Weather Vain: Maui, Hawaii - 77 With a Chance of Showers


It’s summer surfin’ season in Maui. Here’s what to wear to make the most of a day at Waihe‘e, Ho‘okipa, or Puamana Beach. —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A Wax + Cruz hat to take your from water to lunch at Pranee’s Thai Food.

+ The tiniest Bing Bang ring that won’t get in the way of biking Haleakala National Park.

+ The sort of Lisa Marie Fernandez suit that cooperates with surfboards.

+ Baggu's brilliant (and still stylin') wetsuit bag, ready to be tossed in the back of a jeep. 

+ Frame Denim cutoffs—as green (well, nearly) as Julia’s Banana Bread Treehouse.  

+ The BEST way to keep tabs on your iPhone, c/o SFK.

+ A super-cute Nomia crop top that would also look killer with a high-waisted skirt for dinner at Pacific’o.

If you’re looking for more “Weather Vain” action, head this way. 

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Of a Kind

Your camera deserves a new fall look. For reals. This SFK camera strap—with its vintage brass chain, metallic paisley leather, and red ‘n black suede cording—is a damn high-functioning accessory, and its cool factor has to have a positive affective on your picture-taking skills, right? —erica

BUY / 50 of a kind / $88

Read more about the designer behind the line:

+ On leaving Teen Vogue to start SFK.

+ On the music videos that shaped her fall collection.

+ On the photos that get her going.

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Tripping: Sarah Frances Kuhn Sees Two Sides of Zurich

Have some vacation days to use up but don’t know where to put them? Follow the lead of aesthetically minded, resourceful designers…duh. Here, Sarah Frances Kuhn (who makes rad camera straps perfect for any getaway you choose) opens up about her Switzerland adventure.

Last summer, I was in Zurich, and we camped at a gorgeous place at the edge of the city right on the lake called Fischers Fritz for half the time. Then we stayed at a friend’s studio in Rote Fabrik, a music and art center that is also on the lake, the rest of the time. The pic is from there—love the guy in the speedo in the background!” —sarah

For more trip-spiration, click here.

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Of a Kind

Cameras are pretty on their own, sure, but how much more lovely are they when wearing one of our SFK camera straps? Stunning enough that we want to take photos of them—META, we know. Between the brass chain, the beige and black leather, and paisley accents, these straps are going to turn your camera into a perma-accessory if it isn’t already. —erica

BUY / 50 of a kind / $50-85

Read more about Sarah Frances Kuhn, the woman behind the line:

+ On going from a Teen Vogue accessories editor to an accessories designer.

+ On the music videos that shaped her fall collection.

+ On the 5 photos that really speak to her.

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The Most Stylish Band You’ve Ever Heard

Meet Susan and her bandmates—who are also responsible for rocking the fashion world.

Susan Domelsmith isn’t with the band. She’s in it. Four years ago, the designer behind jewelry line Dirty Librarian Chains started making music with Jill Bradshaw, now the trend director at Stylesight, eventually forming Open Ocean. These days, it’s Susan manning the keyboard, Jill singing and playing bass, Sarah Frances Kuhn (a Teen Vogue editor and the brains behind the rad camera straps of SFK) working the guitar and doing some vocals, and Angela Barrow (a stylist with her own line Cheek-ie) rocking out on the drums. Here, Susan offers us some insights on Open Ocean, and—in case you want some audio to go along with your visuals—you can download songs off of the act’s EP for free over at Bandcamp.

From left: Angela, Sarah, Susan, and Jill, as photographed by Mariesa Conmay.

“Well, to be honest, we were all really involved in music. We would go out and see our friends who are DJs and in bands, and we noticed they were all guys. We were like, ‘You know what? Why don’t we do this ourselves?’ It’s been really fun, and we’ve come a long way.”

At Open Ocean’s first big show, at the Williamsburg venue Bruar Falls.

“I Heart [a now-closed boutique in Nolita] was our first practice space—Jill used to own the store—and apparently it was Sonic Youth’s old practice space, too. The Beastie Boys also worked out of there at some point back in the day. There were a lot of good vibes going on in there.”

Susan playing keyboard on Sarah’s roof, taken by Peter Beste.

“We just did a video shoot. It was two days in a row when I was right in the middle of shipping all my fall orders. It was like, “AH!” But it was really worth it. The first day we went to Fort Tilden. The next day we did a mini-fake show on Sarah’s roof. It was really windy, and the streamers were blowing around like crazy. I can’t wait to see it!”

Make sure you don’t miss out on the rockin’ edition Susan made for us: a mixed-metal necklace. It’s a huge hit around here.

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