Recommended Reading: Shannon Davenport & Julia Wilson of Fortune Favors the Brave Get All Obsessive Over at Design*Sponge

Not that I have to sell you on clicking through with that image above—THOSE SHOES—but now’s your chance to get a load of what the cool-beyond-words duo behind Fortune Favors the Brave is alllll about these days over at Design*Sponge. Oh, by the by: It’s also your chance to score their nearly gone Blackout Studs, which are total holiday-season crowd-pleasers. —erica

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Tripping: Shannon Davenport and Julia Wilson of Fortune Favors the Brave Take On Yosemite

Since summer’s first loooong weekend is in view, we decided to celebrate by asking some of our well-traveled designers where they wish they were right now (and where they think you should head if you have some vacation days that need dealing with). First up: The former Cali girls of Fortune Favors the Brave, who have already earned major globe-trotting cred here

Yah, these Ahwahnee Hotel pics probably deserve a place on your vacation Pinterest.

Sadly it’s too far to visit this Memorial Day, but we LOVE going to Yosemite National Park in California. We both grew up going there with our families since its only about a three hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area. We usually camp, but it’s fun while you’re there to put on some non-outdoor gear and have dinner at the Ahwahnee Hotel, which is absolutely beautiful. Funny enough we spent a lot of time watching Ken Burns’s The National Parks while we were designing our latest collection, so it all comes full circle!” —shannon

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Shannon Davenport and Julia Wilson on How to Rock Their Jewelry

The two show us how to pile it on.

Julia Wilson and Shannon Davenport of the chillaxed jewelry lined Fortune Favors the Brave have the kind of unique, gracefully cool style every girl wants to cop—and they make it look like it ain’t no thing. “Julia’s a little more tomboy, and I’m more bohemian,” says Shannon of what distinguishes their looks. “We are major wardrobe sharers, but we also wear things differently,” Julia adds. “We love jewelry because it’s something that can be passed down. Jewelry is a keepsake—you can give it to your kids or get it from your grandmother. It can create a really emotional connection for the person wearing it.” Below, the stylin’ gals talk us through some of their creations—including the awesome studs they created for Of a Kind. —alisha prakash

Scoop up the earrings the twosome made for us before they’re gone! They scream, “Happy holidays.”

Julia (left): “I like masculine things. I like big sweaters, boyfriend-looking clothes. One of my goals in life is to be more laidback.”

Shannon: “I take risks. I like to experiment and play with colors and patterns. I also think I’m more grungy—I like Doc Martens a lot.”

Shannon: “This is my favorite necklace in the collection. It has a cool filigree cut-out, and I think the length is really great because you can wear it over a T-shirt or over a button-up and a sweater. We played around with the matte texture for the first time, too. We wanted it to be a statement piece, but a little more subtle.”

Julia: “Everyone can wear these studs we made for Of a Kind. We love them because they give a nice pop of color right by your face that totally changes the way you look.”

Shannon: “We started out with a Southwestern concept, and although we wanted to evolve, we kept the traditional Southwestern rope detail. I like that this cuff is rustic, but it’s also modern—a little tough. It’s a great example of something that’s pretty and feminine, but also strong.”

Julia: “Shannon and I both tend to pile on five or six rings when we leave the house in the morning. For me, it’s a way to feel a little tougher. We love turquoise—it reminds us of California—and braiding is a big thing in our current collection. Shannon and I both love long hair and braided things.”

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On Vacation with Fortune Favors the Brave

These two globetrot in the name of their work.

The photo above—taken by Arnaud de Rosnay—pretty much sums up the duo behind the silver-fueled jewelry line, Fortune Favors the Brave. The shot of two carefree girls in braids, which is hung in Shannon Davenport and Julia Wilson’s immersive Brooklyn loft, doesn’t depict the two, but it may as well: Julia (brunette) and Shannon (blonde) travel the world looking for treasure—ideally in the form of inspiration for their line—as often as possible. “Shannon and I are escapists,” Julia says. “We’re always dreaming about living on an island or moving to the desert or the woods.” Here, the girls sift through photo albums of past trips to get to the root of some of their designs.” —alisha prakash

Shannon taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland: “This first picture is a natural spring—it’s the one thing you do in Iceland—and the color is a crazy milky blue. We really like opaque stones because it’s a way to have color without being super glitzy.”

Julia hitting up the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris: “While I was there, I was thinking about how a lot of architecture in Europe is inspired by religion. There were cool shapes that we wanted to apply when we were going through the new collection. The cross pendant necklace is very clean and it’s got a nice square shape to it.”

Shannon getting wild in the desert in Namibia: “The desert was a really big inspiration for us in general—the arid, tough, isolated feeling.”

Julia soaking up the sun on an island off Railay in Thailand: “In Thailand, there’s gold everywhere. When I was there, I also saw so much texture in the landscape. We wanted to infuse that blend of gold and texture into our collection.”

Shannon horseback riding in Mozambique: “This was taken when I lived in South Africa for a little while. I got a lot of cool jewelry while I was there—basic, chunky, copper cuffs that were the inspiration for pieces like this one.”

Get the inspired, easy-to-wear (and gift!) earrings that the duo made for us here.

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Meet Fortune Favors the Brave

These two left coast girls have made a home—and a line—for themselves in New York.

“We have the same sense of humor—that’s where things kind of started,” says Julia Wilson (right), half of the team behind the unwaveringly cool jewelry brand, Fortune Favors the Brave. “We watched Daria and basically hung out,” adds her partner in crime, Shannon Davenport, of their time as undergrads at UC San Diego. After parting ways—Shannon went to fashion school, and Julia went down the investment banking road—a doe-eyed vision of independence and disdain for accessories “spiky or sparkly” brought the Cali gals back together and pushed them toward the Big Apple.

The cross-country move was especially fitting given their aesthetic, which is a perfect manifestation of East Coast-meets-West Coast (note the unerringly awesome reinterpretation of the concho that Shannon’s wearing). Rugged and polished, their designs are carefully culled for the girl who is at once ambitious and mellow. “Our collection is a reflection of us. We wear heels to work, but don’t really brush our hair,” Julia says.

More impressive still, the dynamic duo both works and lives together, in a treasure trove of a Williamsburg apartment. Our only remaining question: Are they in the market for a third roommate? —alisha prakash

Now’s your chance to grab the edition that Shannon and Julia made of us: super-cool stud earrings that you can wear every single day.

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Supplies and Demand: Shannon Davenport and Julia Wilson of Fortune Favors the Brave

Longtime besties Shannon Davenport and Julia Wilson—Brooklyn transplants who met in SoCal—head up Fortune Favors the Brave, an awesome jewelry line that includes massive pendant necklaces and metal cuffs with a (very wearable) Western vibe. Here, Shannon explains what gets her and Julia through a long day of accessory-making from their home-slash-studio. —nathalie


Both: We’re not only business partners but also best friends and roommates—so we have the dual challenge of making our space both a studio and a home. We haven’t been great at the latter, but we have two new additions to the apartment in an effort to promote the relaxing: a record player with a still slightly skimpy vinyl collection and a new 46-inch flat-screen TV.”

Shannon on Julia:The TV helps with Julia’s essential: watching Seinfeld. She puts it on in the morning like some people put on the news, and she knows (and recites) literally every other word.”

Shannon on Shannon:I made the switch from the Blackberry to the iPhone a couple months ago, and I’m obsessed. I like doing as many orders of business as possible while crossing the street and waiting in line for coffee.”

If you’re looking for a little workday motivation, check out past installments of “Supplies and Demand.”

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