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Up to 71% off through 9:30a ET on Feb. 13

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The Of a Kind Roadshow Hype Machine: In Which We Whet Your Appetite, Round 1

We’re hosting a sample sale on Thursday and Friday in NYC! But we’re calling it a roadshow because we like the sound of that *so* much more! There are going to be a whopping 28 designers there (full list here) and more radness than we can wrap our heads around. Here, a few of the potential scores. —erica

Thursday, April 19, 10am - 9pm
Friday, April 20, 10am - 3pm
Weiden + Kennedy
150 Varick Street
6th Floor

Collina Strada’s Cartella bag - was $350, now $150

Dusen Dusen’s Nordic flounce dress - was $275, now $68

Andy Lifschutz’s River Light ring - was $248, now $199

Mary Meyer x Osborn oxfords - were $198, now $119

Tucker’s short kaftan - was $340, now $150

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Sample Sale Sunday: Thomas Sires

As Jock Jams would ask, “Are you ready for this?” Because until Wednesday, March 7, at 9p ET, we’re hosting our very first online sample sale, packed with some full-blown incredibleness from Thomas Sires, all 58 to 76% off. We’re talking sleeveless sweaters, faux fur vests, plaid silk skirts, and the two dresses you see up top (left! right!). To quote Jock Jams once more: “It’s unbelievable.” —erica

Shop the sale, now until Wed., 3/7, 9p ET.

Read more about Thomas Sires:

+ On how the co-founders would style their fave pieces from the sale.

+ On how they got their line and Nolita shop off the ground.

+ On why fabric is so freaking important.

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Sample Saling: Thanks Squared

Last week, we had a sample sale in NYC (that you’re probably way sick of hearing about). But! Before I let it go, I just wanted to say…

1) It was a great success! Over 500 peeps attended over the course of two days! Which is to say: We’ll probably do this again. So, WATCH OUT.

2) We owe lots of people lots of thanks, but we’re going to focus on two here:

a. Chelsa Skees (right)—she pulled the whole thing off and looked ridiculously good while doing it. [Insert catcall here.]

b. Danielle Fredrich (center, i.e., the only person in this photo who doesn’t look like a lunatic), our intern for the day! Her former teacher George Haines runs an awesome program called Microinterns, setting up his 8th graders with day-long stints at start-ups. Yah, smart. And speaking of smart, read what Dani has to say about the designers she talked to at the event:

The one question I asked all of the designers was, “What is the inspiration behind your designs?” It was really interesting to hear what the designers were thinking while they created their clothing or jewelry. Most agreed that the collections were based on colors, textures, and seasonal changes. Others had some different answers. The designer of Toujours Toi also had a unique answer: She is inspired by an entirely different muse with every collection she creates. For example, with the collection I got to see, the jewelry was inspired predominantly by African and Native American influences, and the clothes mostly took on a Parisian vibe. The designer states she just wants her creations to make people happy! Mary Meyer used many inspirations in her collection. These included: African and Japanese textiles, the beach, street and fine art, eighties graphic tees, and everyday things. She said she never designs anything that she wouldn’t wear herself. —dani

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Of a Kind

God, the reasons to come to our sample sale just keep piling up! —erica


Lizzie Fortunato Jewels is run out of NYC by twin sisters, Lizzie and Kathryn. They are one out of a carefully selected group of local brands presenting their work at an end-of-summer sample sale curated by Of a Kind. We asked Kathryn about the Pirate’s Delight pouch necklace above, and about their process of working together as twins.

The Pirate’s Delight necklace was a really exciting piece for us because it completely merged the hand-embroidery that we’d been developing in India with jewelry silhouettes that we’ve worked in before. We’ve been traveling to India to design and work with a fair trade production center that produces the most beautiful hand-beading and embroidery on looms. After developing the hand-embroidered fabric, we scratched our heads and thought, “This is too beautiful to use as a simple small accent on a larger necklace… Let’s repurpose it to be the focus of the piece.” Thus evolved the pouch necklace that features that fabric, and from there came the two Pirate’s Delight purses that we also produced for Spring/Summer ‘11. This notion that beading and hand-embroidery does not need to be limited to small accents in jewelry really inspired the growth in soft accessories for our Fall/Winter ‘11 and upcoming Spring/Summer ‘12 seasons. We are now doing purses, iPad cases, card cases and clutches that mix the textiles and handiwork of different regions and cultures — this is a defining principle of the Lizzie Fortunato Jewels brand.

As mentioned above, the fabric was made on looms — with up to half a dozen people working on hand-sewing and beading the beautifully intricate fabric. We then cut it out into the pouches seen in the necklace and back it with peach lambskin — chosen to match the fabric. We then have our head seamstress here in NYC (ex-seamstress for the Joffrey Ballet) assemble the pouch, add the chain and finish it off with chain and gold-plated bullet fringe along the bottom. Of course this takes a while as well, as we cast raw brass materials and then plate them in gold to adorn many of our pieces.

Lizzie and I are very lucky when it comes to being twin sisters and working together. She is the creative, artistic and design-minded of the two of us and I have a head for numbers. As such, we have this great “built-in” symbiosis when it comes to running the brand.

Photo by Glynis Selina Arban

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