The Insider: Diana Moss

If we had the time (or, let’s be real, the finger dexterity), we’d spend the rest of the afternoon right-clicking everything we love, want, and have to have from Diana Moss’s blog, Miss Moss. Don’t believe us? We got distracted by no less than six things on the South African tastemaker’s site while writing this lil’ intro. (Okay, eight.) Here, a taste. —carlye wisel

Q: What’s the last great thing you read?
A: The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton—one of those summer holiday reads that I couldn’t put down, filled with intrigue and mystery and romance and a bit of period drama. Just when you think you have the story figured out you realize you totally don’t.

Q: How would you describe your style?
A: Black skinny jeans paired with tees or classic button-down shirts—I’m like the far less cool (and less French) version of Geraldine Saglio or Emmanuel Alt. It’s not easy to get me into a dress. I just really love a good pair of pants.

Q: If you could steal any item of clothing from any store or person, what would it be?
A: Anything by Acne! At the moment, I am coveting their insanely beautiful fringed bags. I also own a pair of their Pistol boots in black…so I wouldn’t mind walking outta there with some brown ones too.

Q: How’s that NYE Resolution coming?
A: Oooh, boy. I have two major resolutions this year: to walk more and to eat better (along with 90% of the population). So far I’ve managed to read about the Whole30 program that everyone is raving about, but haven’t started it yet. No DAIRY? Really? If anything, my new years resolution would be to eat more dairy.

Q: What’s your one solid beauty secret?
A: I’m pretty obsessed with BB cream—it’s just the right amount of cover for me, and I love not having to go down the heavier foundation route. It makes your skin look like you just came off the beach every. single. day. This cheapie option from Garnier goes everywhere with me. I think products you can get at a chemist work just as well as more expensive brands…but I’m also the girl who falls asleep with her make-up on, so you probably shouldn’t listen to me.

Q: What’s been the most beneficial part of running your blog?
A: I just love having a valid reason to browse the internet! In the past, I used to have to make excuses for my addiction, but now it’s technically my “job”—so just being able to do something I really love every day is pretty amazing. I’m also appreciative of the fact that it has allowed me to connect with such cool and like-minded people from all over the world, even though I will probably never meet them in person.

Q: So, what are the three reasons we absolutely have to see Cape Town?
A: The mountain, the beaches, and the weather! I think that everyone in Cape Town has that “wow, we actually live here” feeling—it’s really a magical place. If you want many more reasons to visit us, check out my guide to the city.

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The Insider: Courtney Lewis

If you were wondering who that swoony girl is modeling our Gigi Burris headband—well, don’t get upset, but she’s smart and talented, too. Courtney Lewis is a partner at Hard Candy Shell, an agency that has helped companies like Rent the Runway and Fashism build enticing digital presences and also masterminded the strikingly brilliant, kitty-fueled Cute Roulette. Let’s just say that Courtney has amazing taste in animal videos. Oh, and in clothes, too.—nathalie

Q: What’s a typical Courtney Lewis look?

A: Oh, man, that is hard. My friends say that I like to wear anything shaped like a bag. That said, my summer staple is a pair of high-waisted denim shorts, A.P.C. snakeskin sandals, and a knotted white tank—simple.

Q: What do you think is the key to making a really beautiful, exciting fashion site?

A: I think great fashion sites come down to more than just great visuals. Creating something beautiful is almost the easy part. What’s hard is really nailing the focus of the product and translating that vision into something that people can actually use. Two sites I think are on the right track are Ssense and Svpply.

Q: What fashion sites do you read every day?

A: My favorite is The Man Repeller. Miss Moss is another one of my favorites. I also read Racked, The Cut, The Style Rookie, Honestly…WTF, and P.S. - I Made This.

Q: What’s your favorite Of a Kind edition?

A: I really like the Evelyne Shirt! And the Sulis Necklace.

Q: Now, most importantly: Do you have a favorite Cute Roulette video?

A: Kitten Can’t Jump. Gets me every time.

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Things of the Week: We’re Not Messin’ Around Edition

Mutual: We both discovered this graphic statement of truth completely independently of each other and each found it compelling enough to make it our desktop backgrounds. The fact that it’s uncredited only adds to its mysterious specialness. So, mark your calendars: Full-on amazingness arrives on Nov. 17.

Erica: I have a new favorite blog, you guys, and that seems like a big deal. It’s called Miss Moss, and it’s written by a South African graphic designer named Diana Moss who has stellar taste in everything that has to do with aesthetics. According to her Twitter, she also appreciates cheese and cured meats. How about you go check out some of my favorite posts and then immediately add her to your RSS?

Claire: There isn’t so much to say about Zicam RapidMelts except that they work. They really work. The moment you begin to feel mucus aggregating anywhere in your body, take one. Completely disregard the thing it says on the bottle about every three hours: Follow your first by as many as you can stand, as quickly as possible. It’s homeopathic; there is no overdosing in homeopathy. 

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