Next Level: Mesh


Brace yourself for the punniness ahead: These four pieces will have you looking like one hot mesh. —erica

LEVEL I: Just a sliver of see-through makes these Rebecca Minkoff loafers look a whole love more interesting.

LEVEL II: It’s like the strapless dress that you never have to hoist up, c/o Elizabeth and James.

LEVEL III: Thanks to this Steven Alan purse, you’ll know if you have your phone without even opening your bag.

LEVEL IV: Not only do the sleeves on this Jonathan Simkhai jumpsuit look fly, but they also allow for some serious air circulation. 

All the “Next Level” you can eat handle!

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Weather Vain: Albuquerque, New Mexico - 84 With a Chance of Thunderstorms


What to wear on a not-too-steamy day along the Rio Grande? Well, here you go. Also: This is not a Breaking Bad tribute—that is, unless you want it to be. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ This bracelet from K/LLER fits right in with the cow skulls in KiMo Theater.

+ A Baggu tote—with plenty of room to grab some Rebel Donuts for the road.

+ House of Harlow leather studs that pay tribute to the desert sun. 

+ Karen Walker shades as freaking classic as tamales at El Modelo.

+ The type of shoes you can basically wear year-round in this climate, from Rebecca Minkoff.

+ Ready to hang at the rooftop bar at the Hotel Andaluz? ‘Cause this Sea dress is.

Lots more forecast-specific dressing right over here…

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Next Level: Overalls


You know what I’ve noticed? People have been using the word “dungarees” to describe what’s pictured above—maybe to soften the blow of their return. Let’s own it, guys. Cause The Fresh Prince and Winona Ryder were onto something. Four ways to get your OVERALL on. —erica

LEVEL I: Angela Chase would have lived in this super-classic Current/Elliott incarnation.

LEVEL II: Viva Vena! is doing a just-dressed-up take, and it would be killer with a collared sleeveless top.

LEVEL III: A little loud, sure, but with black underneath, this floral Phillip Lim version is totally doable. Bonus: The beige trim has waist-cinching powers.

LEVEL IV: Snake-print leather plus white denim?! Oh, Rebecca Minkoff is so going there.

Get way more “Next Level” action here.

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Next Level: Red and Blue


While red and blue can be plenty patriotic, they don’t have to be. Here, four ways to embrace the combo without looking like you’re wearing the designs of Betsy Ross. —erica

LEVEL I: This Holst + Lee necklace plus and white button-down and jeans equals throwback Lauren Hutton.

LEVEL II: Good luck losing this way-bright Rebecca Minkoff bag in a cab.

LEVEL III: The pattern may be bold, but everything else about this Tucker dress is so simple and preeeeetty.

LEVEL IV: Yah, yah—Isabel Marant is the queen of the fashion high-top. But this pair has an old-school, minimalist vibe that makes them a real standout.

So much more “Next Level” thisaway!

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Weather Vain: New Orleans, Louisiana - 93 and Partly Cloudy

New Orleans in the summer? OOF. And this is just the beginning. Here’s what to wear in the Crescent City on a day like today when you’ve got to have your café au lait on ice. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A Jérôme Dreyfuss bag that’s neutral…but not tooneutral.

+ A Raquel Allegra dress as white as the powdered sugar that coats a beignet.

+ Bright little Rebecca Minkoff sandals that can handle a hunt for a snowball, no matter how long it takes.

+ The mixed metals of this Dirty Librarian Chains necklace (just for Of a Kind!) mesh well with the city’s culture-melding ways.

+ A wood-and-howlite Sophie Monet bangle that goes as well with po’ boys from Parkway as poached gulf shrimp from Gautreau’s.

+ The no-fuss bifold Eayrslee created for us—encouraging you to carry no more than you absolutely need. 

For more forecast-based getups, click right here.

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Weather Vain: Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 77 and Partly Cloudy

There’s something pretty exciting about summer on the Great Lakes—breezes and boat rides and all that jazz. And today in the biggest city in the cheesiest state (sorry, Vermont)? Well, it’s downright lovely—especially if the sun shows up. Here’s what to wear if you’re there. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A greenest-green tank from Otte—it fits like your most basic tee but feels a lot more special. 

+ The so-good ring Silva/Bradshaw made for Of a Kind is as sleek as the Calatrava-designed art museum.

+ With its pops of color, this Lizzie Fortunato clutch is so fresh—pair it with a few apps at Sanford, and you’re set.

+ Rebecca Minkoff glasses—blue like Lake Michigan on the clearest day.

+ Neutral stripes! What’s not to like about this lil’ Chinti and Parker number that you’ll wear at least once a week?

+ Even if you’re not a metallic-lover, the simplicity of these N.D.C. sandals really sells the gold tone.

Oh, yes: There’s more “Weather Vain” to be had. Go on now.

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Next Level: Pastel Florals

A few summers ago, dark, moody florals were everywhere—the kind that even Tori Amos could have stomached back in the day. But now things have gone waaaay lighter, and you know what? We’re liking the Easter-dress effect more than we ever would have expected. Here are four ways to work it, depending on how out-there you want to get. —erica

LEVEL I: Little pops of navy and magenta give this flirty Rebecca Minkoff dress just a smidge of edge.

LEVEL II: Since it’s the back of this clutch Tenoversix made Of a Kind that is covered in flowers, you can reveal as much or as little of it as you want.

LEVEL III: Printed jeans—so hot right now. And this muted motif from Current/Elliott is one of the best.

LEVEL IV: Ok, kind of looks like pajama pants. But if you paired this Elizabeth & James creation with strappy sandals—in a bright, maybe?—and a cropped jacket, it could handle a serious night out.

For more style trending topics, click here.

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A Case For…Crushed Velvet

A year ago, we might have turned up our noses at regular velvet. But now that the smooth, plush stuff is, well, everywhere, it doesn’t seem aggressive enough. These days, we are drawn to the crushed incarnation that recalls an era when Courtney Love looked intentionally disheveled and Kelly and Brenda played “Who Wore it Best?” with their prom dresses. These are the five pieces I’m, ahem, crushing on right now. —erica

1) Rebecca Minkoff Ilaria dress: Every girl should own an Ilaria dress—the cut is ridiculously flattering. The burgundy, I’m-with-the-band material eliminates the Megan Calvet factor.
2) Mink Pink Total Eclipse drape tee: How often do you wear your oversize cotton T-shirts? Exactly.
3) Gestuz slash elbow dress: The cut-outs make it far edgier than your average minidress.
4) Nightcap motorcycle jacket: The classic biker jacket gets a just-femme-enough twist.
5) With Hearts in my Eyes pants: Let’s call a spade a spade: These are leggings, not pants. But we won’t hold that against them.

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Left: Rebecca Minkoff spring 2010. Right: Michael Van Der Ham fall 2010. And I’m totally fine with crazy draped, patchwork-y florals having a moment, btw.

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Of a Kind

while neon kind of scares me (because it’s not black, gray, or camel), this is pretty rad. the color makes the bag—which is, dare i say, a new classic?—look new again.


i am thisclose to buying this rebecca minkoff “neon lights” bag. do you realize how close that it? it’s really close. anyway, i’m giving it some thought.

i saw the purse in bloomingdale’s the other day and contemplated how much i could appreciate a pop of neon in my usual wardrobe of gray and plaid.

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