Alumni News: The Baron Wells Boys Launch Their (Really Well-Priced) Reference Collection

One of the biggest challenges of producing here in the U.S. of A.: cost. While consumers (you and me and everyone we know!) support local production ideologically, how many times have you heard someone say, “Why would I pay $150 for this shirt when I could buy something similar at Zara for $70?” Yah. 

Well, the awesome, tremendously thoughtful guys behind Baron Wells have somehow struck a balance: By paring down their crisp, classic-with-a-twist menswear—ditching mother of pearl buttons, for instance, and limiting the details—they have been able to slash prices so that guys who typically shop J.Crew have no excuses not to scoop up their slim olive chinos (88!), aluminum writer’s post cufflinks ($15!), and Japanese twill safari shirts ($98!). They’re calling it their Reference Collection, so get on that. As the internet would say, YOLO. —erica

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