Mane Event: 13 Hair Accessories You’d Actually Want to Wear

Hair doodads are getting some play these days—and I’m not talking headpieces, fascinators, or turbands. I mean the sort of stuff that six-year-old you would have died over. Here’s how to get your head in the game. —erica


Clockwise from top left: Eugenia Kim,, Dannijo, Aesa, Lelet NY, and Hillier.


Sylvain Le Hen.


Left to right: Lulu Frost and Lizzie Fortunato.




Clockwise from top left: Gigi Burris, Clemence Cabanes, Mrs. President & Co.

For more of our hot hair finds, click here.

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Of a Kind

I like to call this Lizzie Fortunato clutch “Spot the Bunny.” —erica

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Of a Kind

If you wore one of these Lizzie Fortunato cuffs on each of your wrists, you’d no doubt acquire some sort of superpower—magnetic levitation, perhaps? —erica

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Weather Vain: Long Island City, New York - 28 and Clear

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but it’s officially winter—at least in and around NYC. Here’s how to bundle up and look good in LIC. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ The kind of bag—from Thomas IV—that won’t fall off the shoulder of an overstuffed down coat.

+ Ilse Jacobsen boots that are ready to attack snowy icy streets.

+ Gloves from Saturday that’ll warm up your paws faster than a ginormous coffee from Sweetleaf.

+ A 3.1 Phillip Lim sweater that’s alllll about protecting your neck.

+ Easy but cool—this Lizzie Fortunato necklace wants to have dinner (mussels! crepes!) at Cafe Triskell.

+ Some leatha for your legs, from Vince—to help deal with any windiness on the walk to the Q train.

+ Stripes! Because those are good for ANY weather. Care of Jonathan Simkhai.

Way more “Weather Vain” if you click this way.

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Gift List: 17 Designers Share the Presents That Have Meant the Most to Them

Is this a gift guide? Not really. A trip down memory lane? Sorta. But it’s mostly just a chance for us to survey a whole bunch of designers who we’ve worked with—who happen to have standout taste. And if you get warm-fuzzies or come up with a present idea as a result, WELL, amen to that. —erica


Allison Sires of Thomas Sires“The best gift I ever got was a blue, plastic teepee from my dad. He had been traveling for work and picked up the teepee along the way. When my brother and I got home from school the day my dad was back, the teepee was set up in the living room, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. We played with that teepee until it was made up of more duct tape from all the repair jobs than of the original plastic. Although not blue or plastic, we sell a teepee in our store—partly because of nostalgia, but also because teepees ARE the coolest thing in the world.”

Hillary Taymour of Collina Strada: “My artist friend Gail Stoicheff painted a portrait of my dog Pow Wow. She’s an amazing painter. It’s one of my favorite things.”

Melissa Coker of Wren: “My mom gave me a Chanel bag for my 30th birthday. I love it for the obvious reasons—but also because it is so classic, and I’ll use it forever and think of her.”


Lauren Wood of Wax + Cruz: “A white Gretsch Electromatic guitar from my lovely fiancé. It is so retro and stylish, and it fills our home with echo-y tunes.”

Lina Rennell: “Last Christmas, I got a Vitamix blender from my two daughters. I can make so much more with it than my old blender—like thick peanut butter-banana smoothies.”

Isabel Halley: “The best gift I ever received was a pink lace Betsy Johnson slip dress from my mom on my 16th birthday.”

Kathleen Whitaker: “My grandmother’s charm bracelet. We shared the same birthday and name, so with a big Libra charm and monogrammed pieces, I was the fortunate and logical recipient. She gave it to me on my 16th birthday with the idea that she wanted to see me enjoy it. It is spectacular.”

Christine Marcelino of Materials + Process: “A Mexican Peso for Christmas with a note on it to pack my passport!”

Maryanne Mathias of Osei-Duro: “When I was about seven and was obsessed with the Laura and Mary Ingalls books, my mom made me a hoop skirt for Christmas. She used white chiffon and three tiers of boning. I wore it to every birthday party and hoedown I could get to for several years.”


Jaclyn Mayer of Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer: “Most recently, my husband gave me a Peter Doig print for our first wedding anniversary. I love it! And it’s fitting because you are supposed to give paper for your first anniversary.”

Larry Paul of GREI.: “Years ago, I moved to the city to pursue a photo career, and collecting books is my way of staying close to photography. About 10 years back, I was given a book documenting one of my favorite photographer’s careers—Karl Heinz Weinberger: Photos 1954-1995.”

Lia Cinquegrano of Thomas IV: “My close friend is really into experiential gifts, and as a birthday surprise, she took me to Spa Castle for a day of bathing followed by dim sum! Mmmm!”


Kathryn Fortunato of Lizzie Fortunato: “I love the Electric Love dreamcatcher my boyfriend bought me for my birthday a few years ago. It hangs in my room and is the perfect combo of Western inspiration, art, beautiful craftwork, and, of course, functional dreamcatcher. Also, our mom just got Lizzie and me an Illy Espresso Machine since we always spent so much money on lattes. It is amazing.”

Nikki Chasin: “When I moved to NYC for college, my dad let me have his watch that I’d had my eye on. It’s cool because he recently got his father’s watch fixed up, so there’s a little tradition started.”

Collette Ishiyama“My boyfriend made a painting for me of James Brown and of Sean Young from Blade Runner (two of my favorites). He gave it to me for my birthday before we were dating, and now that we live together, it’s hanging in our bedroom.”  


Ilana Kohn: “The best gift I’ve ever gotten is also the most recent: I strong-armed the BF into getting me a pretty, blingy new Wwake ring from her new collection that I am in LOVE with. My first piece of serious big-girl jewelry.”

Nicole Sutton of Workhorse Jewelry: “One of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten was an amazing perfume from my BFF, Zoe. As part of a super-fun girls’ day of festivities, she brought me to the Scent Bar in L.A. as she knew I was on the hunt for my signature fragrance. After trying what seemed like hundreds of scents, I fell in love with Peau de Peche by Keiko Mecheri. When I spray it every morning, I think of her lovely gift and how very special that day was!”

On a serious gift hunt? We’ve got some Pinterest boards for the girls and boys on your list.

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Weather Vain: Cambridge, Massachusetts - 41 and Clear


AHHHHH, it’s fall—it really, really is. What to wear today if you’re hanging around this seven-square-mile patch of Mass. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ Marais USA shoes that are more than ready to hit the M.I.T. Museum.

+ A Lizzie Fortunato cuff that can hang at the Harvard Law School Library all day, if that’s where you’re headed.

+ For holding your iPad or Kindle, c/o Mansur Gavriel. Just maybe don’t tell the crew at Revolution Books

+ A 3.1 Phillip Lim sweater, the color of an Area Four latte. 

+ Ready for the crisp air? Cause this Rag & Bone coat is. 

+ Garrett Leight shades—for scoping out the crew teams on the Charles. 

+ A Eugenia Kim wool hat that just as freakin’ cozy as the pan-roasted goodness at Puritan & Company

+ The sort of Suno pants that would excite the Take Ivy obsessives. 

All the “Weather Vain” you can take! Right here!

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The Insider: Michelle Gattenio


When we started looking around for the perfect Of a Kind production assistant to manage every drop of content that goes on our site in our newsletters, we landed on Michelle Gattenio because we heard a rumor that she’d be willing to dress up as VMAs Miley in a flesh-colored bikini. Kidding! We hired her this summer because not only is she really good at her job but she’s also one of the most enthusiastic, upbeat, and charming people, like, ever. Proof below. —monica derevjanik

Q: Tell me about what really goes on in the Of a Kind offices…
A: I’m convinced that our operations assistant Keely and I should have our own reality TV show. There are just too many good one-liners coming out of our office.

Q: One-liners, eh? So if you had an “Overheard at Of a Kind” blog, what would be the most ridiculous post on there?
A: Ridiculous? I’m not sure. But the most common phrase would be “I can’t even.” I’m also fairly positive that Claire and Erica bought the domain name [Ed: We in fact own and].

Q: Is there a designer you’ve fallen in love with since starting at Of a Kind?
A: Oof. Well, to start, I’m obsessed with the Lizzie Fortunato girls. Claire and Erica each got a bag from the fall line and they are freaking amazing. I am also obsessed with the Morgan Carper cape that came out last winter. I think I literally have asked Keely 45 times, “Are we doing another cape this year? Do you think we’re going to do another cape? When can we pick out a pattern for the cape? Am I going to be able to model the cape and just keep it? How is this going to work?” [Ed: Watch your inboxes!]

Q: What does your desk look like?
A: WELL. Starting off, the rug is probably completely rolled under my chair. I am the only person in the office who can’t sit like a normal person—I’m constantly switching positions, so the rug always gets pulled under. There are about 15 different yellow, purple, and blue Post-its around my desk and a pencil holder full of Sharpies and highlighters. I also have a snack drawer that Claire just found out about a month ago, so that has become a beloved area. And now it needs to get replenished. But mostly just Post-its.

Q: What’s your current favorite YouTube video?
A: Embarrassingly enough, I am in a Miley Cyrus phase currently, and any kind of YouTube video pertaining to Miley Cyrus gets sent around the office. Everyone’s like, “Ok, Michelle, we get it, we get it.” So the Miley Cyrus/Jimmy Fallon/Roots thing is definitely high on the list.

Q: Which website just totally sucks you in?
A: Jak & Jil has the best photos ever. And I’ll always go on Buzzfeed just to see where it takes me—like “21 Sexy Halloween Costumes That Should Have Never Been Made.” There were things like a sexy taco, a sexy hamburger, a sexy corn-on-the-cob…

Q: Yikes! Speaking of Halloween, what are your plans this year?
A: I did suggest that we have Halloween in the office and floated the idea that I would be Miley Cyrus. Erica was like, “I mean, you’re going to be the one wearing nude underwear to work that day, so whatever floats your boat!” Katherin, our customer relations manager, suggested that we all dress up as each other. Every time Claire and Erica walk in the office, we’re like, “Oh, you’re so cute” and “You’re so pretty.” Actually, now that I think of it, they both probably think we’re being really creepy.

It’s favorite-peeps central over here!

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Weather Vain: Toronto, Canada - 59 with a Small Chance of Rain


The Toronto International Film Festival just wrapped up. That means the crowds have departed, and it’s a top-notch time to explore the city—which is officially in fall mode. —erica

+ Short-sleeve sweater season is short. Take advantage with this Opening Ceremony number while you can.

+ A Lizzie Fortunato bracelet that’d be right at home at Hotel Ocho, set it a former textile factory.

+ A denim skirt from Boy by Band of Outsiders that’s chill enough for a few pints at Bellwoods Brewery.

TOMTOM earrings as sleek and angular as the Daniel Libeskind addition to the Royal Ontario Museum

+ An Acne leather jacket that will earn you respect from the cool kids lined up for Grand Electric tacos. 

+ A little pouch, c/o Jérôme Dreyfuss—it won’t weigh you down during a lazy afternoon hang at Trinity Bellwoods Park

Get more “Weather Vain” right over here…

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Of a Kind

Libra Cuff by Lizzie Fortunato Jewels for Of a Kind

BUY / 49 of a kind / $195

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Weather Vain: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 82 and Partly Cloudy


God, it’s a lovely day in the Birthplace of America. Wear this to celebrate. —erica

+ Graphic Marais USA sandals ideal for bopping around Rittenhouse Square.

+ A Rag & Bone dress that could hang at Joan Shepp

+ A sleek little I.D. bracelet from Lizzie Fortunato—a designer who got her start in this neck of the woods.

+ Tanner Prep's no-nonsense, just-the-essentials bag. 

+ How good would this Luv Low by Erin Wasson ring look clutching an avocado-key lime smoothie from Pure Fare

+ Rachel Comey x Prism sunglasses—cause THIS GLORIOUS WEATHER. 

For lots more of this action, head this way.

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