Of a Kind

Libra Cuff by Lizzie Fortunato Jewels for Of a Kind

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Of a Kind

Lizzie Fortunato makes wearing a scarf as simple as possible. —erica

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Star-Crossed: Lizzie Fortunato Jewels + Mark McNairy

"Star-Crossed" is new around here! The idea: Playing match-maker, setting up something for guys and something for gals on a fashion date. —erica

Girl: Lizzie Fortunato Jewels cuff
Boy: Mark McNairy hat

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The Insider: Elizabeth Spiers

We’re willing to bet that Elizabeth Spiers is responsible for at least one of your must-reads. A founding editor of Gawker, the whip-smart New Yorker has helped launch, among others, Fashionista, Flavorwire, and Crushable, and she was one of the very first supporters of this little site, Of a Kind. Here, she talks about her current nearly over editor-in-chiefship at The New York Observer and what she looks for in a statement necklace. —jiayi

Q: Did you intend to get into journalism?
A: No. I fell backwards into it. When we did Gawker, I was working in finance. Then I heard that Gawker was going to be a full-time job—or a business, really, not just a hobby—so it ended up turning into a job for me. 

Q: You’ve been working in the publishing industry for a long time now. How do you feel about the digital landscape changing journalism?
A: I don’t feel like it’s changing it that much because you’re still reporting and conducting your journalistic activities in the same way. What I do think happens is that if you want to be a reporter, the internet is probably the best thing that’s happened to you—it allows you to break stories as you get them, and you’re not really tied to the publication schedule. The internet offers a lot more reads, too. With a print newspaper, if we want to scale up the number of subscribers, we have to increase what’s called the rate base, which means, “How many copies are we printing and how are we distributing it?” With the web, you don’t really have to worry about that.

Q: How would you describe your style?
A: I like things that are very tailored, but with a little punk accent. I have a necklace that’s beaded and has neon threading through it, but it also has bullet casings on it. I like things that have a little edge.

Q: Do you have any favorite up-and-coming designers?
A: Very early on, Claire and Erica had an Of a Kind edition by Lizzie Fortunato Jewels. I love their stuff.

Q: What are some of your favorite places to shop?
A: There’s a little store on Bleecker called Sucre that I really like. They have some clothes, but it’s mostly a jewelry store. The woman who runs it has a good eye for stuff that’s unusual and a little bit difficult to source.

Q: What would be your advice for up-and-coming journalists?
A: You have to figure out a way to get your work out there. I think the web is a great space for that. If you have time to start a blog, you should. It builds up a readership, and it differentiates you from other people who are just sending in resumes with random clips. If you want to write about something specific, what you should do is to assign yourself articles and just write them. If you come in to interview with me and tell me you want to write about fashion but all you’ve been doing so far is covering community board meetings, I have no way of knowing if you’re capable of doing that. There’s no reason why you can’t start a blog and do that sort of thing yourself because then you can demonstrate that you’re capable of doing it.

More peeps you should know about, over here…

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Weather Vain: Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 77 and Partly Cloudy

There’s something pretty exciting about summer on the Great Lakes—breezes and boat rides and all that jazz. And today in the biggest city in the cheesiest state (sorry, Vermont)? Well, it’s downright lovely—especially if the sun shows up. Here’s what to wear if you’re there. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A greenest-green tank from Otte—it fits like your most basic tee but feels a lot more special. 

+ The so-good ring Silva/Bradshaw made for Of a Kind is as sleek as the Calatrava-designed art museum.

+ With its pops of color, this Lizzie Fortunato clutch is so fresh—pair it with a few apps at Sanford, and you’re set.

+ Rebecca Minkoff glasses—blue like Lake Michigan on the clearest day.

+ Neutral stripes! What’s not to like about this lil’ Chinti and Parker number that you’ll wear at least once a week?

+ Even if you’re not a metallic-lover, the simplicity of these N.D.C. sandals really sells the gold tone.

Oh, yes: There’s more “Weather Vain” to be had. Go on now.

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Tripping: Lizzie Fortunato Reveals a Still-Secret Uruguay Retreat

'Tis the season to get your summer vacation on. And in case you're having a warm-weather mental block, we're calling in some of the well-traveled designers to share the places they've visited and loved. Here, jewelry phenom Lizzie Fortunato reveals a South American find that is getting more and more popular by the minute. (Also, PSA: You can now score some of Lizzie’s rad-as-all-hell travel finds on her brand-new e-commerce site!)

Trip pics!

My mom, sister, and I visited El Garzon in Garzón, Uruguay a few winters ago, and it was one of the most heavenly spots I’ve ever been—rustic with aesthetic perfection and good food. The chef Francis Mallmann founded the restaurant there, and the living areas were brimming with coffee-table books and international magazines. The area was still pretty undiscovered a few years back, so you could ride horses and walk around the town’s dusty streets without passing more than a handful of people, a vintage car, and buildings with perfect marigold and periwinkle paint jobs.” —lizzie

For more getaway ideas, head this way.

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Weather Vain: Fire Island, New York - 73 With a Chance of Thunderstorms

Ok. You guys. SUUUUMMMMMMMER IS HEEEEERE! And that means beachy weekends and fireflies and toasted marshmallows. If you’re heading to Fire Island to celebrate the occasion (like the designer behind Dusen Dusen is—hi, Ellen!), here’s what you should pack to take down any T-storms. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A Dusen Dusen tote (duh!) in a very washable denim in case you have any sunscreen incidents.

+ The sort of Lizzie Fortunato cuff that will make you feel like you got dressed up for sunset dinner at Maguire’s.

+ A lightweight Ace & Jig poncho that has a certain Wet Hot American Summer vibe.

+ A no-nonsense (but cool-as-all-hell) Dsptch camera strap that matches the sand.

+ Summer rain shoes! Brought to you by F-Troupe.

+ The easiest little chambray shorts in the whole wide world—ideal for rosé sipping—that Atelier Delphine made just for Of a Kind.

Want us to give your locale the “Weather Vain” treatment? Tweet @ofakind or email info@ofakind.com.

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Next Level: Bolos

Now, let’s call a spade a spade: There’s no such thing as an average, everyday bolo unless your job requires you to wear shit kickers and Wranglers. But if you like the look of a necklace over a collared shirt as much as I do—well, here’s a way to take that look one step further. Behold: Four bolos we can get behind (besides the one we sold). —erica

LEVEL I: To the untrained eye, this Maria Francesca Pepe take passes for a regular necklace. With it’s rose gold and enamel, it’s downright girly.

LEVEL II: Lizzie Fortunato keeps things delicate…but modern, too: The chain has both gold and silver segments.

LEVEL III: This Autoctona incarnation is so poppy and graphic. How sick would it look with a crisp white shirt and some colored denim?

LEVEL IV: Spikes and leather and pyrite? Lady Grey is pushing it. And we like that.

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Weather Vain: Peoria, Illinois - 50 with a Chance of Rain

Oh, does this destination seem random to you? Well, it’s where I grew up, so you’re just going to have to deal. Here’s a look that suits today’s weather in the middle of Midwest…which happens to match the weather in Austin (SXSW!) tomorrow. If it plays in Peoria, it will play anywhere, as they say. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ This Lizzie Fortunato Jewels necklace has just a pop of leopard—no need to go overboard.

+ These Isabel Marant cords are dressy enough for just about anywhere in town but low-key enough for Avanti’s.

+ Fabrics Interseason has a spring-y take on the denim shirt, and we’re all over it.

+ The tote Cook & Gates designed for Of a Kind goes anywhere—old mall, new mall, you name it.

+ Since you’re not going to be doing full-on puddle-jumping, these rubber Native slip-ons should be able to handle the precipitation.

+ How classy-shassy is this Hope parka? Take it to June for dinner. It can handle it.

For more weather-specific dressing tips, head this way.

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Weather Vain: Boston, Massachusetts - 41 and Mostly Cloudy

If you’re spending your day in Beantown, wandering Fort Point or hanging in Cambridge, here’s what you should wear. You know, in my humble opinion. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A Hope wool coat that will keep you just warm enough for walking Charles Street.

+ Suede pants can do East Coast prep—especially these Current/Elliott ones with their jean-esque cut and rusty maroon hue, just two notches left of neutral.

+ In these comfy, gum-soled Belle by Sigerson Morrison puppies, you could take on the Freedom Trail if you so desired.

+ A hit of neon—here, in the form of a T by Alexander Wang sweater—goes a long way.

+ You might have to loosen this Lizzie Fortunato belt after a few scoops from J.P. Licks.

+ These diamond earrings—from Blanca Monrós Gómez just for Of a Kind!—are the same color as your fave cocktail at Drink.

For more forecast-driven fashion, click here.

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