Weather Vain: New Orleans, Louisiana - 84 and Clear


Y’all, it’s getting hot in NOLA. Here’s how to spend the day before the steaminess of summer fully sets in. —erica

Illesteva sunglasses as classic as a Pimm’s cup at Napoleon House.

+ A Gryson bag that matches a powdered-sugar-dredged beignet.

+ Cutoffs by Mother ideal for bopping around the Bywater.

+ The sort of Collina Strada tank that can handle the heat (and at least attempt to hide any sweat stains).

Faris earrings—a perf tribute to bananas foster, no?

+ These sandals from Vince = down for dinner on the porch at Boucherie.

It’s “Weather Vain” central! Right here!

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Weather Vain: Phoenicia, New York - 46 With a Chance of Rain

Autumn and all that FALL FOLIAGE just makes us wanna hop in the car (ok, a Zipcar) and go for a drive. Here’s what we’d wear (and do) 120 miles north of Manhattan. —erica

Clockwise from top left: 

+ High tops, c/o Common Projects, that might not be ready for a Mt. Tremper hike but could totally handle a nature-y stroll.

+ Earrings by K/LLER that feel just-jazzy enough for martinis at Ricciardella’s.

+ Nothing says escape from the city like some Ace & Jig.

+ Mother jeans the color of the marshmallows you can roast at Peekamoose post-dinner.

+ A Girl by Band of Outsiders anorak—with a hood, in case it starts to drizzle.

+ The sort of Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer bracelet that would fit in with the minimalist goodness at Scandinavian Grace.

+ As cozy as a farmer’s skillet breakfast at Phoenicia Diner, this Eayrslee bag.

+ A.J. Morgan sunglasses the color of some crazy-stunning maple leaves.

All “Weather Vain,” all the time. Right here!

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Star-Crossed: Schoolbus Yellow

Girl: Mother jeans

Boy: Folk jacket

Get in on all the “Star-Crossed” action here.

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Weather Vain: Breckenridge, Colorado - 10 With a Chance of Snow

You guys! I’m on a ski trip! And while I couldn’t be more thrilled to be slaloming my way around Breck, I wouldn’t be too bummed (ok, I’d be THRILLED) if it would warm up, oh, 20 degrees. Here, an attempt to stay warm. —erica


Clockwise from top left:

+ The sort of Fleabags tote you can pack with extra hats and gloves that you’ll no doubt need.

+ Teensy Blanca Monrós Gómez earrings—because the thought of any more metal than this touching your skin…

+ A scarf from A Peace Treaty that’s cozy yet stylin’ enough for dinner at Modis.

+ A Rag & Bone sweater that would look pretty freaking cute with a turtleneck underneath, if you wanted another layer.

+ This Kai-aakmann parka is the anti-fleece.

+ Mou boots: If Uggs had a cousin who always had a pristine manicure…

+ Mother cords—just warm enough for a (short) walk down Main Street.

+ These Imoni gloves are ready for hot chocolate at Peak 7—or a bourbon at the Breckenridge Distillery

There’s a lot more “Weather Vain” to be had. Right this way…

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In Character: Mallory Knox

Mallory Knox is not exactly a role model. But her dance moves, wig collection, and hippie-heathen style sensibility? Totally aspirational. Here, how the natural born killer won over Mickey and the media. —erica

The sort of fringed Vix bikini top that can start a diner massacre.

Mother pants that do a stellar job hiding blood stains.

The perfect UNIF dress for a wedding on the side of the road.

SO much more “In Character!” Right here.

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Weather Vain: Baltimore, Maryland - 32 and Partly Cloudy

Ok, everybody, looks like there actually is going to be a winter this year. And though things are still mild, it is legitimately parka-weather. But that doesn’t mean you need to go all sullen and drab. Could this outfit Bmore upbeat? —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A Rag & Bone parka that will get you through this winter on the waterfront…and the next one, and the next.

+ This Erdem scarf isn’t going to cut it on that frostiest days, but it’s ideal while things are still hovering around freezing.

+ Yes, you can wear white jeans (from Mother) in the winter. Just make sure you pile on the napkins for dinner at Woodbury Kitchen.

+ This Acne sweater is pink in the most accessible of ways.

+ With their low wedge, these Madison Harding booties can handle some serious strolling around Fell’s Point.

+ The simplicity of the brass earrings Laura Lombardi made for Of a Kind means they’re the ideal accessory to keep on call for any last-minute plans.

Head this way for past installments of “Weather Vain!”

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Filtered: Two Girls, One Shirt.

Sometimes this happens: Claire and I show up somewhere in the same goddamn piece of clothing. But we can’t help that the shirt that Thomas Sires made us is just so tremendously versatile, and we got tired of texting things like, “U wearing T. Sires?” every morning. So instead, we’re turning this into a teachable moment, with the help of our pal Instagram. I’m wearing mine with Jeffrey Campbell wedge booties, a Gap leather jacket and black skirt, a Levi’s denim vest, our Thomas IV Marilynn Mini Duffle, and a scarfy thing from the Etsy seller White Moth. Claire’s rocking hers with a college-days Theory blazer, Mother jeans, and Belle by Sigerson Morrison boots. And there’s a jangle of bracelets under those sleeves, I’m sure of it. —erica

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