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Suno delivers a sequin party dress unlike all the rest of those sequin party dresses. —erica

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In Character: Rayna James

Show I’m most excited about for fall, by a (country) mile? Nashville. There’s the music, there’s the dramz (multiple love triangles in the pilot, wha?!), and there’s Connie Britton, who has more fans than cute kitty photos do at this point. Here’s what she’s working as living legend Rayna James. —erica

A sequin MSGM biker jacket that brings a little flash to the heartfelt ballads. 

A rockin’ red dress from Rag & Bone—because playing supportive wife doesn’t mean she’s going to take a backseat.

Isabel Marant boots: Cowboy enough for her roots; chic enough for the masses.

How much more “In Character” is there? You’d have to see it to believe it.

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