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Remember Ma Ingalls making calico dresses for Mary and Laura? Rittenhouse must. —erica

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Known Entities: Laura Ingalls Wilder

The author of the Little House books (and the series’s main character) wrote about clothes a lot more than one would expect a woman growing up in the Midwest in the 1870s to. She had a real appreciation of fabric, cut, and craftsmanship that we can  get behind, and her love of food didn’t hurt things, either. —erica

A versatile dress in a special material Ma scored on a rare trip into town. / Like: Sessun Harmony dress

A cozy wrap-slash-blanket for especially frigid nights (or when the firewood is running low). / Like: Lily and Jae Becker blanket

Boots suited for one of her favorite pastimes: chasing around an inflated pig bladder. / Like: LD Tuttle The Cross boots

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