Lulu Frost


If the line Lulu Frost had a slogan, it would be “in with the old, out with the new.” Turning glimmering finds from the Titanic era into attention-grabbing earrings and stand-out necklaces worn by, well, a high percentage of Met Ball attendees, Lisa Salzer has one of those storied beginnings. After spending her childhood traipsing around her grandmother’s estate-jewelry shop, Lisa unveiled her first designs—made from repurposed Plaza Hotel room numbers—while wrapping up her art history degree at Dartmouth, she cold-called Barneys, and they bought everything.
Breathing new life into lost keys, shoe buckles, buffalo coins, and antique crystal, Lisa, who’s been at it since 2004, is now a genuine powerhouse—she has collaborated with the likes of J.Crew, Alexander Wang, and Chris Benz and has earned the sort of following that gets her work in the pages of Vogue on the reg. “It took me awhile to get my courage up to start cutting and breaking down old jewelry, honestly, because it was so precious to me,” Lisa explains. “But now, I have a different viewpoint on it. I love to make it into something fresh and new.” —carlye wisel

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