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This packaging = the tops. And the four Species by the Thousands earrings it displays are damn cool, too. —erica

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Cold Picnic Sets Up Shop

Combining forces with another on-the-rise line Species by the Thousands, the pair snagged themselves a storefront.

Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer are partners in both life and business, and the duo behind the super-cool accessories company Cold Picnic wanted a way to erase the line between the two sides of their relationship. Their perfect solution: a shop. “With a store we could have pets and kids and everything under the same roof, but we thought it was ages away,” confesses Peter. The stars aligned as they sometimes do, though, and they landed on an ideal Williamsburg location and a perfect collaborator, Erica Bradbury of the jewelry line Species by the Thousands. Course, there was a lot of work to be done and linoleum to be ripped up from there. Here’s how everything came together for the debut of A Thousand Picnics this month, according to Peter. —maggie dolan

On top of opening a store, Phoebe and Peter made an amazing (rhino!) necklace just for Of a Kind. Check it out now!

A completely stunning photo…

…that inspired the use of shingles in the shop.

Peter: “Phoebe made these great mood boards out of images we collected, and we consistently referenced them while decorating. There were mood boards for interiors, for plants, for walls. That’s how we landed on the shingles.”

The sort of retro-woodsy vibe they wanted the space to exude…

…and an exposed-brick wall of the store that captures that whole relaxed-but-refined thing.

Phoebe: “All of us are inspired by seventies Woodstock houses. We didn’t want it to be too hippie but to have a handmade, cabin feel. We wanted a slight California feel, too. We were looking at all these pictures of Joan Didion. You could tell she was chic, but she wore flowy dresses, went barefoot, and had a house with exposed brick walls. Not everyone was a hippie in the seventies, but they all kind of looked like it.”

A mood board image of dried flowers…

…and how it made its way into the mix at A Thousand Picnics.

“It’s nice to be able to experiment with things—put them in the shop as a collection and see how people like them. We want everything to sell, but there are some things that can just be editorial or for character. It’s about an atmosphere, and we’ve gotten such a nice response.”

A Thousand Picnics, 171 S. 4th St., Williamsburg.

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