Next Level: Sweater Hoodies


Why is it that a hoodie looks more polished, more grown-up in sweater form? Cause it’s just a fact that it does. Here are four that prove it. —erica

LEVEL I: Black and gray and EASY and Alexander Wang.

LEVEL II: Gah, that pink tie. So good, Autumn Cashmere! So.

LEVEL III: This sheer-ish LnA number has more sex appeal than any hoodie should.

LEVEL IV: Banjo & Matilda's take is ready to be the star of any show.

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Of a Kind

Remember ringer tees? Of course you do. But do you recall them ever looking as polished as this LNA one? Me either. —erica

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Next Level: Checkerboard MADNESS

Checkerboards are happening. Just ask Kerry Washington and Jessica Alba. Here, four ways to go that don’t require a step-and-repeat setting. —erica

LEVEL I: The gray-on-gray situation keeps this LnA top super-approachable.

LEVEL II: Want Les Essentiels makes is way-easy to add a (small-scale) take on the pattern to your arsenal.

LEVEL III: The classic shape—and skinny waistband—make this Kelly Wearstler dress more wearable than you’d think.

LEVEL IV: MSGM goes for it: Hey, crazy, neon flowers. On a sweatshirt.

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Next Level: Flannel

Fall is flannel season, but that doesn’t mean you have to go in a Paul Bunyan (or Kurt Cobain) direction. Here, four ways to wear it, sticking with classic plaids and checks. —erica

LEVEL I: Straight-up traditional with the red motif, right? But the cropped cut of this LnA take makes it work—even with a mini.

LEVEL II: Before you need the heavy knits, tie on this two-sided scarf from The Hill-Side—so good against camel.

LEVEL III: Thom Dolan adds some serious polish in the form of a starchy, I-did-all-my-homework collar.

LEVEL IV: Why not get a little nutso, huh? 10 Crosby by Derek Lam turns the most basic shirt into something wild

Don’t miss out on all this “Next Level” goodness…

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In Character: Tess McGill

As Working Girl's heroine puts it, she has “a head for business and a bod for sin,” and her wardrobe alludes to her feminine wiles (and the thigh highs and garter belt she wears daily—come on). Here's what's required to win over both Oren Trask and Jack Trainer—combined with a mink and big-shouldered blazers, eighties staples. —erica

An off-the-shoulder Black Halo dress that goes well with a new haircut and too much tequila.

Ginormous LnA glasses that play up the whole doe-eyed boss lady thing.

A white silk dress from Kain that is perfect for wedding crashing and for falling in love alongside the research of your M&A deal.

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A Case For…Pink Sunglasses

You’ve done circular, tortoiseshell frames. You’ve done white Ray-Bans. (And you hopefully haven’t done those awful Kanye shutter shades.) Right about now, it’s time for something super-classic but ultimately lighthearted—and something very pink. These three pairs are reminiscent of summers spent flipping through Delia’s catalogs and trying to give yourself Sun-In highlights. —erica

1) Tenoversix for LA Eyeworks Vic Sunglasses: The frames have the color—and texture—of a Chupa Chup.
2) LNA sunglasses: Bonus: The lenses are tinted purple, ever so slightly.
3) Rodarte for Opening Ceremony Lost Boys sunglasses: Yup, that’s snakeskin.

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Known Entities: Sally Jessy Raphael

Long before SJP was a television star, there was SJR. And while she didn’t exactly sit front row during fashion week, the talk-show host cultivated a signature look that’s made her a pseudo-icon, even if she did do programming that involved paternity tests. —erica

The essentials:

A boxy, shoulder-padded blazer, because it’s important to be taken seriously when hosting episodes like “Caught on Tape Again!” / Like: Georgie Kyla blazer, available at Shopbop.

Big-yet-conservative gold earrings (visible on the tiniest of laundry-room TVs). / Like: Daisy Knights ball stud earrings, available at Net-a-Porter.

Red glasses—here, with rose-colored lenses / Like: LnA Sunglasses and Opticals Rialtos, available for pre-order at A. Kinney Court.

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