let her show you herself.

Click here to score Mary’s rad screen-printed scarf that you can only get right here. Just 33 in the whole wide world!

A sampling of some of Mary’s killer jewelry finds.

“This is the building that I wanted to be in. If you’re in a neighborhood that is up-and-coming like this, if you’re not at the center of it—there’s no way we could be doing what we’re doing. I called about the building and looked at a space a couple floors up, and I asked the guy who showed it to me, ‘So, what’s going on with the ground floor?’ Turns out it was being built-out, and none of it had been rented.”

Striking Lila Rice earrings.

“I didn’t realize I was going to enjoy being a buyer so much. Going to the trade shows and carrying designs from people that I have personal relationships with is exciting, and I like that I’m representing a community.”

The popular nut rings.

“I’m pairing the higher-end lines with good designs that make up our little grab-and-go section. It’s mostly just about looking for cool products that work with what we’re doing—great $15 sunglasses and pocketknives made in the Southwest. I found these rings made out of nuts from Peru at a trade show. I thought I was crazy when I bought them, but they’ve done well.”

Another tempting score: cozy and well-priced bajas.

“For spring, one of the things that I’m most excited about is carrying Betsey Johnson. I felt a little star-stuck when I placed the order—she’s the first designer I ever owned. I decided not to get the typical Betsey Johnson baby-doll dress and to stick with a group that felt right in the store—things you might not even know were Betsey Johnson if you saw them on the rack.”

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