The origin of the word entrepreneur is especially fitting for the French-born accessories designer Jacques Flynn, who started making his own wallets when he couldn’t scout out a minimalist style that suited him. Turns out, he was hardly alone: Soon after he started, a few of his friends requested his no-nonsense creations…and then a few strangers. In June 2012, his brand Jaqet was officially born.

Jacques constructs all of his products using a saddle stitch, “an extremely old stitch style that can only be done properly by hand,” he explains. And then there are the colors of the Jaqet leathers, which have a certain grainy richness thanks to the water-based dyes—and a secret technique—he uses.

When he’s not thinking about sleekifying your leather goods, he’s contemplating ways to streamline your car, moonlighting as an exterior designer at Mazda in Long Beach, California. But what do cars and wallets have in common? “I’d say a car is a man’s ultimate accessory,” he says of a ride’s ability to speak volumes about the guy who drives it (especially in L.A.!). That, and the possibility for excellence in design and craftsmanship—something he brings to both of his pursuits. —carly pifer


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Richer Poorer Gets Moody With Socks

There’s a vibe and a guy in mind—yes, these socks are something special.

When he’s coming up with scorching new sock patterns, Richer Poorer’s whiz-bang designer Joe Tornatzky scours a super-secret list of vintage shops in the nooks of Long Beach, looking to flesh out not only what each pair in a collection will look like but who’s the guy who’d wear it. Here, three looks at how deep that goes. —seth putnam

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The Mood: “This one’s all about confidence. Stripes are classic, and they’re instilled in American life. They go along with your baseball shirt on the sandlot—and they’ll live on ephemerally.”
The Man: “This person is detail-oriented and knows what he wants. He doesn’t like to show off quite as much, and he values humility.”

The Mood: “It’s a stripe and a tribal insignia mixed together, so you’ve got a unique sense of timelessness along with an earthy feeling. On a general level, that Southwestern imagery is the direction fashion is going right now. But on a deeper level, I think it symbolizes a return to a more primitive world—a realization that getting stuck in a computer chair is no fun.”
The Man: “They’re for someone who’s expressive but likes to live within the restrictions of design. He’s a subtle extrovert who understands the introverted parts of life. It’s all about balance.“

The Mood: “Loud and expressive—they scream, ‘I’m me!’ When we’re designing, we start out with a huge mood board of colors, patterns, and shapes. There’s a page of sock outlines that we’ll sketch ideas into to give it more of a handcrafted element. And as socks go, this design is high-def.”
The Man: “These are for the strong-willed guy, the extrovert who goes all the way.”

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A Month of West Coast Flea Markets With Workhorse

Shaking up your Sundays.

There’s a name for the euphoria that Zoë Chicco and Nicole and Amber Sutton feel when they approach a promising flea market. “We call it the antiques high,” Amber says. “It’s this feeling of knowing that you’re about to find something meaningful and gorgeous and unique.” Given that Workhorse’s line of handcrafted jewelry is brimming with old-world appeal, these guys ought to know. And these are the markets in and around Los Angeles that they dedicate their Sundays to. —mattie kahn

First Sunday of the Month:
Pasadena City College
Nicole: “We tend to head here more for décor objects than anything else, but you can really find all kinds of things here. A little while ago we scored these amazing antler-type horns, and I once left with basically a trunkful of glass decanter bottles.”  

Second Sunday of the Month:
Rose Bowl
Nicole: “You have to be careful here—it’s probably the most popular market in Los Angeles, so it can be a little overpriced. Still, it’s quite a scene and a fun way to spend a weekend. If you dig deep, you can find some great stuff.”  

Third Sunday of the Month:
Long Beach
Nicole: “Long Beach is awesome—just amazing. It’s definitely our favorite. The last time we were there, we got a whole bunch of little trinkets and things that we’ll incorporate into next season’s Workhorse collection. How many baby rings have we bought there? Too many.”
Amber: “On a great day, we’ll have gotten so much stuff that we have to go back with another car to just get the haul home.”

Fourth Sunday of the Month:
Santa Monica Airport
Nicole: “Santa Monica is smaller than the others, which is nice, because you can get there early in the morning and be done before lunch. The things that vendors sell there are usually a bit higher-end—really nice and kind of European, which we love. Going there is such a good way to wrap up the month, because it’s a little different than the others—a little quirky.” 

See what the trio’s flea adventures inspired them to make for us! This gold-and-diamond arrow bracelet is beyond.

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