Take a Tour of Kelly Wearstler’s Killer L.A. Flagship

This place: home-spiration central.

Picture this: You’re in a 2,400-square-foot Los Angeles pad teeming with custom-made fixtures, rich oak, and museum-worthy sculptures. Now add a cash register and a few adorable salesgirls, and you’ve got the mind-blowingly chic Kelly Wearstler flagship store on Melrose Avenue. Everything from the four-foot-wide starburst lights to the stone-encrusted door handles are dripping with Kelly’s modern-meets-vintage aesthetic. “My main goal was to bring out this residential feeling,” Kelly explains. “It’s all about the lifestyle of the brand.” Check out some of her very favorite fixtures in her very first boutique. —monica derevjanik

“I luckily found this beautiful Louis Durot table at an obscure auction house while I was in Europe. I immediately recognized it for what it was because I’ve always admired his unique, vibrant work.”

“My mannequins were all custom-made in L.A. I wanted them to look unique and to be full of movement and life—which is why they’re in positions that aren’t typically seen on store mannequins. In fact, all of the fixtures and displays in the store were custom-made, down to the black and white cerused oak hangers that have become my signature.”

“This mirrored display case is a vintage piece that I loved so much, I had it recreated. Both of the pieces now house my china collections, which happen to be made by Pickard—America’s oldest maker of fine china. They also supply the china used in White House, so they deserve a good home.”

“This table is custom-made with negro marquina marble in our classic finish and is an original design that’s now part of our new furnishings collection. It’s inspired by my own dining table at home.”

“This ‘People Bianco’ wall sculpture by Franco Scuderi is from my own personal collection. I’m a huge fan of Scuderi and I just love the geometry and texture this adds to the neutral color palette of the store.”

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The 3 NYC Spots In God We Trust Calls Home

Find yourself an excuse to visit all of them.

Shana Tabor has come a long way: “When I first started, I had a tiny corner of my bedroom where I would sit for 12 hours every day and make jewelry,” she explains of the roots of her line In God We Trust, which now tackles apparel, too. But in 2005, about two years after she started working on her line full-time, Shana decided it was time to set up shop—an interest she had from the very beginning. She now has a trifecta of super-influential, crazy-cool locations in Greenpoint, Soho, and Williamsburg that carry the likes of D.S. & Durga, Billy Kirk, and The Hill-Side, beyond her own creations. Here’s how each shop came to be. —alisha prakash

“The Greenpoint store is where all the magic happens. Our design studio is here, and it’s where all the manufacturing takes place. I found this location in search of a bigger studio space. I loved the idea of our studio being attached to a retail space—it’s the best of both worlds. This space is by far our largest location, allowing freedoms not available in our smaller locations. The brick walls were already here. We added one large-scale piece of furniture, and it was done. Greenpoint has a real sense of community that is lacking in most New York neighborhoods, especially in North Brooklyn.” (70 Greenpoint Ave., Brooklyn)

“This store is our first Manhattan location. I was prompted to look in that neighborhood by a fellow shop owner, and when I saw the space was available, I left a note under the gate and waited for a call. Thankfully it happened. This stretch of Lafayette is a place that I used to shop in during the nineties. It’s also an interesting location in the city because we are not quite in Soho and also not really in Nolita. That makes for an interesting mix of people and lifestyles. The space is long and narrow, so there’s not much you can do. The main concern was removing the glass walls and six layers of X-Girl wallpaper (even on the ceilings!).” (265 Lafayette St.)

“This Bedford Avenue store is our newest location, which opened last summer. It is home to our perfect customers—this includes tourists and locals. Can’t help it, haters: This is my home. I have lived in Williamsburg since 2000. I love working in the same ‘hood that I live in—even though I sometimes hate it, too.” (129 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn)

You’re not going to want to miss out on Shana’s edition: This crystal-tipped brass cuff is rocking our world.

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Caitlin Mociun Takes On Williamsburg

Eight under-the-radar spots the plugged-in designer is willing to share.

Caitlin Mociun’s gorgeous, recently opened shop is smack in the heart of Williamsburg, and the airy, spare storefront has the feel of a gallery—as the crazy-thoughtful jewelry designer sees things, the clean-slate approach helps visitors embrace what’s in store. “In so many shops, customers tend to think, ‘My house doesn’t look like this, so these things aren’t for me,’” she explains. “The space is very minimalist—polished cement floors, stark white walls. There’s not even anything built in yet, so I can move things around on a whim.” She also lives in the ‘hood and is thus a full-fledged Billyburg insider. These are the other places she’s willing to let you in on, as long as you don’t tell everyone you know. —mireille hyde

Mociun: 224 Wythe Ave.! Open Wednesday to Sunday from noon to 8p! (mociun.com)

Pilgrim Surf Supply: “This is a great, cool new surf shop just up the street from my house. I don’t even surf myself. But they have swimsuits too, and I just love the way it’s put together.” (pilgrimsurfsupply.com)

Walter Foods: “Among many other fantastic things, they have an incredible lobster roll. Somewhat snobbily, lobster is my favorite food. It’s just delicious!” (walterfoods.com)

Sprout Home: “I stop by Sprout to pick up nice plants for the shop—they have a super pretty flower shop next door as well. I love the idea of putting teeny plants in ceramics.” (sprouthome.com)

St. Anselm: “This is way better than Peter Luger’s—it recently got written up again, so it’s slammed all the time. But if you like meat, it’s worth the wait.”

Brooklyn Fox and Honey: “These next-door-neighbor spots have a great, well-curated selection of nice underwear and lingerie.” (brooklynfox.com; honeygifts.com)

Bakeri: "This is my go-to spot for absolutely delicious sandwiches, iced tea, and amazing baked goods. They close at 5p, so it’s more of a lunch spot—perfect for grabbing something quick on your way though the neighborhood." (bakeribrooklyn.com)

Caitlin’s edition will be a hit in any ‘hood. These geometric gold earrings with their tiny triad of black diamonds are so killer.

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